The Best Long-Sleeve Swimsuits for Girls

A little girl at a beach wearing a long-sleeve shirt and a hat as protection from the sun.

Buying Guide for Long-Sleeve Swimsuits for Girls

Young child playing in the sand on the beach with long sleeved swimsuit and sun safe hat.

Why buy a long-sleeve swimsuit for girls?

As parents and caregivers, you’d do anything to protect your children and keep them happy and healthy. Long-sleeve swimsuits are a great alternative to traditional swimsuits because they cover the skin, protect from UV rays, and can even protect the skin from scraping on paddle boards or surfboards. They’re a fantastic option for kids who do not love to show their skin in public or have extra-sensitive skin.

What should you consider in a long-sleeve swimsuit for girls?

  • UV Protection: Some swimsuits are made with materials that can offer UV 50+ skin protection. These materials may have specific wash instructions, so read the care tag thoroughly before washing your new swimsuit.
  • Patterns and Colors: What girl doesn’t love to express herself? There are so many bright, colorful selections in long-sleeve swimsuits. Whether your child prefers something simple or wants to be a real-life mermaid with an added flowing skirt, a long-sleeve swimsuit is perfect for your child’s unique sense of style.
  • Coverage: Some long-sleeve swimsuits cover the arms but leave more of the back and legs exposed to the sun. Others cover more, including the tops of the legs and the whole back and neck. While some children love the feeling of full coverage in their suits, others like the freedom of having some skin exposed and the feeling of the water and sand.

Why is a long-sleeve swimsuit called a rash guard?

The term “rash guard” was used in Australia to define a long-sleeve swimsuit. It’s called a rash guard because a long-sleeve swimsuit is made to protect the skin against sunburn or a rash. If your child is particularly active or plays water sports, a rash guard will help protect against abrasion.

Our Picks for the Best Long-Sleeve Swimsuits for Girls

Pros: In this cute long-sleeve swimsuit, your child will be ready to make a splash in no time. It comes with an easy-to-use zipper design so that she can put it on or remove it herself if needed. It is made of durable and flexible polyester resistant to chlorine and salt and can dry quickly after a day’s swim. The material has a UPF 50+ rating and provides sun protection by blocking 98% of UVA and UVB rays.

Cons: The colors in the fabric may fade after several washes.

Bottom Line: Stop right here with this cute zip-up swimsuit with long sleeves that offers top-notch UV protection.


Pros: Take your kid’s swimsuit style to the next level in this two-piece from Kanu Surf. It comes in several colors and patterns, from tie-dye to floral, and is made with high-quality nylon tricot with a UPF rating of 50+. If your little girl doesn’t want to expose her tummy, there is an option that provides full coverage in that area.

Cons: There may be fitting issues with this bathing suit.

Bottom Line: Turn your child into the ultimate surfer with this long-sleeved swimsuit that comes in classic beachy patterns.


Pros: Protect your sweet toddler in this precious long-sleeve swimsuit that comes in fun patterns like mermaid scales, unicorns, dinosaurs, and leopard print. Pair it with the adorable ruffled bottoms for the ultimate cute factor. The entire suit is made of quick-drying, skin-friendly, soft fabric that will keep your little one happy in the elements.

Cons: It’s recommended to hand-wash this bathing suit. Also, it runs small, so adjust your order ahead just in case.

Bottom Line: Keep your baby girl’s sensitive skin protected in this cute swimsuit made for the outdoors.


Pros: We love this swimsuit’s sun protection, especially since it covers so much of the body down to the knee. It’s made with breathable, stretchy materials so your little girl can move freely as she swims. Its front-zip design makes it super easy to take on and off for quick bathroom breaks.

Cons: The colors may fade after wearing in chlorinated water.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a surf-style swimsuit that covers most of the body, this may be an excellent selection for your child.


Pros: This two-piece set is a precious alternative to a one-piece with a skirt covering the bottom shorts. Numerous patterns range from roses to pineapples to flamingos that your daughter will surely love. On either side of the long-sleeve top are drawstrings that will keep it secure in every adventure.

Cons: The sleeves may fit a little tight.

Bottom Line: This rashguard set offers UV-50 protection in durable fabric, making it high-quality for kids and parents.

Final Thoughts

No matter your reason for buying a long-sleeve swimsuit, there are many options out there that your little girl will love. Long-sleeved suits can be just as fun and vibrant as traditional bathing suits but with extra protection in mind.

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