The Best Hair Mousses

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Buying Guide for Hair Mousses

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Why buy hair mousse?

Hair mousse is a versatile, foam-like hair product that has incredible benefits if used correctly. It is mainly used to add more texture, bounce, and hold to your hair without leaving build-up or stiffness. What’s even better is that you can layer it with other products like sea-salt spray for a beach wavy style or with rollers to create a voluminous look. Depending on the product, it may also help to treat and protect your hair from heat and humidity while also giving your hair more shine.

What should you look for in a hair mousse?

  • Hair Type: Although hair mousse can be used on all hair, you’ll find some that are made for a particular hair type: wavy, curly, fine, thick, dry, etc. For example, a hair mousse with a lightweight formula made for straighter, fine hair may underperform on curly, thick hair. Think about what category your hair would go under to fully enjoy the tailored benefits of the product.
  • Ingredients: The number one ingredient you should be sure your hair mousse does not have is alcohol—it can dry out your hair, making it super brittle and damaging it in the long run. If you’re wanting more nourishment, ingredients like rose water, fruit extracts, and neem oil are key to look out for.
  • Staying Power/Benefits: Be sure that your hair mousse can hold the texture and volume that it claims, especially if you need it to perform all day or in the humidity. Other benefits you’ll want to consider are if it redefines curls, provides shine and softness, can smooth out any frizziness, protects your hair from heat, and has a pleasant scent or no scent at all.

How should you apply a hair mousse?

The first thing to keep in mind is to always use hair mousse on clean hair; that way, the possibility for build-up is slim to none. For the best results, you’ll want to apply the mousse straight to the roots when your hair is damp. Then, take about a golf ball-sized amount in your hand and start adding it to the hair from the neck down (if you have long hair). You can then add a bit more to the crown of your head and massage the rest into your scalp and roots. Once you’re done, give your hair a brush and allow it to air dry or blow it dry. You can then style it with a flat iron or curling iron, shaking it out at the end for a more tousled look.

Our Picks for the Best Hair Mousses

Pros: For those moments you need to slick down the flyaways and redefine your curls, this mousse from SheaMoisture will come to the rescue. This volumizing formula is enriched with shea butter to provide shine and softness along with a hibiscus scent that will leave you wanting more. Instead of weighing your curls down or making them dry and crunchy, this formula will enhance their natural shape and volume without residue. Last but not least, you won’t find any parabens, sulfates, silicone, or mineral oil, making it safe and clean to apply.

Cons: This product may be too lightweight for heavy-duty, thick curls.

Bottom Line: If you find yourself with unruly curls that seem impossible to smooth down, this curl mousse from SheaMoisture may do the trick. You’ll be left with more definition and shine than you started with.


Pros: Your hair has probably seen better days, especially if it’s constantly being colored, curled, and under heat. With the OGX creamy mousse, those days are long gone. The formula is part foam and part cream, providing the perfect combination of hold and hydration. It’s also infused with shea butter and coconut oil blend to soften the frizz and revive your curls with shine and full bounce.

Cons: For some, this mousse may leave your hair feeling wet and crunchy.

Bottom Line: Hydration and moisture are essential to having refined curls—and that’s what you’ll get in this OGX mousse. You’ll have smoother, fuller tendrils that smell as good as they look in just a matter of minutes.


Pros: If those lifeless strands of hair are not willing to budge, kick it up a notch with this volumizing hair mousse from Kenra. It’s formulated to keep your hair feeling lightweight with a firm hold while giving you full control to style it the way you want. Just shake the bottle and apply it to damp hair. As a result, you’ll be left with a head full of shiny, bouncy hair that has reached maximum body. It’s alcohol-free with thermal protection and resistance to humidity.

Cons: This product may cause static with your hair when being used.

Bottom Line: Sometimes, your hair may call for a complete makeover, and that’s when you’ll be happy you chose this mousse packed with a defensive, rich formula to bring your hair back to full health. Whether you’re going for a glam blowout style or taming the frizz, this is the one versatile tool you need.


Pros: Are you frustrated with slippery strands coming undone from a ponytail? Or maybe you can’t get your curls to hold for longer than a few hours. Thankfully, the Aussie Headstrong Volume Mousse may be a solid solution. It’s infused with bamboo and Australian Kakadu plum to provide full shine, volume, and body for up 24 hours. You’ll receive three 6-ounce cans, each ready to plump up fine strands while standing against humidity.

Cons: While it may defy gravity by enhancing the volume of your hair, its possible shine and softness will be compromised.

Bottom Line: Protect and restore your almost flat-lined hair with this refreshing mousse from Aussie. It’s a simply made, tropical-scented formula that can take your tendrils from basic to bouncy in an instant.


Pros: When you’re just beginning to use hair products, it can sometimes be an intimidating process. However, with this sculpting hair foam from Paul Mitchell, you have total control with a buildable, easy-to-use formula. Just shake the product and spray upside down. Massage and distribute the foam throughout your hair, and style it as you want with the added volume and thickness. It’s vegan, made with zero parabens, and scented with a light citrus smell.

Cons: The consistency is more liquid than foam.

Bottom Line: Bump up the volume and thickness with this extra-body hair mousse specifically geared toward those with finer, thinner hair. Its quality yet simple formula makes it an easy step to add to your hairstyling routine.

Final Thoughts

Put down the hairspray, texturizer spray, and moisturizing creams and replace them with the one-step use of a hair mousse that can provide texture, definition, and style. Its versatility and benefits will leave your hair feeling instantly refreshed while taking out any frustration in the process.

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