The Best Hair Gel Is Slightly X-Rated

Google “cock grease.” Don’t worry, you probably won’t get fired. Instead, you’ll find pages of results for a cult hair gel loved by editorial hairstylist Sam McKnight. Backstage today at Balmain, McKnight explained that a mysterious gel called Cock Grease was key to achieving the strong, slicked-back, Peter Lindbergh–like hairdos.

“Hot grease?” I asked, envisioning a pan of bacon grease that collects after a breakfast buffet.

“No, Cock Grease!” McKnight exclaimed, brandishing a tub of the product.

A strong water-based pomade that washes easily out of hair, it works particularly well at adding smoothness and sleekness to curls (it’s also usable for other textures, but might be a little strong). Although it looks grainy in the tub, it goes sleekly into the hands.

And get your mind out of the gutter — it’s not named after that kind of “hair gel.” According to the Cock Grease Inc.’s website (“Keep It Up All Day!” is its slogan), the product’s name is inspired by the rigid “pompadours” of roosters. Sure it is.

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