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Buying Guide for Hair Chalk

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Why buy hair chalk?

Hair chalk is a safe and temporary option to add bright and vibrant colors to your hair. Kids love hair chalk because they can achieve the salon looks of their favorite stars, and parents love hair chalk because they don’t have to spend a lot or use damaging chemicals to make their little ones smile. Hair chalk is also great for adults as it can be a fantastic tool for cosplayers, costume makers, and makeup artists.

What should you consider when buying hair chalk?

  • Application Type: Chalk doesn’t have to be messy. Chalk markers, combs, and compacts allow you to apply colorful hair chalk without making your hands look like a rainbow has exploded on them. Combs help you apply hair chalk without having to use foil or cardboard to secure the hair, and markers help you use chalks without getting messy dust everywhere.
  • Uses Per Package: How much bang are you getting for your buck? Some hair chalk applicators can last for more than 50 uses, while others can only be used a handful of times. If you’re looking to stretch your budget, consider the number of uses per applicator, particularly if you lean toward a favorite color.
  • Portability: For makeup artists, party planners, or kids who love to hang with their friends, it’s much more convenient to have hair chalks that can travel. Compacts and carry cases make it easier to tote your favorite temporary hair colors.

How long does hair chalk last in your hair?

This all depends on the type of hair chalk you choose. Liquid hair chalk will usually last from two to ten washes, and the way you remove it is just by washing your hair normally. If you need to speed up the removal process, you can opt for a hair oil before shampooing and conditioning, breaking up the chalk, and removing it quickly. A hair chalk compact will last one to three washes, and depending on how light your hair is, it may wash out pretty quickly and easily. It may take a few more washes if you’re blonde to get it entirely out. A hair chalk stick will last around two to four washes and can be washed out normally. Lastly, hair chalk spray is probably the easiest to use and makes for easy removal by a few washes.

Our Picks for the Best Hair Chalk

Pros: This set of chalk pens comes in ten vibrant colors and can last up to 80 applications. They are made of safe ingredients and can be used as face paint. They are super easy to remove from the skin and hair, giving you flexibility in your look. To top it off, these pens shouldn’t stain your hair or rub off on any fabric.

Cons: Some of the colors may not show up on dark hair. Plus, it has a little bit of a waxy feel.

Bottom Line: Are you ready to brighten up your hair? These hair chalk pens are a fantastic option, delivering great color payout.


Pros: Once you dampen the comb applicators, they’re easy to use and glide seamlessly onto the hair. The six hues are thick and bright, nicely covering even the darkest strands with vibrant color. These chalks are hypoallergenic, water-soluble, and environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about putting them anywhere. Last but not least, these wash out easily with one shampoo.

Cons: These hair chalk combs have an odor to them.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for hair chalk that’s hands-free and easy to apply, these colorful combs may be what you need. The colors work beautifully on any hair type, and this set makes an excellent gift for all ages.


Pros: This hair chalk kit is perfect for all parties as it’s packed with 12 colors and bright metallics. It comes with various hair accessories such as beads, a beading tool, and hair elastics. A storage case is included to take everything with you as you travel to your next cosplay event or slumber party.

Cons: It takes a bit of effort to adhere the colors to the hair.

Bottom Line: If you tend to lose or misplace things, this hair chalk kit with a built-in carrying case may be a good option for you. Its portability makes it great for parties or festivals. Plus, who doesn’t love glitter?


Pros: The six colors in this pack are so thick and bright that they work marvelously for dark hair. The compact allows you to add color to the hair with less mess than other methods when used properly. If anything happens to the product in transit, the company will replace it.

Cons: While this method is less messy, the compacts may pull or tear the hair.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for hair chalk that is travel-friendly and can be applied with little effort, these compacts may be a great option. They’re great for kids because they can use them with little help.


Pros: For one thing, these premium hair chalks have excellent color saturation. But they also wash out easily, so you can get back to your natural self the next day. And since the application process is simple and relatively mess-free, they’re great for kids.

Cons: These chalks are difficult to apply to textured hair.

Bottom Line: If you love amping up your style effortlessly, these easy-to-use hair chalks may be an excellent selection. They color better than traditional hair chalks and are without dust.

Final Thoughts

Express your inner creativity and fun style by amping up your hair with hair chalk. It comes in various forms to make it an easy process while also controlling how much or little you want to change things up. With all the colors offered and the temporary nature of chalk, you have plenty of freedom to create the look you want.

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