The Best Pedicure Kits

A pedicure kit with nail tools and polish on a pink surface.

Buying Guide for Pedicure Kits

Pedicure accessories: pumice with footprint, towel, toe separators and pink polish.

Why buy pedicure kits?

Pedicures aren’t just for aesthetic purposes; proper foot care is actually really important to maintain the health of your feet. Monthly pedicures can address common health issues like dry feet, calluses, fungal infections, and ingrown toenails, so having a proper pedicure kit is essential. You can also finish off your pedicure with a beautiful gel polish and top off your fresh pedicure with a long-lasting top coat to keep it looking fresh.

What should you look for in a pedicure kit?

  • Tools: Having a set with an array of tools that address different issues is essential. A great pedicure kit should generally include toenail clippers, nail scissors, a cuticle tool, a callus remover, and a nail file. These basic tools are essential for maintaining the look and overall health of your feet and nails. Having a kit that comes in its own case is also convenient for those who want a portable, travel-friendly pedicure set.
  • Special Features: There are kits with special features like professional-grade electric tools that are designed to give you salon-grade quality pedicures. The great thing about electric tools is that they have a sleek, all-in-one design, so they can be used in a variety of different ways, and they often come with several attachments that are designed to address all of your pedicure needs. Electric tools also significantly cut down the time it takes to give yourself a high-quality pedicure. The downside is that these tools require batteries or must be plugged into an outlet. If you prefer classic kits that don’t require electricity, there are also manual tools that are great for casual nail enthusiasts and will get the job done.
  • Material: Pedicure sets made of durable materials like stainless steel are designed to last. There are also kits made with synthetic materials like plastics designed to be lightweight and affordable. Pick a kit that’s made out of materials that suit your lifestyle and usage needs.

What can you expect to spend on a pedicure kit?

The great thing about pedicure kits is that they’re incredibly affordable! Professional pedicures often cost over $30 to $60 and should be performed about once a month to preserve the overall health of your feet. Naturally, the costs of these professional pedicures add up fast. A great, affordable at-home pedicure kit usually costs $20 or less, with more professional-grade kits costing around $40 to $50. Pricier, higher-quality pedicure kits pay for themselves in the end due to the fact that they provide salon-quality pedicures and last for years.

Our Picks for the Best Pedicure Kits

Pros: This classic pedicure kit is made of durable stainless steel and comes with 18 tools designed to give you a quality pedicure. This all-purpose set can also be used for manicures and for facial grooming when properly sanitized. Not only is this kit designed to last, but it also gets the job done with its fade-resistant, nonslip tools. This set also comes with its own portable case, so it’s travel-friendly!

Cons: This kit doesn’t come with a guide, so non-professional users may have to research what certain tools are for.

Bottom Line: This quintessential nail kit has what you need for a beautiful pedicure! This multipurpose kit can be used for most personal grooming purposes and is incredibly easy to travel with due to its luxurious PU leather case.


Pros: This electric pedicure kit is perfect for professional nail artists and amateur nail enthusiasts. This 14-piece drill kit comes with 10 attachments to give you salon-grade nails. It has dual rotation, so you can quickly and accurately file your nails, and it even has a convenient dust collector for easy cleanup. This kit is cordless and rechargeable and has three adjustable speeds that are sure to provide you with a high-quality pedicure. It’s easy to use and comfortable to hold, and it has a built-in LED light that allows you to give yourself a precise pedicure.

Cons: This kit is more expensive than other pedicure kits on this list. The drill attachments also aren’t replaceable.

Bottom Line: This rechargeable drill kit allows you to give yourself a quick and easy yet precise and high-quality nail-focused pedicure. It comes with its own USB charging cable and a case, so it’s also easy to travel with.


Pros: This all-in-one callus remover removes dead skin with ease. It has a rechargeable, electric callus remover that has three grinding quartz heads for maximum exfoliation and a lithium battery that lasts for up to 120 minutes when fully charged. It’s also waterproof and has two powerful, adjustable speeds for smooth, soft feet. This all-inclusive kit also comes with four files, a cuticle fork, a foot brush, and a scraping knife for a skin-focused pedicure.

Cons: The removable heads aren’t replaceable.

Bottom Line: This all-in-one rechargeable callus remover comes with removable heads that are designed to leave you with soft, fully exfoliated feet. This kit is also great for professionals and can be easily cleaned by rinsing it with warm water.


Pros: This 26-in-1 kit is made of durable stainless steel and comes with various tools to give you a beautiful pedicure. This kit removes dead skin and calluses with ease and painlessly clips thick nails. It’s great for both home and professional use and even comes with its own plastic case for easy storage. The sleek design of these tools is easy to hold, lightweight, and simple to use, so it’s perfect for beginners.

Cons: This set is inexpensive, so the tools aren’t as high-quality as professional-grade pedicure sets.

Bottom Line: This simple pedicure kit is designed to leave you with smooth skin by easily removing dead skin and calluses. It’s great for beginners and makes a great gift.


Pros: Affordable and multipurpose- this kit is great for pedicures, manicures, as well as general grooming! It comes with 18 surgical-grade stainless steel tools that are designed to address all your pedicure needs. This kit also comes with its own PU leather case, so it’s great for travel, as well as for professional and at-home use. The lightweight tools are easy to sanitize and are simple to use, so you’re sure to get the perfect pedicure every time with this kit!

Cons: This kit isn’t designed to handle severe foot issues and is better for daily nail control.

Bottom Line: This affordable kit comes with its own beautiful black and red faux leather kit that makes it a breeze to travel with. This kit also makes a perfect gift for a nail enthusiast and is great for almost anyone who wants to improve the quality of their foot care.

Final Thoughts

A great pedicure kit not only gives you a beautiful, salon-quality pedicure but also helps preserve the overall health of your feet and nails. At-home pedicure kits are affordable, easy to use, and long-lasting. Streamline your self-care and hygiene routine with one of these kits.

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