The Best No-Tie Shoelaces

Three different feet wearing different shoes with no-tie laces.

Looking to make tying your shoes a thing of the past? Invest in a pair of no-tie laces to simplify your (and your kids’) routine! These one-and-done laces feature stretchy, elastic material that allows you to easily slip in your foot for a comfy, secure fit without tightening or tying laces every time. And you won’t have to worry about shoes slipping off mid-step, as no-tie laces are trusted by tons of triathletes.

Buying Guide for No-Tie Shoelaces

Pair of kids' shoes with no-tie laces and a velcro strap.

Why invest in no-tie shoelaces?

If you love your athletic shoes, high-tops, or boots, but hate constantly tying or adjusting laces, you can benefit from a pair of no-tie shoestrings. No-tie laces make morning routines faster and easier by turning any shoe into a slip-on. They help keep your shoes feeling snug during strenuous activities, especially for school-age kids who are more prone to tripping and falling. Choose from fun colors and designs that allow you to show off your style without dealing with the pains of messy, loose shoestrings.

What should you know before buying no-tie laces?

  • Strength: Ensure your new shoelaces can keep up with your demands. If you’re looking for extra-strong laces for rigorous activities, consider laces with a locking mechanism that auto-adjust.
  • Length: Need longer laces than the typical foot? Keep an eye out for customizable options that allow you to pre-measure and cut laces to your liking and for the tightest fit.
  • Materials: Invest in materials that promise long-lasting use, like silicone and thick fiber blends, including polyester.

What are the health benefits of non-tying vs. traditional laces?

Non-tying laces offer important benefits, including reducing your risk of injury, increasing daily comfort, and improving your overall foot health! Traditional laces require constant adjusting and tying (sometimes even with the strongest knots), which can cause falls, bodily discomfort, and unnecessary frustration. This can be especially painful for people with physical limitations. Old-school laces can also constrict blood flow to your feet over time, as our feet naturally swell throughout the day. Investing in a pair of strong, flexible, non-tying laces may be your start to a more comfortable, pain-free journey.

Our Picks for the Best No-Tie Shoelaces

Pros: These no-tie shoelaces by Lock Laces are the original laces designed to decrease transition time for triathletes, so you know you can trust their performance! The elastic, one-size-fits-all laces are designed to conform to your foot, adding compression to keep your feet comfortable and covered during activities, no matter your age. Each shoelace is constructed from six strong fiber strands and offers up to 72 inches of stretch to accommodate any shoe size without compromising a snug fit—just lace, lock, and cut to your desired length.

Cons: With these stretchy laces, you may need to pull and lock them a couple of times during long runs.

Bottom Line: You can’t go wrong with a renowned brand that designs its laces with athletes in mind. Pick your favorite color, lace them up, lock them, and they’re ready to go!


Pros: Ever seen a silicone shoelace? These HOMAR no-tie waterproof laces for kids and adults are a unique, effective way to lose the laces and ensure a tight, comfortable fit. They’re made of premium, food-grade silicone for a sturdy grip and feature convenient, T-shaped stoppers at each end for an extra-snug fit with no chance of shoelaces coming undone. And you won’t have to sacrifice personal style for comfort with more than 24 customizable color options—thread your shoes with your favorite color or elevate your kicks with a fun rainbow pattern.

Cons: If the lace holes in your shoes are protected by metal rings, you may have to forgo the provided tool and manually insert the laces.

Bottom Line: These are an especially fun option for kids and won’t compromise playtime with worries over tripping. You’ll have fun choosing the colors together.


Pros: Save more time every day with this no-tie shoelace system from Xpand. Simply unwrap your new shoelaces, measure for the tightest fit, and trim off the excess ends for a customized fit. Then, install the patented lace anchors to secure your shoes and keep them in place during intense activities, like running or hiking, without rubbing against your sensitive skin—no need to adjust after the initial threading. These fun, contemporary laces come in nearly 40 colors and are designed to fit all shoe sizes, automatically adjusting to your feet to provide you with the highest level of comfort.

Cons: Installation instructions are online-only, so you’ll have to use your phone or computer to watch the video guide.

Bottom Line: You can measure and adjust your new no-tie laces before making the final cut, which increases your chances of finding the perfect fit fast.


Pros: Made from highly elastic cords, these no-tie shoelaces from anan250 are another quality option that boasts a locking mechanism to keep laces and shoes in place. Find relief from back and joint pain with tieless, memory-fit laces that lock in place using a stainless steel screw lock, promising a tight fit without needing to constantly bend down to adjust. They’re designed for all uses, from kids to seniors, whether you’re looking for a snug fit on leisurely walks or for high-impact sports. Installation is fast and easy; you’ll be up and (literally) running within five minutes.

Cons: Readjusting these laces can be tricky once you’ve applied the metal screw cap, so be sure you’re happy with the fit before locking them in.

Bottom Line: These are quality laces, comparable with bigger brands, at a lower price. Choose from more than 20 color options and enjoy every step.


Pros: Looking for smart, customizable laces that double as a statement piece? Caterpy’s ultimate no-tie shoelaces are funky, unique, and designed to adjust to improve blood circulation. While traditional laces create choking points that constrict and cause pain and discomfort as your feet swell throughout the day, Caterpy no-tie laces work with your feet, naturally swelling as needed for the most comfortable experience. Plus, they feature bump technology for sturdy, no-slip wear. They’re offered in small, standard, and extra-large sizes for a wide range of shoe styles, including kids’ and high-tops.

Cons: You may need to replace your laces after a year or so, as the material stretches over time.

Bottom Line: Who knew shoelace technology was such a big thing. These bumpy, colorful shoestrings are designed with your feet (and fashion sense) in mind.

Final Thoughts

In the grand scheme, who knows how much time we spend bending over to tie our shoes—take that number and double it, if you have kids! Now, you can save precious time and prevent discomfort with any of these top-rated no-tie shoelaces that promise a good grip and tight fit for walks and runs to come.

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