The Best Makeup Drawer Organizers

An organized drawer full of makeup products.

Buying Guide for Makeup Drawer Organizers

an open drawer with a white organizer tray with makeup products and a bar of soap in it.

Why buy a makeup drawer organizer?

A makeup drawer is excellent for keeping your vanity organized and your products more accessible. If you’re struggling to locate your favorite makeup products, you should try a makeup drawer organizer and tuck them away in the drawer. It’ll streamline your beauty routine and keep your space cleaner.

What should you look for in a makeup drawer organizer?

  • Compartments: Whether you prefer storage with lots of compartments to store your newest makeup finds or prefer just a few compartments, there are plenty of beauty organizers that will suit your storage needs. If you love collecting the latest makeup products and trendy skincare items, you may find that a beauty organizer with lots of compartments for all your items is better for you. If you have a more minimalist routine and only need a few compartments to store your holy grail products, a simple makeup organizer would be ideal for you.
  • Size: Beauty organizers come in many styles and sizes. If you have a large vanity or drawer to store your items in, a more extensive makeup drawer organizer would be ideal for you. If you have limited storage space, a more compact beauty organizer would better suit your needs. Finding a place to store your beloved items can be a hassle, but with a makeup drawer organizer, it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of no-fuss makeup drawer organizers that will suit your lifestyle needs.
  • Closed vs. Open Storage: If you prefer to keep your items like makeup brushes tucked away in a more secure position, some organizers come with lids or can stack to cover things up. On the other hand, open storage makes it easier to access your items faster.

What can you expect to spend on a makeup drawer organizer?

One of the great things about makeup drawer organizers is that they’re incredibly affordable. You can often find a great beauty organizer for $15 or less, so you can organize your favorite products without breaking the bank. There are larger makeup drawers that are fully customizable with unique design features for around $20 to $25, but even these upgraded options are still very affordable and should last for years.

Our Picks for the Best Makeup Drawer Organizers

Pros: These beauty organizer trays are a great pick for most drawers. They easily slide right in and come in five different sizes. The 16 pieces seamlessly store your makeup, skincare, nail polishes, and hair accessories. They’re also made of sturdy clear plastic so that you can see your products. They’re easy to clean with a damp, soapy sponge or cloth. Their smooth edges won’t scratch your desk or tabletop, and they’re stackable for optimal storage.

Cons: They have a tendency to slide around if the organizer happens to be much smaller than your drawer or shelf.

Bottom Line: With plenty of compartments, these makeup drawer organizers will store all of your favorite products with ease. They seamlessly fit into your dresser, and the clear design makes them easy to access and view your items.


Pros: This clear and stackable 10-piece set is made of BPA-free recyclable plastic, so it’s environmentally conscious. It comes in 10 different sizes and can be mixed and matched for maximum convenience. They can be configured in several ways, so you can customize them to your own personal needs, and they’re designed to fit side by side as well. They can be used in deep or shallow drawers, and they’re break-resistant, so they’re built to last.

Cons: This organizer is designed to be narrow to fit into drawers, so this may not be ideal for those who prefer more storage or wider compartments.

Bottom Line: This high-quality and minimalist beauty organizer is a great option for those who need a small to moderate amount of storage. It’s compact enough to fit easily into a drawer, and it’s made of recyclable plastic.


Pros: This durable and affordable option comes with eight individual compartments. It’s smaller than the other beauty organizers on this list, so it’s great for travel or for professional use for makeup artists or nail techs. It’s made of strong acrylic, so it won’t crack or break, and the sleek design makes it easy to store in a dresser or on a tabletop.

Cons: This is a compact beauty organizer, so it may not be ideal for those who need more storage.

Bottom Line: This organizer is ideal for makeup compacts and small makeup palettes, and the minimalist design makes it ideal for display purposes, too. Not only is this beauty organizer high-quality and functional, but it’s also easy on the wallet.


Pros: This heavy-duty and shatter-resistant makeup organizer has eight compartments and seven removable shelves. Each compartment is approximately 8.5 inches wide and 2 inches deep, so there’s plenty of space to store your items. This product is also fully customizable, so you can stand it upright and use it as a shelf or lay it flat and store it in a drawer. You can even remove shelves to store larger palettes, so this all-purpose beauty organizer is sure to suit your needs.

Cons: This product is better at storing larger items when used horizontally, so you lose storage space, stability, and functionality if you choose to stand it up vertically.

Bottom Line: This easy-to-use beauty organizer holds palettes, makeup brushes, nail polishes, and more with ease. It’s also portable and lightweight, so it’s great for professional makeup artists and nail techs as well.


Pros: Clean, stylish, and affordable- this beauty organizer has it all! It features five divided compartments for maximum organization, and it can even store taller items like cleansers, toners, and haircare products. The open top makes all of your items easily accessible. It’s made of sturdy BPA-free plastic that’s easy to clean with soap and water. Its compact dimensions allow it to be stored in smaller spaces without taking up too much room.

Cons: It’s too tall to fit into shallow drawers.

Bottom Line: This organizer is convenient, affordable, and even pretty. It works super well for storing nail polishes and taller bottles or tubes of lotion, hair products, or face wash.

Final Thoughts

A great makeup drawer organizer can store your makeup, skincare products, nail polishes, face rollers, and more! They’re incredibly convenient and affordable, and they store all of your holy grail items with ease. A great makeup bag for travel and a jewelry organizer can also help organize all of your favorite items and streamline your routine.

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