The Best LED Masks for Nighttime Fun

Four kids wearing Halloween costumes and colorful LED masks.

Masks are a great accessory to hide our identities and to become someone else during special occasions like Halloween, Mardi Gras, or the Day of the Dead. Depending on the mask’s design, they can be frightening, fun, or practical. With the evolution of technology, now we can enjoy LED masks that light up and feature numerous color options, modes, and designs that make Halloween shopping a lot easier. These awesome masks are perfect for music festivals, parties, and other nighttime gatherings. Here are some fantastic LED masks we recommend.

How to Find the Right LED Mask

When searching for a LED mask that fits your style, consider these factors:

  • Context: The first thing to consider when shopping for a LED mask is the surroundings will you be using your new mask. If you are looking for a fun Halloween mask that you could reuse each year, consider LED masks that have numerous designs and displays. Some masks respond to noise and are perfect for music concerts, while others just cover your nose and mouth and light up with various colors.
  • Design: Once you have figured that out, you should focus on finding a versatile mask that offers numerous features, designs, and plenty of color options. If you plan to wear the mask for an extended period of time, ensure that it has adjustable straps and cushioning to keep your head comfortable.

Best for Halloween: Colplay LED Light-Up Halloween Mask

A person wearing a blue LED mask and a hood.

This frightening yet affordable face mask is made by the folks at Colplay and is available in seven different colors. Its awesome design is inspired by The Purge: Election Year mask and has three light settings: steady brightening, slow flash, and fast flash. Much like other LED masks in this article, it won’t cause eye strain because the design does not include UV lights. The battery pack is connected to the mask and can be kept in your pocket while you trick-or-treat. The face mask itself is also flexible and adjustable, and its ergonomic design makes it a comfortable mask to wear for long periods of time.

Best with Bluetooth: megoo LED mask with Bluetooth

A LED face mask with a heart displayed on the front.

This dynamic LED face mask comes with 45 display modes, 70 static display images, and it can be set to a single color, flash, gradient, smooth, and multi-color feature. It uses a USB-C type for charging and connects to your Bluetooth, so you can decide what design and graphics you want to display from the comfort of your own phone. The mask is adjustable to fit anyone and covers the entire face, making it the perfect mask to wear during cosplay, birthday parties, festivals, carnivals, and Halloween.

Best Face Mask: MJ LED Light-Up Face Mask

Seven different colored face masks.

With a single-button switch, you can turn this ordinary-looking face mask into an accessory that matches your wardrobe. You can select from a black or white base fabric and choose from seven different LED colors to illuminate the mask. The super-wide and comfortable elastic straps can be adjusted to fit anyone’s head. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB cable so you can easily charge it like your phone. The battery is hidden inside the controller, and it will last for up to three hours.

Best Sound-Activated: Gejoy Sound-Activated Light-Up Mask

A woman wearing headphones and an LED mask with a teeth design.

Designed with music lovers in mind, this cool LED face mask is the perfect option if you are looking to show off during music festivals, concerts, and parties. Its rich LED colors light up according to the sound, so the louder the beat, the faster the flashes thrive. The material is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The adjustable adhesive buckle can nicely match your face and head, while its breathable construction makes it suitable for rigorous activity.


A person at a DJ table wearing a Marshmallow mask.

If you are a DJ looking to make a splash during your next show, you should consider this Marshmellow inspired face mask. The mask is lightweight, offers good ventilation and good vision as well, so you can see your turntables in front of you while you DJ. It offers a guide on how to assemble the novelty helmet, and it takes three batteries to operate, which are not included.

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