The Best High-Waisted White Jeans

A woman wears a pair of white high-waisted jeans, a long jacket, a belt, and nude heels.

High-waisted jeans have been revived as a beloved fit for the recent decade, and for good reason.  While blue denim is the standard, white high-waisted jeans are a great addition to your closet because they can balance colorful tops and patterns without taking away from the overall look. Expand your style beyond the basics with the help of a white pair of high-waisted jeans.

Buying Guide for High-Waisted White Jeans

A woman in a pair of white jeans and a printed jacket sits on a wooden bench in a park.

Why should you buy high-waisted white jeans?

The high fit of this jean cut is appealing to a wide range of people because it hugs curves and helps to create shape in your outfits. The white color makes it easy to pair with bold colors, unique patterns, or fun textures. Where blue jeans can sometimes feel too casual, white jeans bring an element of luxury (as it is certainly a luxury to wear an item that can be so easily tarnished) to your overall look.

What should you consider in high-waisted white jeans?

  • Fabric Opacity: White fabric is notorious for its see-through qualities, so it’s important to factor in the quality of the jeans to ensure that your undergarments can’t be seen while you are wearing the item. Items advertising their stretch are more likely to have issues with opacity, while white jeans made of stiffer fabric are less likely to show your underwear.
  • Fabric Stretch: It’s difficult to find your perfect fit, especially when online shopping. If you want the added wiggle room, avoid items with high percentages of cotton. Nylon or polyester will provide the stretch you need to slip into your jeans. Blended fabrics are ideal for creating a balance between structure and flexibility.
  • Comfort: Traditional denim can feel restricting due to the stiffness of the fabric but is great for holding unique cuts. If you want a style that requires this, go for a pair of white jeans that has more room in the leg, such as a straight or wide-leg cut. These designs will feel a bit less constricting on your body. Jeans with stretchy fabric can have a slimmer cut without causing you irritation as the fabric moves with your body.

What fit is best for you?

While style is subjective to your preferences, it can help to narrow your search by a fit that will flatter your body and make you feel comfortable. If your goal is to balance out your body proportions, white jeans with wider leg openings are great for those looking to focus on lengthening the look of their legs and lower body. But style is all about what you like best on your body, so explore jeans outside of the “fashion rules” to find something you truly love to wear.

Our Picks for the Best High-Waisted White Jeans

Pros: These jeans were created to hug every curve of your body with the ultra-stretch fabric featuring a spandex blend. The inseam reaches 30.5 inches, meeting your waist at the top of your hips for the perfect high-waisted look. Its slim design has a zip fly closure, belt loops, and five pockets. The garment is machine washable, so if the beautiful white color happens to get disturbed, you can bring back these jeans to their vivid color.

Cons: The back pockets of these jeans are not adjusted based on the size of your order, so the placement of them could seem off for those getting larger sizes. Additionally, the stretch of the fabric has made the jeans slightly see-through.

Bottom Line: If the comfort of flexible fabric is high up on your list of wants, these jeans have made that a priority. Add in the ultra-slim cut, and these jeans are the ideal option for showing off your curves.


Pros: You don’t need to throw on acid prints or gogo boots to add some 1970s flair to your wardrobe. These bell bottom jeans give you that full look around the ankles as a call back to that era. The two knee rips and distressed hem add some edge to the overall design, making it suit modern styles. These pants are meant to keep you comfortable and fashionable with the stretch waistband, flexible fabric, and zipper-free feature. These design choices make these pants ideal for throwing on quickly while making a statement.

Cons: The size options aren’t numerical, giving you fewer options and making it more difficult to discern what size is best for your body. The added fabric at the ends of the legs will likely be too long for women under 5 feet, 4 inches tall.

Bottom Line: Easily slip into the style of another decade with these super-stretchy jeans. If you are looking to add some drama to your outfit, the large flare of these jeans will catch almost everyone’s attention.


Pros: White jeans come in various shapes and fabrics, and these Levi’s jeans are available to add variety to your closet. The mid-stretch denim is made of 92% cotton, 6% polyester, and 2% elastane to create a sturdy pair of jeans that give you just enough wiggle room to easily slide them on. The fit is slim through the hip and thigh and ends in a skinny leg to great a slimming look. The 10-inch front rise is meant to sit above the waist, creating the high rise. This style is more casual with the knee rip and rough hems, making it the ideal pair to wear on a daily basis.

Cons: The ankle jean length is shorter than the traditional jeans seam, so those with long legs or tall figures might not enjoy where the jeans hit their calves. Also, the fabric makes it difficult to open the front pockets.

Bottom Line: The sturdy fabric of these jeans offer structure and opacity rather than a stretchy fit. The length is better for average and petite heights, but they have the quality of jeans you will want to throw on with almost every outfit.


Pros: These jeans forgo the bells and whistles of the other designs to focus on a classic shape that is great for the office or a night out. Made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane, this is one of the stiffer materials on this list. However, that helps to maintain the tapered structure. These jeans are also great for people of almost all heights as you can select from three different inseam lengths: 33, 31, and 29 inches long. They also feature the traditional features of four pockets, belt loops, and a zipper fly.

Cons: While the jeans should tighten slightly below the knee, some say that the style resembles a straight-cut jean style rather than the tapered. Additionally, the sizing can vary greatly depending on your body type.

Bottom Line: The soft taper of these jeans is a fit that finds the happy medium between straight legs and skinny jeans. The design is great for mixing up your look in more formal settings.


Pros: This pair of high-waisted jeans supports your hips and butt while giving you a fashionable edge. The distressed cuts and rough hem create a bold look that is great for going out on the town. The material is made up of 85% cotton and 15% polyester, making them hug your body without too much stretch. The fabric helps create the “butt lift” that highlights your figure to make you feel confident in your outfit.

Cons: The added stretch of these jeans can make the legs baggy depending on your body type and the size you selected. The various distressed holes also make these jeans difficult to put on as your foot might catch or go through the openings.

Bottom Line: With the cut of these high-waisted white jeans, your look will go from plain to bold in seconds. While the distressing isn’t for every person, their design can add the edge to your outfit for your next night out.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen the wide array of options available for high-waisted white jeans, it should be evident that the color isn’t as limiting as you might think. While the bright white isn’t ideal for messy wearers, it can add emphasis to almost any outfit, including office wear and party outfits. No matter what fit or style you prefer, a reliable pair of high-waisted white jeans is a great addition to your wardrobe.

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