The Best Laundry Bags

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Buying Guide for Laundry Bags

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Why buy a laundry bag?

It’s tedious enough, washing, drying, and folding laundry with a jam-packed schedule—not to mention hunting down your favorite threads to wash, last-minute, before a night out. Or maybe you’re looking for an easier way to transport laundry back and forth. They’re easy to fill, carry, and store. Many laundry bags offer tons of space while keeping the footprint small and manageable. A quality bag will take massive piles of dirty, unsightly laundry and make them invisible to your guests, keeping your closet and living space free of clutter. Or they can serve as extra storage and luggage, one reason why laundry bags are more flexible and accommodating than old-fashioned plastic laundry baskets.

What should you consider when purchasing a laundry bag?

  • Size: Think about how much laundry you produce. Looking for easy-to-manage storage for smaller loads? There’s a bag for that (some are even small enough to hang in your closet). Or does your laundry take up multiple baskets in several areas? An extra-large laundry bag will help you keep all those clothes, plus bulky items, organized and out of sight.
  • Purpose: Consider your lifestyle and whether you have a washer and dryer at home. If you’re a student in a small apartment, you might spring for a bag with sturdy shoulder straps for easy transport to and from laundry facilities. Other bags are compact and can sturdily stand, or hang, in any homeowner’s laundry room.

Why ditch traditional laundry baskets?

Old-school, plastic baskets offer little flexibility (literally); their stiff construction isn’t the most forgiving, especially if you need to store laundry (or anything else) away in a smaller closet or confined space. Compared to mesh and cloth laundry bags, baskets also don’t promise portability—carrying multiple baskets across the house, or into a laundromat, is inefficient when you can slap a laundry bag on your back and use empty hands to carry another. The bigger your laundry baskets get, the harder it is to maneuver, while laundry bags are easier to manage.

Our Picks for the Best Laundry Bags

Pros:  This set of three, large breathable mesh laundry bags from Plusmart is a great example of quality and value. Each bag is sturdy and roomy, storing two to three loads at a time—multiply that by three, and you have a household laundry solution. Fasten your bag with its strong drawstring and easily squeeze it into tight spaces for more effective storage (i.e., hiding dirty laundry from company), or pick it up and transport using the convenient handle. You can also toss your delicate articles into one of these bags to protect them while washing and drying.

Cons: These may not be super durable for heavy-duty loads of laundry.

Bottom Line: Three for the price of one makes this a fair value for a quality product, as long as you’re mindful of how much you’re loading at a time.


Pros: Stylish and handy, this collapsible laundry bag comes in multiple bright, fun colors. The DOKEHOM bag includes sturdy, aluminum handles with a soft grip and is designed to hold bulky loads, like towels and sheets. Its sturdy construction is made of waterproofed oxford cloth, which allows your new hamper to stand upright, even when it’s empty, making it easy to load and unload clothing. It’s also easy to store and carry, whether from room to room or out the front door. Need something bigger? DOKEHOM offers large and extra-large laundry bags.

Cons: If you want to fold your empty bag for storage or travel, be sure to fold following the exact configuration it was shipped in; this helps ensure it stays folded in storage or transport.

Bottom Line: These colorful, space-saving laundry bags are a great gift for your college freshman or a friend with a new apartment. You keep it hidden in a closet or include it in your funky aesthetic.


Pros: Going places? Bring everything you need in this Dalykate backpack laundry bag. It’s strong enough to hold bulky items, like towels, and stylish enough (with multiple colors and designs) to throw on your back and head to the beach; simply fill and wear its adjustable shoulder straps like a backpack. Its convenient mesh net pocket, with drawstring tie, is ideal storage for detergent, sandals, water, or whatever small items your laundry trip demands. If you need to save even more space, you can hang your bag in your closet or gym locker.

Cons: Because of its dimensions (13x13x29), it can be tricky to load it with clean, folded laundry. A little patience and maneuvering will do the trick.

Bottom Line: This is a top-notch backpack choice. Use it for laundry day or your weekend away—either way, it’ll provide sturdy, roomy storage.


Pros: Every small closet’s dream, this hanging laundry bag by KEEPJOY is a keeper. Its extra-large build, covered in soft, T-shirt material, is ideal for hanging everyday wears, from shirts and sweats to socks and bras. A convenient zipper allows you to load and unload for an easy, quick experience. It includes two different hooks, plastic and stainless steel, to fit any closet or wardrobe space. Looking to store awkward items, like umbrellas or toys? This hanging cloth bag is a great way to maintain and store tons of household items.

Cons: The more you stuff this extra-large laundry bag, the bulkier it gets, which can disrupt the flow of your closet.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a sleek, simple laundry bag that knows its place (which is out of sight), the KEEPJOY hanging bag is a quality bet for any small closet. Hang, fill, wash, repeat.


Pros: Another excellent backpack option in this Azhido on-the-go hamper bag, available in five colors. It’s built extra-large and super strong with premium oxford cloth, reinforced with stitches on all sides for a sturdy experience. An extendable design, and an expandable, wide opening, allows you to adjust your backpack to hold even more laundry at one time, which makes hard-to-handle towels and blankets less work. Plus, you can adjust its backpack straps for the comfiest fit. Your belongings aren’t going anywhere, as this bag is sealed with a drawstring and buckle for extra security.

Cons: Its handy side pocket, designated for laundry detergent, is better suited for smaller containers.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re washing a week’s worth of towels or stripping your bed linens, this portable laundry bag can handle the job. Plus, it can doubles as a nifty travel bag anytime you’re ready to hit the road.


Pros: Keep dirty laundry where it belongs with one of these lighthearted, extra-large laundry bag sets from Fiodrimy. Each bag’s thick, nylon construction features fun, colorful prints, including groovy tie-dye and flamingos. They’re designed tough with durable, double-stitched seams to help prevent any tearing, especially when stuffed with larger items, like plush animals or bedding. Did we mention you can fit up to four loads of laundry? Your new bag also features a locking drawstring to avoid tipping and spilling at the most inconvenient times.

Cons: These laundry bags feel more like plastic than cotton.

Bottom Line: Two, stylish laundry bags with extra space for whatever you need to store, from laundry to toys. Pick your favorite design, add to cart, and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Everyday life can be stressful enough—don’t let dirty clothes add to it. Simplify future laundry days, and overall organization in your home, with any of these top-rated laundry bags that offer more space, better mobility, and easy organization.

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