The Best Makeup Travel Cases

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Between your mini samples, everyday essentials, and glam palettes, it can be difficult to keep your makeup in order, leading products to become damaged or lost. Makeup cases are ideal for storing makeup, taking your beauty routine on the go, and helping professionals move from gig to gig in style. Check out our top picks and find the right one for you.

Buying Guide for Makeup Travel Cases

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Why buy a makeup travel case? 

When adventure calls, you need to be able to take your everyday essentials on the go. Makeup can become damaged or lost during transportation, not to mention spill and ruin your favorite top before you get to your destination. Makeup kits make it easy to know where all of your favs are, all while keeping them protected.

What should you consider in a makeup travel case?

  • Material: Makeup cases, no matter the size, either come in soft materials like nylon or hard materials like plastic or aluminum. If you need to store your case in a suitcase during travel or want flexibility when packing, go with a soft-sided case. Need a heavy-duty case to keep water and other elements out that you can clean easily? A hard case is the way to go.
  • Storage: Think about capacity. Do you need to roll to your next gig with 10 different foundation shades, a full-sized hairdryer, and all of your brushes, or just something to keep your makeup front and center on your bathroom counter? Pay attention to size charts, listed dimensions, and packing videos to avoid buyer’s remorse.
  • Size: For professionals, a trolley bag is often necessary, while everyday makeup users can stick with a shoulder or handheld bag. Consider your needs and how you’ll use the makeup case most often to make the best choice.
  • Security: Lockable cases are important for professionals and beauty fanatics alike. These keep your products safe from unwanted hands and prevent your products from falling out.

What if you want a bag for travel and countertop organization? 

Makeup case choice is dependent on the individual and their needs. MUAs and cosmetic professionals should look for large-capacity, rollable cases to keep their large inventories accessible and portable. If you’re just looking for something to keep your products organized or a great travel accessory, look for small-capacity, travel-size-friendly options that can easily fit in your suitcase or carry-on. Be sure to buy for everyday, typical use, not the exception.

Our Picks for the Best Makeup Travel Cases

Pros: This sturdy trolley case is ideal for professional MUAs, estheticians, and cosmetologists. Roomy compartments allow you to pack a variety of foundations, concealers, and palettes, so you can be prepared for beauty emergencies. This rollable cosmetic case also boasts detachable compartments; take the top section off and turn it into an easy-to-carry bag. The bottom case has several drawers to hold additional palettes and lashes, but you can easily remove them to customize the case to your needs, making it ideal for hair styling tools, towels, and more.

Cons: With great room and storage comes one issue: this bag can get heavy with all of your go-tos packed in. Be mindful of the weight as you get ready for your next gig.

Bottom Line: Built for maximum storage and function, this utilitarian case is an ideal choice for professional makeup artists on the move.


Pros: This hard-shell caboodle is lockable, water-resistant, and adorable. It’s great for your bathroom countertop or as an on-the-go handheld bag. While it offers sturdy construction, this makeup case is shockingly lightweight, making it easy to carry on public transportation, in airports, and wherever else life takes you. You can even remove the brush holder to keep it upright on your vanity or make more room in the case. Plus, with two locks, you can keep your products safe and secure. Did we mention it comes in a variety of unique patterns and designs?

Cons: The hard case makes for a pretty rigid structure, so you’ll need to make sure your favorite makeup items can actually fit. It’s built to hold the best of your collection, not all of it.

Bottom Line: Here’s a case that’s perfect for the beauty buyer looking to keep their tried and true favorites safe from damage and theft.


Pros: Are you the ultra-practical planner in your family? The affectionately named “mom” of your friend group? Then this is the bag for you. Not only is it built to hold your everyday beauty items, but it also fits your everyday essentials such as shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toothpaste, and more. It’s thoughtfully designed with compartments for wet items (think toothbrushes) that won’t leak and helpful straps to keep your makeup products upright and leak-free.

Cons: This case is extremely compact and built for travel, so you may not be able to fit all of your favorite full-size products. This is not built for professionals or beauty maximalists.

Bottom Line: This case is ideal for pared-down, practical travelers who want to bring their shower and products along.


Pros: No rose-colored glasses are necessary for this beauty. This ultra-glam lockable makeup case looks dreamy at home on your vanity or tucked into your suitcase for travel. It’s as functional as it is pretty, and you could buy one for everyday use and another for travel. The elongated drawers are great for those long and skinny eyeshadow palettes and brushes.

Cons: Smaller than some of the professional-grade trunks we’ve listed, this case is low-capacity and may be better suited to personal, everyday use.

Bottom Line: This metallic rose gold case is perfect for beauty lovers and comes at a great price point. Finally, a case you won’t mind having in your Insta pics.


Pros: Another great pick for the pros or members of the makeup frequent buyers club, this three-in-one portable cosmetic case is a chic take on classic train trunks. Multiple locks and the hard aluminum and plastic siding keep your products safe from the elements and theft. Like our top pick, it also has detachable compartments, so you only have to travel with what you need. It also comes in a variety of colors, from bubblegum pink to deep emerald green. The bottom compartment offers large dividers, ideal for hair styling tools, full-size products, and more. Whatever your style is—classic, modern, or dramatic, they have the case for you.

Cons: While the aluminum keeps water out, it is still a flexible material, leaving the case open to chips, dents, and scratches. If you frequently need to check your bag, this isn’t the right case for you.

Bottom Line: This super chic kit is lightweight and waterproof with detachable compartments for total convenience. It’s perfect for professional hairstylists who need extra room in their rolling cosmetic trunks.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your level of makeup artistry, cosmetic organizers are a must-have. They keep drawers uncluttered and your makeup safe and orderly. Take your go-to supplies on the road effortlessly with these cases.

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