The Best Men’s Flip-Flops

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Buying Guide for Men’s Flip-Flops

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Why buy men’s flip-flops?

Comfort is probably the biggest reason why most people would buy flip-flops. While they’re usually on the naughty list for most podiatrists, flip-flops are a practical solution for footwear if you’re spending time around water or want to let your feet breathe when it’s warmer.

What should you consider when shopping for men’s flip-flops?

  • Design: There aren’t quite as many options for men’s flip-flops as there are for women, but you’re usually going to find yourself looking at two main options—thongs and slides. Thong flip-flops are the traditional style with straps that rise from the space between your big and second toe and secure the sides of your feet. In contrast, slides feature one large horizontal strap.
  • Comfort: It’s no secret that flip-flops are notoriously bad for your feet. Many cheap options lack proper support, and the constant gripping required with your toes can lead to hammertoes in some people. If you know you have foot problems, look for flip-flops with built-in supportive insoles. This can include memory foam cushioning, EVA foam, and enhanced arches to provide proper support with every step.
  • Material: Men’s flip-flops usually can’t transition from casual to dressy like women’s shoes can do. You’ll most likely find that your material options consist of leather (including faux alternatives), fabric, and plastic. The right choice may depend on where you plan to wear your flip-flops and your overall outfit.

What is the proper way to clean your flip-flops?

It’s essential to keep your flip-flops clean as they can harbor bacteria in the soft soles and straps after continuous use, especially if worn near water and sand. A simple, common way is to use baking soda or white vinegar. You can use a toothbrush to get in the crevices and scrub away the hard stains. Let them sit in the solution for a couple of hours, and then rinse them off with lukewarm water and air-dry.

Our Picks for the Best Men’s Flip-Flops

Pros: Whether you struggle with foot problems or want to avoid them, a pair of flip-flops with a genuinely supportive insole will be very important. This thong sandal from KIIU is designed with comfort in mind. It features a supportive arch and a comfortable insole that absorbs shock. You’ll like the enhanced tread, making these ideal for use around water.

Cons: The enhanced tread, while functional, may look too utilitarian for some people. The material isn’t flexible, especially in the thong straps. There may be uncomfortable rubbing and even pinching.

Bottom Line: Stay comfortable in any setting with these classic flip-flops that feature a supportive insole, arch support, and enhanced tread for added safety around the water.


Pros: If the enhanced outsole on the other flip-flops were too intense for you, you’d love these low-profile woven sandals from NeedBo. Available in many colors, they feature a cushioned EVA footbed with arch support for added comfort. The soft woven straps are less likely to cause unwanted friction with each step.

Cons: In some cases, straps may break prematurely. Also, the woven footbed cover may cause the material to bunch under the foot.

Bottom Line: Those seeking a more low-profile traditional thong flip-flop will appreciate the woven style offered here.


Pros: Just because men’s flip-flops tend to be basic doesn’t mean that we can’t find a pair that’s a bit unique. This funky pair of flip-flops from Husmeu features a split-color footbed design with arch supports to create more comfort for those struggling with plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or shin splints. These sporty sandals also have enhanced tread so you can walk confidently with every step.

Cons: While functional, these might look out of place in settings that aren’t quite this laid back. The fit may be narrower, and the footbed is so spongy that it might not provide as much support as promoted.

Bottom Line: If you’re tired of basic flip-flops, this split-color design is sure to be an upgrade. Arch support and enhanced tread support are ideal for avoiding common pitfalls associated with flip-flops.


Pros: Not everyone needs an enhanced flip-flop. If that sounds right, you’ll appreciate this simple, classic rubber flip-flop from Havaianas’s beloved flip-flop brand. This traditional low-profile flip-flop features a 0.75-inch uniform height with the classic thong strap. The rubber construction makes it ideal for use around water while also being heat-resistant and lightweight.

Cons: Havaianas is a fan favorite, but they’re pricey considering that it’s a basic rubber thong flip-flop. More importantly, if you have foot issues, you’ll want to steer clear of this brand as this shoe offers no real support.

Bottom Line: If you’re a “just the basics” guy, the classic rubber thong flip-flop from Havaianas is a solid choice with a low-profile and simple construction that’s safe to use around water.


Pros: Reef is one of those trusted footwear brands known for creating quality products that are also functional. This is it if you want a simple thong flip-flop with a footbed that won’t send you to the podiatrist’s office. Along with arch support, you’ll get shock absorption throughout the footbed thanks to the inclusion of not just EVA foam but a 360-degree heel airbag.

Cons: Reef is a fan favorite, but they can be a pricier option.

Bottom Line: When you’re ready to baby your feet with a truly supportive flip-flop, this shoe from Reef is a solid option with arch support and extra features for shock absorption.

Final Thoughts

Flip-flops are an essential closet staple, best for casual days when the weather’s warm and you want your feet to get a breeze. Upgrade your footwear or keep it basic with plenty of styles and comfort levels available.

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