The Best Men’s Linen Pants

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Buying Guide for Men’s Linen Pants

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Why buy linen pants?

Feeling a little constricted by jeans or slacks when the weather starts to heat up? Linen pants are a great way for guys to stay cool while looking good. They come in various fits and styles, so you can find a pair that suits your fit.

What should you consider in linen pants? 

  • Material: You want linen pants made from exactly that: linen. This material is comfortable and breathable without being revealing. You can wear them out for dinner or to stroll along the beach—they’re ideal for staying comfortable without feeling exposed.
  • Fit: Linen pants come in a variety of fits. Wear them loose for when you’re exercising or doing some yoga, or go with a tighter-fitting option if you need a more professional look. Before you decide on a pair, figure out what you’ll use them for.
  • Color: Lighter colors are fun for the beach, while dark greys or blues work in most settings. Depending on where you’ll most often be wearing your new linen pants, you’ll want to decide on a color. Lighter colors may stain more easily, but they will also keep you a bit cooler if you’re out in the sun. It’s all about your personal preference and style when it comes to color.

What are some tips to keep your linen pants in good shape?

You may want linen pants to just toss in the washing machine to keep them clean. Because of the material, some linen pants may shrink just from being washed in warm water. If the fit is important to you, find a pair that can be machine-washed without shrinking.

Our Picks for the Best Men’s Linen Pants

Pros: The iWoo Mens Cotton Linen Drawstring Pants give you an excellent pair of white linen pants for your next vacation or just around the house. They’re much more breathable than comparable wool or silk pants so that you can stay cool even in hot weather. Plus, these pants do a great job absorbing water, preventing sweat from soaking your pants. These linen pants can even prevent you from sweating by keeping you cool.

Cons: These pants will shrink if you aren’t careful with how you dry them.

Bottom Line: Stay cool and dry wherever you’re going with these linen pants. The fit, style, and material are extra comfy, and these come in multiple colors to fit most occasions.


Pros: The PASLTER Mens Casual Linen Pants give you plenty of room and stretch to keep you comfortable. They have a drawstring waist and spacious pockets for a roomy fit and storage space. The material they’re made from is soft and breathable so that you won’t work up sweat easily. Plus, it’s easy to dress them or down. You can even machine wash them— make sure it’s with cold water.

Cons: These pants tend to run a little big, so you may want to get a size down.

Bottom Line: It’s easy to slip this pair of comfy and stylish linen pants on whenever you need a cooler option for going out. You’ll love how comfortable these pants are, whether you’re at the beach or running errands when it’s a bit hot outside.


Pros: The Perry Ellis Men’s Linen Suit Pants are an elegant option for when you want lightweight pants for a more formal occasion. These pants come with front creases for a nice finishing touch to your outfit. There’s also room for a belt, which is somewhat unique for linen pants. The fabric is lightweight but also plenty comfortable.

Cons: These pants are a bit thin.

Bottom Line: If you need a pair of comfortable, breathable pants that won’t look too casual, these are the choice for you. While you still get all the comfort of linen pants, you can wear this to a business meeting, wedding, or formal dinner.


Pros: The COOFANDY Mens Linen Yoga Beach Pants add extra comfort to a style of pants that are already known for comfort. The drawstring waist allows you to adjust the fit as you lounge on the beach, practice some yoga, or sit around and relax. The fabric is designed to keep you cool and comfortable no matter what you’re doing. Plus, there are plenty of pockets for storage for outdoor activities or indoor relaxing.

Cons: It is not made of the most high-quality, durable material.

Bottom Line: Just because you’re working up a sweat or the weather is a little humid doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable. These linen pants have got you covered. It’s easy to stay relaxed and cool with this option.


Pros: The Perry Ellis Men’s 100% Linen Drawstring Pant offers you the support and comfort of 100% linen material. They include an easy-to-use drawstring so that you can find the right tightness. The fabric is very breathable to keep you cool while you’re outside or relaxing indoors.

Cons: These pants may shrink after drying them.

Bottom Line: These pants are a sharp-looking pair for a night out or a more formal event yet give comfort with the linen material and adjustable drawstring. Overall, this is a solid pair of linen pants that you’ll love wearing around.

Final Thoughts

Get comfortable by adding a pair of linen pants to your closet. Kick back and relax with this breathable material that won’t weigh you down, despite how hot it may be outside. There are plenty of styles and fits to suit your personality, and they can be comfortably worn at the beach or around your home.

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