The Best Jade Rollers

An African American woman with closed eyes uses a jade roller under her eye.

Have you noticed the rising trend of jade rollers in skin care? Social media is to thank for the awareness surrounding this thousand-year-old skin care tool. It’s so share-worthy because jade, a cross-culturally celebrated mineral, can help drain your lymph nodes and boost blood circulation, reducing skin puffiness and restoring a natural glow. We did the research, and one of these best-selling, 100% jade rollers and gua sha tools could be the missing ingredient in your daily skin and health routines.

Buying Guide for Jade Rollers

A green jade roller and gua sha stone for facial massage and eucalyptus branch on marble background.

Why invest in a jade roller? 

Skin care gurus praise the positive effects of using a jade roller to support drainage, encourage detoxification, and improve puffiness and complexion. They’re a fast, easy, everyday way to reduce signs of natural and environmental aging. Plus, the rolling process is super relaxing—a mini massage for your lovely face. When used in a roller (or a gua sha facial massage tool), jade can also help improve headaches, sinus pain, TMJ effects, and eye strain.

What should you look for before purchasing a jade roller? 

  • Authenticity: The most important thing is ensuring your jade roller is authentic jade. First, check the listing description. Once you’ve bought it, if your roller stone is smooth, reflective, and cool to the touch even shortly after holding it, it’s very likely real. Its coloring can be imperfect but should be consistent with no significant spots or blotches.
  • Design: You’ll likely want a roller with two ends: one larger and one smaller. You should use the larger end of the roller to increase blood circulation and the smaller end to smooth wrinkles and eye bags.

How should you use your new jade roller?

Here are some simple steps you can follow to add a jade roller to your current skin care routine. You can also look up video tutorials for best practices:

Step One: Gently wash your face and neck with your favorite skin cleanser. Then, wash the jade roller with soap and water.

Step Two: Apply your usual skin care products, including serums, eye creams, and lotions. This way, your skin absorbs products with help from the jade roller instead of transferring them onto your pillowcase overnight.

Step Three: Begin! Applying medium pressure, start at the middle of your chin and roll upward and outward toward your ear. Repeat this on your entire face, moving from your chin to your lips, pushing outward. Repeat on each side of your nose, rolling toward your under-eye and temple. Or, if you prefer, you can simply imagine a line down the center of your face—starting at the line, roll up toward your hairline and away from the center. Repeat on the other side.

Step Four: Lastly (and importantly), roll downward along the sides of your face, starting at one of your temples, down to your neck, until you reach your chest. Rolling your neck encourages drainage to travel downward. This helps clear facial lymph nodes and relieve pressure and puffiness.

Our Picks for the Best Jade Rollers

Pros: This jade-green favorite by ROSELYNBOUTIQUE is an easy-to-use set for younger and older alike. Its classic, naturally colored stone wheels are set off by beautiful faux-gold finishes, adding a luxurious feel to everyday skin care. It was created for non-squeaky rolling using rubber to absorb sounds for a silent experience, so feel free to move your skin care routine into your comfy bed without disturbing anyone.

Cons: Use your green-jade roller carefully; it’s strong enough to apply needed pressure but fragile enough to break if dropped.

Bottom Line: This roller provides a classic way to start or end your long day with a relaxing, productive facial roll. Place it in the freezer, apply your favorite products, and enjoy a squeak-free rolling session.


Pros: Get multiple solutions at an excellent cost! For the same price as many two-in-one sets, Kimkoo sends you a gorgeous, light-green jade roller and gua sha tool, plus a ridged roller for extra-deep stimulation to promote circulation and overall skin health. You can use our instructions or follow the ones included with your new roller set. It also includes a gift box with sponge protection in case you need to snag a few extras and store them for the holidays.

Cons: Like other models, this jade roller is relatively fragile, so keep away from young children and contact the company if damaged.

Bottom Line: If you’re more experienced with jade rolling, the extra ridged tool might be the perfect way to step up your current routine. For the value, it’s also a great gift for skin care gurus in your family and friend groups.


Pros: Don’t you feel classy just looking at this black and gold jade roller? It’s a quality buy at an exceptional price, with each separate piece securely connected by gold-zinc alloy. The entire set is designed to silently and seamlessly go with the flow of your face and neck with sturdy, consistent strokes. And you won’t experience hand pain with its compact, ergonomic handle. Just apply facial oil or product, and roll away signs of aging.

Cons: The gua sha tool is thinner than competing versions, so you may have to apply less pressure.

Bottom Line: Get a darker, classy take on the beautiful jade stone with this 100% natural black jade roller.


Pros: Here’s the ultimate combo: a natural jade roller, a gua sha tool, a countertop stand, and a gift box. The price is higher, but all the extras you receive are worth it. This set from Beauty & Wishes is well designed with a conveniently curved handle and heavier, as it’s crafted from genuine Brazilian jade stone. It includes a nifty, clear stand for easy and attractive storage in your bathroom, dressing room, or wherever you unwind for some self-love. Or, you can store it in its original, synthetic-silk-lined box, which is also perfect for gifting.

Cons: Though it arrives with instructions, they’re pretty vague, so you may want to supplement with some research.

Bottom Line: If you’re willing to spend a few dollars more, you won’t regret investing in your new Beauty & Wishes roller set. You won’t have to worry about uncomfortable handles, storage, or noisy, wobbly rolling.


Pros: This jade roller set by Deciniee is authentic and includes a matching gua sha massage tool for a nice beginning to your rolling journey. It also includes a darling gift box, so you can easily share the love by helping friends and family start their journey. With no added chemicals or irritants, the roller and stone are a safe, gentle way to relieve facial pressure, smooth fine lines, and leave you feeling refreshed and inflammation-free. It’s silent in use and fits right in the palm of your hand.

Cons: The set doesn’t include specific, step-by-step directions, so feel free to use the steps we’ve provided.

Bottom Line: This is a dainty, effective roller perfect for beginners! With the included massage stone, you (or your loved ones) will be on the way to a more well-rounded, detoxifying skin care routine.

Final Thoughts

Ready to get your roll on? Choose from any of these top-rated jade roller kits, depending on your specific skin care routine, and enjoy the lasting effects of consistent, gentle rolling: better blood circulation, brighter complexion, pain relief, and more.

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