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Buying Guide for Hairpins

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Why buy hairpins?

Hairpins are widely loved for their versatility and convenience in creating and containing many different hairstyles. Some are simple, while others are fancy and intricate. Some are wide, and others are tight. Whatever the hairstyle you’re going for, you can find some nice hairpins to complete the look.

What should you consider when buying hairpins?

  • Hair Thickness: Different types of hairpins are made for different types of hair. When looking for hairpins, ensure they work with the thickness of your hair. For example, small, delicate pins with tight fittings will work best for thin or fine hair, while larger pins and clips will work better with thicker hair or textured hair.
  • Pin Style: If you’re looking for pins that can be hidden in your hair, bobby pins are the way to go. They’re the pin of choice for dancers, for pinning wigs in place, and for most everyday updos. However, if you want to spice things up for a special outing, there are tons of stylish options to make more of a statement with texture, sparkle, and color.
  • Pin Size: Size fits with your hair thickness, this is true, but the size of the pin can also be about the style you’re trying to create. A large pin, such as a French hair fork, will work magic creating buns and twisty updos. On the other hand, simple slide-on pins are better for taming bangs or keeping stray hairs in check.

How do you style your hair with hairpins?

When it comes to styling your hair with hairpins, the sky’s the limit. If you choose bobby pins or similar type pins, you can layer and crisscross them to create fun street styles or add an edgy touch to an updo. Frech hairpins are made to hold larger amounts of hair. They’re meant to be seen and can either hold the hair in place or be added as an accessory to a messy bun. There are tons of fun TikToks and YouTube video tutorials from style experts to give you inspiration too.

Our Picks for the Best Hairpins

Pros: These hairpins are great for keeping flyaways secure. They’re also comfortable and easy to use. But the best part is that you get a ton of bang for your buck with these sweet little bobby pins.

Cons: Bobby pins are easy to lose and easy to bend out of shape.

Bottom Line: If you want to hide your hairpins in your hair or create a new stylish statement, these hairpins may be just what you need. They’re a great value for the dollar because you get a lot in each pack. And they’re comfortable enough for adults and children alike.


Pros: We love that these French hair forks are lightweight but sturdy. They’re designed with smooth edges that glide in comfortably without pulling on your hair. All in all, they’re great for thick or very long hair.

Cons: The photographs depict a much longer fork.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for cute and comfortable hairpins for very long or thick hair, these may be a great option for you. They have a simple design that’s easy to use, and they help you to create fantastic updos.


Pros: One thing we love about these hair clips is how well they stay in place. You can create fun styles with them, especially since they have chic designs, and you know they won’t fall out. The golden finish is well-made and won’t rub off or fade. Plus, they add some visual interest without being too fancy for everyday wear.

Cons: These pins can be hard to open, so they’re not a good choice for people with dexterity issues.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a variety pack of golden-colored hairpins, look no further. They stay in place better than a standard bobby pin and elevate your style.


Pros: These lovely French hairpins have a ton of detail in the small stones and the swirls of bright color. They have a nice vintage look that’s perfect for events or photo-ready hairstyles. Plus, they’re sturdy, so they won’t come out and don’t break easily. They’re convenient one-piece solutions to doing your hair.

Cons: You may lose a rhinestone or two over time.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a truly elegant yet simple hair accessory, these French-style hairpins may be just the ticket. They’re super chic and work well in several types of hair.


Pros: These hairpins are easy to use, so they’re perfect for teens who want to dress up a simple outfit or do their own hair for a school dance. They bend easily, so they can be woven into braids or buns. And compared to other similar products, these are a fantastic value.

Cons: For some people, these did not hold the hair as well as traditional bobby pins.

Bottom Line: Do you need to dress up your hair for a special event? These may be the best hairpins for you. They’re small but sophisticated and make a statement without overpowering your hair.

Final Thoughts

Hairpins are great for creating fun and elegant styles in nearly all hair types. Check out our top picks to find something new for your hair.

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