The Best Nike Sports Bras

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You’re going to want a sports bra for high- or low-impact activities. A good sports bra can help to minimize movement, ensuring that you’re focused on your workout rather than discomfort from a jiggling chest. Nike is one of the most trusted brands for exercise gear, so if you want something reliable, check out these Nike sports bras.

Buying Guide for Nike Sports Bras

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Why buy a Nike sports bra?

Nike is an athletic performance brand that’s known for making amazing gear that can outfit you from head to toe. While they’re probably best known for their footwear, the brand also makes fantastic clothing that can be used before, during, and after your next intense workout session. Their sports bras are often designed with key features in mind, such as moisture-wicking, quick-dry, and enhanced support to minimize movement, which could otherwise damage delicate breast tissue. And especially for women that engage in vigorous workouts or activities, this will be a critical issue.

What should you consider when shopping for a Nike sports bra?

  • Activity Level: Even within the Nike brand, not all bras are considered equal. Some sports bras are made for low-impact activities like yoga, where you’re not engaged in vigorous movements and don’t need as much support. Meanwhile, someone running or participating in aerobics would need more support to minimize movement.
  • Design: Usually, you can look at a sports bra and tell from the design whether or not it’s compatible with your activity level. Strappy bras with open backs tend to be better suited for low-impact activities like walking or yoga. Meanwhile, bras with wider straps or full support backs are better for more intense movements.
  • Support: Support should be considered in two ways — your activity level and your bust size. Someone who’s an A cup may not need as much support as someone who’s a DD. Meanwhile, if you’re engaged in more gentle exercises (i.e., bike riding, yoga, etc.), even if you do wear a larger bra size, you may still be able to use a lighter sports bra.
  • Cups: Cups aren’t a necessity, but many sports bras come with removable cups. If you don’t like them, you can remove them. But some premium sports bras come with cups designed so that they don’t float across the front of the bra—a nifty feature, as this can commonly happen during the agitation cycle when you wash your sports bras in the laundry.
  • Material: In most cases, you’ll find that sports bras are made either from polyester or a cotton-polyester blend. This often allows for features like moisture-wicking and quick drying so that you’re not sitting in sweat.

How do you know if a sports bra is right for you?

Ultimately, the only way to know if a bra works for you is to try it on. Think about how it feels. Is the compression just right, or do you feel uncomfortable? Are the straps digging into your shoulders and chest? When you move, does it feel like your bust is supported or that there’s too much movement? And of course, don’t forget that you want something stylish and easy to clean.

Our Picks for the Best Nike Sports Bras

Pros: If you’re engaged in routine activities like running, exercising at the gym, or even yoga, the Victory compression sports bra is a good middle ground choice that will work for most people. It features a polyester-spandex composition which aids in that compression support while also incorporating jersey material lining to boost moisture-wicking so you can stay dry. There’s a wide color range with a classic racer back design along with a wide size range to accommodate more shapes.

Cons: Performance comes at a premium considering that you’re not buying a multi-pack of sports bras. Meanwhile, some people noted that friction irritation was possible with this bra.

Bottom Line: If you’re new to the world of sports bras, this medium compression pick from Nike is a great everyday solution that should work for most light to moderate activity levels. And the large size range and variety of colors are attractive too. But beware that this is a pricier option since you only get one sports bra, and some people might experience friction irritation.


Pros: For those who liked the Victory bra but felt like it was a little lacking in fully preventing bounce, this padded version is a serious upgrade. You’ll still get a racerback style and medium compression. But now, the padding also works to boost stability and minimize bounce.

Cons: As is a common issue for sports bras with pads, these pads aren’t fixed in place. So, be prepared to have to reinsert them every time you do laundry.

Bottom Line: If you want better bounce control, the added pads on this version of Nike’s Victory sports bra can give you that. However, some people might get frustrated having the cups fall out in the wash.


Pros: It doesn’t make a lot of sense to get a high compression sports bra if you have a smaller bust and technically need something, but not something quite as intense as a traditional sports bra. This simple, seamless sports bra is a great compromise that offers Dri-FIT technology, fabric that stays put, and a low-profile racerback style.

Cons: While ideal for girls that are just beginning to develop, this might not be a good choice for those with a fuller bust, as the thinner straps, lack of padding, and lighter design won’t provide as much control and support.

Bottom Line: If you’re shopping for your tween or teen with a smaller or developing frame, this is a solid choice that provides support but isn’t excessive. However, for those with a larger bust, this may not be sufficient.


Pros: While most sports bras focus on medium to full compression, if you’re not engaged in more vigorous activities, they can feel a little excessive. Enter this light compression sports bra from Nike. The seamless design is ideal for anyone with a smaller bust or for truly low-impact activities like yoga.

Cons: This is truly a low-impact activity sports bra. So, if you’re engaged in more active pursuits like running, this won’t be a fit. And as is common with Nike, this bra (while cute) comes at a premium price for just one item.

Bottom Line: Women with smaller busts and people engaged in low-impact activities will appreciate this lightweight bra which is more for modesty than compression. However, more vigorous activity or people with fuller busts may not be a fit for this pick.


Pros: Whether you have a fuller bust or participate in intense activities, you’ll need a sports bra with full compression that’s up to the challenge of completely removing bounce and movement. This high-support sports bra is designed to do exactly that. Along with Dri-FIT support, you’ll get molded cups and adjustable back closure to create a customized fit.

Cons: If you’re not working out to this level, you may feel like the compression and control in this sports bra is excessive. And again, the Nike price points may create sticker shock for many shoppers.

Bottom Line: Those engaged in rigorous activities or with fuller busts will appreciate the enhanced support that this bra provides. This might be excessive for some people, but the higher cost will also be a turn-off for many.

Final Thoughts

The trick is to match your sports bra to not just your size but your activity level. While Nike sports bras do come with a premium price tag attached, they offer a wide range of solutions designed to match your workout’s intensity.

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