The Best Kids’ Watches

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Buying Guide for Kids’ Watches

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Why buy a kids’ watch?

Many kids love to do whatever their favorite grownups do, including wearing a cool watch. Watches can be great tools for kids, too, especially if they love to run and play with neighborhood friends. They’re cheaper and less distracting than smart devices, and they can even help a child learn to tell time the old-fashioned way with a manual clock face. And if your child is an athlete, they may enjoy a fitness watch as much as any adult, especially if they’re competitive! Lastly, watches are great during the school year to help kids keep track of their schedules as they get busier with extracurricular activities.

What should you consider in a kids’ watch?

  • Size: The size of the band should be able to fit your child with room to grow. If you’re getting a watch with an elastic band, it should be snug without strangling the wrist. Also, consider the size of the watch face, so it’s not too bulky that it will weigh down on your child.
  • Technology: When buying a standard watch, consider how much technology you want in that watch. Too many bells and whistles can be distracting for some children.
  • Designs and Characters: Just like grownups, kids love to express themselves. Some kids have their favorite TV or comic book characters they simply can’t get enough of. Others enjoy bright colors and fun designs that aren’t designated to certain characters, so they can hang onto them as trends pass.
  • Analog vs. Digital: If you’re buying a watch to help your child practice or learn to tell time the old-fashioned way, you can find good analog watches. If you want something easy and quick to read, go for a digital watch.

What’s the best age to start teaching kids to tell time?

Experts say that the best time to start teaching children about the clock is age 6. At this point, they can begin to understand the meanings of numbers on an analog clock, and they can also start to grip the importance of being on time for activities, school, and other important events in their lives.

Our Picks for the Best Kids’ Watches

Pros: The best thing about this activity tracking watch is the battery life. You can go up to eight days without having to charge it once! The animated faces are cute and fun, and they keep kids excited about the watch. Plus, it’s waterproof to be more compatible with the adventurous lifestyle of children.

Cons: There may be issues with the band buckle.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a fantastic activity-tracking watch for your kids, this is a must-have. It connects seamlessly with the app on your smart device. And it even tracks sleep patterns, which is a great feature for kids struggling to get adequate sleep.


Pros: A great thing about this watch is how well it fits on most kids, and with the adjustable band and waterproofing, it will last a long time. It features cute designs that kids adore, and it has great features like an alarm, a stopwatch, and even a light.

Cons: The buttons are sensitive, so the watch can accidentally reset with a light touch.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an adorable first watch for your kids, check this one out. It has many bells and whistles that help kids learn responsibility. And it fits comfortably, too.


Pros: If your kiddo loves Paw Patrol, this is the watch for them. We love the packaging that this watch comes in. It matches the watch, and it makes an adorable gift. It’s easy for kids to use, and it even lights up. Plus, the buttons are flat and flush, so they can’t be accidentally jostled by little hands.

Cons: It’s a little big for smaller toddlers, so you may consider replacing or adjusting the band.

Bottom Line: Is your kid obsessed with Paw Patrol like so many others? If so, this is the watch to buy. It’s easy and comfortable to wear.


Pros: This watch is made well, and it fits a toddler’s small wrists without having to poke extra holes in the band. It’s comfortable enough for all-day wear. And it lights up, which little ones love.

Cons: This watch is not water-resistant.

Bottom Line: If your kiddo loves Spider-Man, this will make an excellent gift. It comes in multiple designs to choose from.


Pros: First of all, this watch is very comfortable for all-day wear. Kids love the bright colors and cute patterns available. But best of all, this is an amazing tool for kids learning to read a clock since it’s an analog watch face.

Cons: The plastic screen may scratch easily.

Bottom Line: For an analog watch for kids that’s made by a trusted name in quality wristwatches, check this one out. It’s water-resistant and high-quality.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying a watch for kids, and you’re avoiding spending big bucks on a distracting smartwatch, consider the features you want most. Browse our top picks and find the right one for your kiddo.

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