The Best Plus-Size Sundresses

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Buying Guide for Plus-Size Sundresses

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Why buy a plus-size sundress?

When the weather heats up, a sundress is a must-have item. They’re breezy and stylish, cool and comfortable, and you can find several options for a versatile sundress for any occasion.

What should you consider when shopping for a plus-size sundress?

  • Material: Sundresses can come in a variety of materials and blends. Spandex, rayon, polyester, and cotton are all common fabrics. A blend of two or more will help the dress feel cool and comfortable. Look for spandex or rayon for stretch, cotton for a lightweight, and polyester for structure. Some blends will feel a bit heavier, but that might be what you’re looking for if you want your sundress to have a little bit of structure and even some support.
  • Functional Design: One of the most favorite finds in dresses in recent years is pockets. Several sundresses now come with pockets which can be useful, especially if you’re not carrying around a purse but need something important nearby. Another functional feature is adjustable straps. This can help shorten the length of a maxi dress, but it can also provide extra support for your chest if you need it.
  • Fit: Some sundresses may be more form-fitting, while others are all about the loose and flowy fit. You can also find some that are a bit of both. When choosing the right sundress for you, consider how much flow versus form you want it to have.

What are some sundress accessories for stylish pairings?

Most sundresses are very versatile and can be dressed down for a walk on the beach or spiced up for a night out with a date or friends. You could add a few different accessories to your closet for extra style versatility: a jean jacket or cardigan, wedges or gladiator sandals, statement necklaces, and shapewear shorts or capris.

Our Picks for the Best Plus-Size Sundresses

Pros: This versatile dress features a round neck, short sleeves, and pockets. Dress it up with a cardigan or belt, or keep it casual with flip-flops. No matter the occasion, the blend of rayon and spandex makes this dress lightweight, flowy, and ultra-comfortable. A small elastic band at the waist creates a feminine curve and flow. This dress comes in 43 colors. Inventory may vary depending on the exact size you need. It’ll be easy to find one that fits your style with so many choices. The seller gives helpful tips about color choices and undergarments, so you know what to expect before it arrives.

Cons: The material is a bit sheer, so if it is a bit snug in places, it may be more than you want. Ordering a size up may be a better option to feel the flattering comfort.

Bottom Line: This dress comes in so many different patterns and colors that it’ll be harder to narrow it down to one dress. The material is perfect for a comfortable fit and feel in warm weather, and the style can be dressed up or down for any occasion.


Pros: Choose your favorite color, and this versatile dress can be dressed up for a girl’s night out or a fancy date. If casual is more your style, this dress will be great for that. Adjustable spaghetti straps help make the dress the appropriate length and support that you need. Pockets are practical and comfortable, a feature that nearly most women want these days. Polyester and spandex pair to make a thick yet flowy and comfortable dress. The thickness is supportive and flattering instead of heavy. Choose from 41 color options to find the look that suits you.

Cons: Certain colors show lines of undergarments more obviously than others.

Bottom Line: This dress can be worn for so many occasions, and with its comfortable and flattering material, you may have a hard time buying only one (or two). Added features like adjustable straps and pockets make this dress even more appealing. The material is lightweight but heavy enough to accentuate your figure.


Pros: If you’re looking for a cute mini dress that flatters on any occasion, this is a great choice. The rayon and spandex blend make this a comfortable fit while flattering your curves with a breezy drape fit. This slip dress comes in 32 colors and patterns so that you can find one (or more) for any occasion. Dress it up with statement jewelry and a blazer, or keep it casual with capri tights or flip-flops.

Cons: The straps are not adjustable.

Bottom Line: This mini sundress falls just above the knee for a cute look that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. With so many prints and patterns to choose from, you’ll be able to find something that’s just the right style.


Pros: A blend of cotton and polyester make this dress lightweight, stretchy, and breathable. The colors are bright and bold, and it includes a favorite feature—pockets—without adding bulk. The dress comes just above the knees, which can work well with leggings if you prefer, otherwise, keep it cool and casual with simple accessories. This dress is available in 33 different patterns and colors.

Cons: The instructions say to dry clean or hand wash, so be mindful of this during your laundry duties.

Bottom Line: This lightweight and flowy sundress come in several bold colors and patterns that you’re sure to find one that fits your personality. Dress it up or keep it casual, depending on the occasion. The pockets are large enough to fit what you need to have on hand without weighing down the dress.


Pros: This dress features a flattering neckline, spaghetti straps, off-the-shoulder sleeves, and a slit hem to turn heads and make you feel amazing. Made for a special outing, this dress comes in four colors.

Cons: The dress is made out of polyester and doesn’t stretch, making it seem hot in warm weather. The slit is very high, so you may want to wear shorts.

Bottom Line: If you want a dress that adds wow-factor and flair, this pick could be what you’re looking for. This dress has flattering lines and features for your special occasions, from showing a little shoulder to some leg.

Final Thoughts

A plus-size sundress that fits just right is a fun addition to your wardrobe in warmer weather. Whether it’s a special occasion, a beach getaway, or just for a backyard hangout, these dresses can help you feel comfortable and stylish.

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