The Best Men’s Briefs

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It’s likely time to upgrade your underwear drawer! Get multiple pairs of men’s briefs that feel good and look good while you’re wearing them so that you can be comfortable all day. When searching for the right pair, think about your lifestyle. Do you work out or find yourself on your feet a lot? Do you tend to run warm or cold? Take these questions into consideration before purchasing your new pair of men’s briefs.

Buying Guide for Men’s Briefs

two pairs of men's briefs; one is yellow with a blue waistband and one is blue with a red waistband

Why buy men’s briefs?

Briefs are the type of underwear that provides you with ample support since they have a closer fit than boxers. They’re also shorter than boxers and boxer briefs, so you won’t have to worry about fabric rolling up your leg when you slip your jeans on over your underwear. A good pair of briefs should give you confidence when going about your normal routine. They are also in many different unique styles and color schemes, offering you plenty of visual variety.

What should you look for in men’s briefs?

  • Fabric: The material used in building your underwear plays a huge role in how comfortable it feels while you’re wearing it. For example, cotton is extremely breathable and requires minimal care to keep it in good condition, so it’s a classic choice. There are also several different performance-driven fabrics, such as nylon, spandex, and regenerated cellulose fiber that are great for gym sessions and active days.
  • Style and Design: Style encompasses several different things, such as the color and design in addition to the shape and type of fit that your briefs provide. They’ll keep everything in place and offer support and compression to make them great for working out and undergoing physical activity.

What should you do if your waist size is difficult to accommodate?

In a situation such as this (i.e., if your waist is in-between sizes), we advise that you go up a size. If your underwear is too small for you, it will likely cause chafing and other forms of discomfort. Sizing up a bit is a safer bet that they will be comfortable. Often, cotton underwear can shrink after being washed, so going up a bit in size can help combat fit issues as well.

Our Picks for the Best Men’s Briefs

Pros: Made of 100% cotton, these briefs are among the most comfortable ones you’ll find. They come in a pack of six and are available in many unique patterns and styles. They feel extremely soft and comfortable to the touch and offer durability for long-lasting use.

Cons: Cotton fabrics tend to shrink if you don’t wash them properly, which could then affect your comfort levels. Also, the colors may vary from what you see online.

Bottom Line: This popular set of men’s briefs is a classic choice with fantastic comfort. They’ll give you the support you need to get through the day.


Pros: These men’s briefs from David Archy feature a low-rise waist that will fit snugly onto your hips, providing you with a slim profile underneath your clothing. They are incredibly lightweight and feel silky smooth against your body. The durable waistband provides you with ample flexibility, ensuring you have a free range of motion.

Cons: The biggest complaint about this particular product is that the elasticity can be inconsistent, which may cause them to be less supportive than you desire.

Bottom Line: Enjoy breathability, comfort, flexibility, and moisture-wicking fabric with this pair of briefs. They’re a fabulous option for men who require a little more room without compromising compression. Prioritize your comfort with this pair!


Pros: These cotton briefs are machine washable and feature a flexible elastic waistband that adjusts to the shape of your hips. The fabric feels incredibly comfortable against your skin, and the cotton is already pre-shrunk.

Cons: The elastic waistbands will overstretch if you don’t handle the briefs correctly during wash cycles.

Bottom Line: In terms of overall value, this nine-pack of men’s briefs sure brings a bang. They provide you with a classic fit while also incorporating an upgraded design and stocking up your underwear drawer in one purchase.


Pros: These machine washable briefs come in a variety of colors and styles, ultimately providing you with more variety and visual appeal. The waistband is incredibly elastic, adjusting to the size of your hips without creating any undue tension. This makes them perfect for playing sports and participating in physical activities.

Cons: These pairs don’t come with pouches for breathability or convenient bathroom use.

Bottom Line: Ultimately, these briefs are great for athletes who require solid support without restrictions to their movements. Wear them while playing basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and many other sports.


Pros: These ultra-soft men’s briefs are made of modal microfibers for optimal comfort. The elastic waistband is incredibly smooth and delicate against your skin while also offering you stretchiness. Also, with a double-layered contoured pouch, these briefs provide you with optimal support.

Cons: The thicker fabric used to build these briefs can potentially have an abrasive effect on your skin. The irritation can cause discomfort, which is obviously something you want to avoid.

Bottom Line: These men’s briefs will work for everyday wear, no matter your lifestyle or physical needs. Also, because they’re available in several different color schemes, you have a greater variety of choices at your disposal.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for a few new pairs of men’s briefs, think about what matters most to you. Do you prioritize style over comfort or vice versa? Or perhaps you favor better breathability and elasticity? Whatever your preferences, you can find a pair of men’s briefs to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

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