The Best Midi Dresses

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For the uninitiated, a midi dress simply means that the dress has a longer hem. In most cases, this refers to dresses that hit from the calf to above the ankle. But they can be structured, sophisticated, fun and flirty, body-hugging, casual, or flowy. Whichever style you prefer, a good midi dress is a nice switch from wearing pants or even wearing a short dress all the time. So, if you’re ready to expand your wardrobe, these are the midi dresses that we recommend.

Buying Guide for the Best Midi Dresses

A blonde woman in a midi dress, jacket, and tights walks through an orchard.

Why buy a midi dress?

As we mentioned in the introduction, midi only refers to the dress length. Otherwise, it can be made of any kind of fabric, paired with a variety of necklines or sleeve styles, and of course, in a variety of styles. So, midi dresses are great for when you want a little more coverage but don’t want to have to lift your skirt when ascending the stairs. Midi dresses can be casual or formal too.

What should you consider when shopping for a midi dress?

  • Material: As with anything regarding clothing, think about the material. Does it have stretch in it? Is it soft to the touch? Is it breathable? These are all critical questions to keep in mind as they need to correlate with how you plan on spending the day while wearing that midi dress. You wouldn’t want to pick a midi sweater dress if you’re going to an outdoor wedding in the heat.
  • Sleeves: Since midi only refers to the hem length, you’ll want to consider whether you want a dress with sleeves and how those sleeves should look. You can opt for sleeveless, short sleeves, long sleeves, or even more stylized sleeves like bell or bishop sleeves.
  • Fit: Likewise, consider whether you want a dress that’s looser or something that’s more fitted to the body. Also keep in mind that a dress with a loose fit can be made fitted by simply adding a belt.
  • Style: Again, midi only refers to the length of the skirt, not any particular style of dress. So you can opt for a more structured dress, a shift style, and everything in between.

Is midi the longest dress length?

No, midi is not the longest dress length. You also have maxi dresses that go to the ankle or floor-length dresses that sweep the floor with the hem.

Our Picks for the Best Midi Dresses

Pros: If when you hear the phrase “midi dress,” you instantly picture frocks that are perfect for sunny weather, this dress from Floerns is a great option. It features an off-the-shoulder style with two high side slits and a gathered bodice that can accommodate a wider range of bust sizes.

Cons: Some people noted that while the bodice does have stretch in it thanks to the gathered design, this wasn’t always flattering depending on the pattern or color you picked. In some cases, people complained that it made them look pregnant.

Bottom Line: If you’re in the market for a fun, flirty, floral dress, then this cute off-the-shoulder number is a solid contender.


Pros: Wrap dresses have been a fan favorite since Diane Von Furstenberg dubbed them the “it” dress in the early ’70s. And if you like the idea of a wrap dress with a cute ruffle trim and cap sleeves, this boho-inspired version is going to be your new BFF. With a wide range of prints available and a casual fit, you can’t go wrong.

Cons: While cute, not everyone loves prairie and boho-inspired floral prints. So, if you’re looking for something with a tad more sophistication, this might not be the pick for you.

Bottom Line: You can’t go wrong with wrap dresses, as they’re easy to wear and generally travel well. But if you’re looking for something with a more elevated print or solids, then you’ll want to look elsewhere, as this style is mostly limited to peasant-style floral prints.


Pros: Dresses don’t always have to be about heading to brunch or events. Sometimes you just want something comfortable so you can run errands or go about your day. This simple jersey dress with a hi-lo hem is the perfect solution. It’s made from a breathable rayon blend and is available in solid hues—giving you the option to dress it up or down depending on your mood.

Cons: One of the main concerns we saw with reviews from real shoppers was that this style might not be as flattering on curvier types. In particular, people noticed that the curvier you are, this tends to fit like a bodycon dress rather than as a casual dress.

Bottom Line: When you need a casual dress that has plenty of give and is just easy to wear, then this jersey knit pick with a high-low hem is a solid choice.


Pros: Let’s face it, pockets are clutch. And they’re not always a given with women’s clothing. So, a dress with pockets is always something to be happy about. This cute skater dress comes in a wide range of patterns and solid colors but with two front pockets that are so essential. And you’ll like that the long-sleeved style gives this more seasonal versatility.

Cons: While this dress is made with stretch and comes with pockets, some people might be turned off by the hand-wash-only instructions. Likewise, the buttons are for decoration only.

Bottom Line: Comfort and practicality combine in this fun skater dress that has long sleeves and pockets. The wide color selection also makes it a solid choice.


Pros: Wrap dresses continue to be popular because they simply work. They help to create a waistline even for people who don’t feel particularly curvy. And they’re just easy to wear. With a wide range of colors and the fun tonal dotted textured design, this dress is a cute option.

Cons: Depending on how familiar you are with sewing, you might be disappointed to realize that the hems on the sleeves and skirt are simply surged rather than truly finished. Others noted that the dress has quite a few threads hanging when it arrives right out of the package.

Bottom Line: Although cute and easy to wear, with a wide range of colors, you might be a bit turned off if you’re expecting your dress to arrive with a finished look and no threads hanging.

Final Thoughts

Midi dresses can come in a variety of styles to suit your needs, making them a go-to staple for so many people. If you want a new one to add to your wardrobe, these picks are a great place to start.

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