The Best Kimono Cover-Ups

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Buying Guide for Kimono Cover-Ups

Stylish woman in one-piece bathing suit wearing kimono cover-up.

Why buy kimono cover-ups?

Wearing a kimono cover-up is an easy way to look elegant and stay comfortable while relaxing at the pool, beach, or anywhere else you choose. This style is generally lightweight, easy to slip on and off, and available in various colors, patterns, and lengths. Also, while not replacing your sunscreen, wearing a kimono cover-up while in the sun can offer some additional protection from damaging UV rays.

What should you look for in kimono cover-ups?

  • Fabric: You’ll want to choose a kimono cover-up fabric that’s light, breathable, and fast-drying. Look for chiffon, viscose (rayon), or polyester.
  • Style: Kimono cover-ups often have a bohemian look with an open style that you can tie with a sash. Others are draped over the shoulders or worn like a poncho over the head. When it comes to colors, patterns, sleeve lengths, and sheerness, you’ll have a variety of alternatives. Choose one that reflects your unique style and complements what you’ll wear underneath.
  • Length: You’ll find kimono cover-ups in various lengths, from above the knee to dusting your ankle. The length you choose is based on your preference. Think about factors such as the length you’ll feel most comfortable in and how much of your lower body you want to be protected from the sun.

Can you wear a kimono cover-up with other outfits besides swimwear?

Kimono cover-ups are versatile and can be dressed up to suit almost any occasion. For example, you may want to pair yours with a cute top and your favorite jeans or shorts to grab a quick bite with friends. You could even pair your cover-up with a skirt and pretty sandals for a casual outfit sure to get compliments. Feel free to be creative in getting the best use out of this multifunctional garment.

Our Picks for the Best Kimono Cover-Ups

Pros: You might put a little extra strut in your beach walk after slipping on this long, luxurious kimono cover-up. This alluring kimono has wide, airy sleeves and an open front that can be tied closed with the sash or left open. It’s constructed of a lightweight and comfortable chiffon material and may be worn over a swimsuit, casual clothing, or even a pretty sundress. The kimono is available in an impressive 42 styles in various colors.

Cons: This cover-up is labeled “one size,” so the fit may not be ideal for all shoppers.

Bottom Line: This sheer chiffon kimono cover-up is feminine and flowy, perfect for a day in the sun or a romantic evening stroll in the sand.


Pros: This kimono cardigan is an ideal light cover-up for any outfit. With 3/4-length sleeves and a relaxed shape, you can wear it comfortably in warm weather or layer it with thicker tops when it starts getting cooler. The floral design is appropriate for casual and formal occasions and is available in 32 shades and patterns.

Cons: At hip length, this cover-up may be a bit short for those looking for something flowier.

Bottom Line: You may reach for this cover-up to complement your poolside, beachside, or office attire. If you like showing off your legs, the short style of this whisper-soft piece will allow you to do so.


Pros: This one-size kimono cover-up has an easy open-front layout with side openings. Slip it on over a bathing suit for sun protection during long beach days or as a comfortable and fashionable addition to your casual or dressy wardrobe. This ultralight and airy garment is made of viscose fabric and is available in various vibrant and stylish colors and patterns.

Cons: This piece should be washed by hand only, as the material is very delicate and machine washing can irreparably damage it.

Bottom Line: This sheer bohemian-patterned kimono cover-up makes you look and feel beautiful effortlessly. At 34.5 inches long, it’s a great mid-length drape that can enhance any outfit.


Pros: Can you look elegant and chic in tie-dye? With this long and lovely kimono cover-up, you can. This one-size garment has a long, flowing style that’s perfect for any occasion, whether you wear it open or tied at the waist. The boho flair gives it extra personality, with spacious sleeves and tie-dye printing. Made of rayon, this cover-up is lightweight and breathable while offering sun protection. You can use it as an accessory piece over a basic top and jeans or pair it with swimwear for trips to the beach or pool.

Cons: While the cover-up comes with a tie belt, it’s not attached to the fabric, and there are no belt loops to hold it in place.

Bottom Line: This may be the perfect item to add to your closet if you like a bohemian look and trendy tie-dye designs. This cover-up is also available in bold, solid colors if you want to match it up with something patterned.


Pros: This soft rayon cover-up has a loose shape and comes in several boho-inspired designs, including tie-dye, color-blocked, and abstract shapes and patterns. It also features a breezy open-front layout, making it excellent for providing the sun protection you need while keeping you feeling comfortable and looking fashionable.

Cons: Some of the designs this cover-up comes in don’t have sleeves but rather go over the shoulders more like a shawl.

Bottom Line: You can level up any basic ensemble with this sophisticated piece. Get creative with many available colors and patterns, but remember that some drape over your shoulder shawl-style.

Final Thoughts

Our kimono cover-up recommendations offer more than just a way to feel secure and get sun protection in your swimwear. Pick your favorite, and enjoy having a year-round wardrobe staple (or two or three!) that can spruce up any outfit.

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