The Best Head Scarves

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Head scarves were once relegated to covering your hair for housework or as a strictly at-home solution to bad hair days or style prep. They’ve now become a fashionable way to show your style when you’re outside too. Whether you rock your head scarf like a turban or love the tied-back look that rose to prominence in the ’60s and ’70s, a good head scarf will always be in fashion. And these are the best head scarves to add to your accessories collection.

Buying Guide for Head Scarves

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Why buy a head scarf?

Head scarves have come a long way from their original uses. Once limited to pirates and cleaning the house, head scarves are now a fashion statement available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and patterns. They’re a great way to accent an outfit and can even pull double duty to help you look put together on days where you might not want to do much with your hair.

What should you consider when buying a head scarf?

  • Style: Head scarves are not a one-size-fits-all affair. You can find scarves that look more like thin strips of fabric and could double as a belt. But alternatively, you can find versions that are large squares, allowing you to create a variety of styles from tie-backs to turbans. And finally, you can opt for pre-styled scarves that have already been designed to be permanently styled a certain way.
  • Material: Head scarves come in a wide range of materials, from silky options made from natural and synthetic fibers to classic cotton fiber oversized handkerchiefs. However, if you’re using a head scarf as part of a protective style, opt for silkier material as it won’t pull moisture out of your hair.
  • Size: Head scarves are usually larger to accommodate a range of head circumferences. But it’s also possible to find smaller options that are intended to be used as headbands rather than whole-head coverings.
  • Colors and Prints: When it comes to designs or colors, the possibilities are pretty much endless, and your only limitation will be your imagination. Consider if you want a scarf that goes with everything or if you want to invest in different colors or prints so that you can treat them like accessories.

How do you wear a head scarf?

This question comes down to preference. Some people love the idea of a head scarf worn as a turban, while others might want to wear it as a headband or even as a simple tie-back style worn over a sleek ponytail or low bun. And you technically don’t have to wear a head scarf on your head. Some are large enough to turn into a top or a sarong! And you can make them into cute neck scarves, too.

Our Picks for the Best Head Scarves

Pros: If you’re just getting into the idea of head scarves as a fashion statement, then it’s a good idea to focus on multi-piece sets that allow you to stock up without breaking the bank. This four-piece set of silky scarves offers a wide range of colorways and patterns that will pretty much go with anything from casual fits to more fashion-forward ensembles.

Cons: If you’re not a fan of synthetic fibers, be aware that this is “silk-like” and not actually silk. It’s made from synthetic satin. And while 35 inches is sufficient for simple tie-back styles, you may find that this might not be enough fabric if you prefer a turban tie.

Bottom Line: Here’s a good starter set of satin scarves that’s perfect for casual days. But synthetic fibers and a size that might limit your creations may make this a tough sell for some shoppers.


Pros: Turbans are in. All you have to do is scroll through Instagram and TikTok, and you’ll see that everyone is rocking them. If you love the idea of turbans and aren’t opposed to a DIY approach, this head wrap from Homelex is a solid choice. With a wide range of colors and prints, this scarf measures 69 inches long and 32 inches wide, giving you plenty of length to create the perfect turban design.

Cons: If you’re not comfortable with creating turbans from scratch, this might be an intimidating pick for you. Likewise, if you’re looking for the satin-lined turbans that are all the rage these days, this isn’t it. So, while it can be a protective style, be aware that jersey knit still has a tendency to pull moisture out of your hair.

Bottom Line: If you love the look of a turban and have been frustrated with more traditional scarves that lack the length to let you create them, this extended size scarf is a smart investment. But if your turban-making skills aren’t up to par, or you’re looking for something a bit more protective, this particular scarf might not be a smart choice.


Pros: Let’s face it; not everyone is a pro at creating turbans or tying a head scarf like an expert. So, these pre-tied options are a great alternative that won’t force that demographic to miss out. These soft cotton scarves are designed with elastic sewn into the back so that they can easily fit a wide range of head sizes. And the three-pack gives you some variety.

Cons: Because they’re pre-tied, you don’t get much variety on how you can wear them. This may not be a big issue for some people, but the limited style options can be a turn-off for some people.

Bottom Line: If you’re the type who struggles to tie knots or create turbans, this pre-tied scarf is a solid choice with a wide range of colorways. The fact that it comes in an economical three-pack makes it an attractive option as well.


Pros: Versatility and a wide range of color choices combine in this simple head scarf. This scarf is large enough to be worn tied back, around your neck, and in many other ways. This silk-like scarf is available in several solid hues.

Cons: While pretty, this is not a multi-pack solution. You’ll only be purchasing one scarf, which might be a deal-breaker for anyone looking to get the most value for their money.

Bottom Line: If you want a simple scarf that’s versatile while still being affordable, this silky scarf is a solid choice that can be worn in so many ways. But the fact that it’s not a multi-pack means that you might not see it as competitive when compared to other product offerings.


Pros: Florals and paisleys are timeless patterns. This two-pack set of patterned head scarves will work across generations. It can double as a headband or be tied around the neck for a sophisticated accent.

Cons: If you’re hoping for a turban style, you should look elsewhere. The smaller 24-inch square dimensions will make this a tight fit for many people. Meanwhile, those seeking a more modern look may feel that the classic florals and paisleys feel too dated or stuffy.

Bottom Line: If you’re shopping for timeless and elegant scarves, these patterns will stand the test of time. However, the smaller dimensions will limit your styling options some.

Final Thoughts

Head scarves are something that every fashionista needs in their accessories arsenal. They can help tie a look together and give the impression that you put far more effort into your look than you actually did.

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