The Best Jewelry Drawer Organizers

A grey, velvety jewelry drawer organizer is filled with various earrings.

A jewelry drawer organizer is a great solution to disorganized earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, and even random items in a junk drawer. We’ve found different shapes, styles, and sizes of jewelry drawer organizers to work for multiple functions. Check them out!

Buying Guide for Jewelry Drawer Organizers

A black, velvety jewelry drawer organizer holds several silver rings and various luxurious earrings.

Why buy a jewelry drawer organizer?

If you’re tired of digging through old and disorganized jewelry boxes, a jewelry drawer organizer could be a great solution for you. They also make fantastic gifts for the people in your life who love their bling. Jewelry drawer organizers are also great for holding small craft supplies.

What should you consider in a jewelry drawer organizer?

  • Dimensions: It’s very important to measure the spot you plan to put it before purchasing a jewelry drawer organizer to ensure a perfect fit. It’s a real nuisance when drawers get stuck, so try to prevent that by measuring well.
  • Compartments: You want your jewelry drawer organizer to have enough compartments to hold all your items, plus extra room for new jewelry or collectibles down the road. Check that the compartment sizes are right for your needs. If you’re an earring lover, it should have plenty of small compartments. If your favorite accessories are your necklaces, you’ll want enough long, thin compartments to keep your neck candy organized.
  • Materials: Different types of jewelry need different types of security and protection from scratches. If you have delicate watches or bracelets, you may want a soft surface to wrap them around. If you have tons of earrings, you may not want them getting stuck in soft material, so leather, synthetics, or wood may be better. Some people just love the soft feel of a classic velvet-lined jewelry organizer, especially since they’re so great at keeping your jewelry from getting damaged.

What’s the best way to clean and maintain a jewelry drawer organizer?

A trusty can of compressed air will help you get dirt and dust out of the corners of your jewelry organizer. You can also use a dampened cotton swab to give the corners a quick clean. It’s important to keep your organizer clean in order to keep your jewelry free from dust and scratches.

Our Picks for the Best Jewelry Drawer Organizers

Pros: The sections of this jewelry drawer organizer set are adjustable, so you can fit whatever you need inside of them. The design in which the sections are stacked is very secure, so your jewelry won’t slide around in the drawer. It’s small enough to fit inside just about any drawer, yet the many different compartments mean you can fit an impressive amount of accessories.

Cons: This jewelry organizer is not built for travel. The lid is plastic and a bit flimsy.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a jewelry drawer organizer with several sizes of compartments to fit all your favorite accessories, this is a solid choice. The organizer has a luxurious look and feel and makes an excellent gift.


Pros: This jewelry organizer works great for earrings as well as rings. It works beautifully in most drawers, and it can even be mounted on a wall. It’s sturdy and won’t come apart like some cheaper options.

Cons: This is not the best choice for rings with thick bands because a thick band may stretch the nearby compartments as well as the compartment it’s in. There are minor cosmetic flaws in this product, including minor dents and visible glue.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a jewelry organizer for your small jewelry that looks chic and stylish, this is a nice option. The velvety material feels deluxe, especially for the price.


Pros: These trays are lightweight, yet they protect jewelry well. They stack beautifully together without falling apart inside the drawer. They also keep chains from getting tangled.

Cons: This jewelry drawer organizer doesn’t have a protective lid. The material isn’t very plush or expensive-looking. You can’t mix and match tray sizes.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a jewelry drawer organizer that will fit all your favorite earrings, check out this option. The outsides are made of faux leather, which helps to keep them from slipping around in your drawer. These trays can be used in a stack or separately.


Pros: The compartments on this organizer are nice and big to fit your favorite necklaces. They work very well to keep your chains or beads from getting tangled. If you like to wear necklaces every day, this organizer can keep them tidy and shiny.

Cons: The material feels a little flimsy. It doesn’t come with a protective lid.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a jewelry drawer organizer that’s excellent for necklaces, look no further. The long and narrow compartments are ideal for holding necklaces and preventing tangles.


Pros: The compartments in this jewelry organizer do an excellent job of keeping your jewelry separated and untangled. The dividers are removable for flexibility. It’s surprisingly large yet still fits beautifully in most drawers.

Cons: The finish has slight imperfections, including the occasional snag and visible glue. This organizer is not a good choice for travel. The velvet on the exterior of the box can cause it to slide.

Bottom Line: This is a pretty jewelry drawer organizer that can be used as a display. The little pillows look luxurious and expensive, making your jewelry look more pristine.

Final Thoughts

A jewelry drawer organizer is another small thing that can make a huge difference in your organization. Our top picks will help keep your jewelry in pristine condition.

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