The Best Hair Bows

Little girl poses with flowers and bow in her hair.

Buying Guide for Hair Bows

Little girl sitting in chair with a light-pink hair bow.

Why buy hair bows?

One delightful aspect of dressing girls is accessorizing with just the right embellishments, such as hair bows and ribbons. Putting a cute hair bow on your newborn girl’s head might help keep people from awkwardly asking if the infant is a boy or girl. When your little girl starts school, wearing some favorite hair bows that go with her clothes or the school’s colors might also be enjoyable for her. If it’s picture day, accessorizing her outfit with the ideal hair bow will pull everything together.

What should you look for in hair bows?

  • Hair Health: Hair bows with deep, metal teeth that pull may damage your child’s hair and scalp. You may want to choose covered elastic bands and clips made especially for kids. 
  • Durability: Fancier hair bows may be made of delicate material that may deteriorate prematurely if used regularly. For daily hair bows, choose materials that will hold up. You’ll see a durable material called grosgrain ribbon, a versatile, sturdy material with textured ridges.
  • Size: Hair bows are available in a range of sizes. Large bows are best worn alone, where they’ll stand out and make a statement. Smaller bows can look lovely worn in multiples.
  • Style: You’ll likely want to get hair bows in various colors and designs. It may be a good idea to be sure you have some that match your child’s outfits and some in her favorite colors and patterns. You’ll also want to have neutral colors like black and white on hand.

Are hair bows safe for babies?

Baby hair bows are generally safe, but you must exercise caution. You’ll need to watch carefully to be sure your baby can’t remove the bow and put it in her mouth, as it may pose a choking hazard. Most importantly, always remove them before placing your infant in her crib to sleep. If you choose headband-style bows, be sure they’re not too tight to cause discomfort or leave a mark on the baby’s head. However, you don’t want a loose headband since it can slip around the infant’s neck.

Our Picks for the Best Hair Bows

Pros: These adorable 3-inch mermaid scale printed hair bows for girls have heat-sealed ends to prevent fraying and are made of high-quality grosgrain ribbon. They include connected alligator hair clips for a secure grip. The 130-piece set also includes solid colors along with the mermaid scale variety.

Cons: Out of the 130 bows, a few may break where the bow and clip connect. Although this is rare, it may be best not to use these with very small children.

Bottom Line: This set is excellent for those who want a wide variety of bows at a good value. With 65 different colors, you can have bows to match all your little lady’s outfits. Keep an eye out for any loosening where the bow and clip are attached.


Pros: These supercute 4.5-inch bows come in pairs of 20 colors each, so you’ll have no problem finding a match for each day’s outfits. The hair bow is fastened to an alligator clip, and all ends have been heat-sealed to prevent unraveling. These handcrafted bows are constructed from durable grosgrain ribbon.

Cons: Since these bows are handmade, some elements may not be perfectly uniform. For example, the bow may not be tied as tightly on some pieces.

Bottom Line: Your little cutie will be even cuter with these adorable bows. In addition to the 4.5-inch 40-pack set, these also come in 3- and 6-inch sizes.


Pros: Let’s start by settling the big issue regarding anything with glitter—the glitter does not fall off. These sparkling hair bows come in a set of six, each a different color. The handmade bows are 5 inches wide and feature an alligator hair clip to attach to the hair.

Cons: The alligator clip may not attach securely on very fine hair and may be prone to sliding due to the bow’s weight.

Bottom Line: With these bows, you and your pretty princess can enjoy the look of shimmering glitter without it getting all over everything. The set of 6 comes at a good value and in colors that can complement your girl’s daily wear or school uniform.


Pros: These darling baby hair bows are made with grosgrain ribbon and attached to metal-free clips that are fully lined with a no-slip interior. The set comes with 25 pairs of bows in assorted vibrant colors for 50 total pieces. At 2 inches each, they are the perfect size for babies and toddlers.

Cons: Some glue may be visible on some bows where the bow is hot glued to the clasp.

Bottom Line: Increase the ‘Awws!’ your baby girl gets with these hair bows. Along with being cute, they’re also functional by helping keep her growing hair out of her face and eyes.


Pros: If you think big hair bows went out of style in the ’90s, think again. These silky bows are stylish and can dress up any lady’s look. They are eye-catching, at 7.5 inches wide and 13 inches long. The bows come in a set of two, one black and one white.

Cons: Those with thinner hair may have to reinforce the hold on the clip, perhaps by winding the hair around it since there are no teeth on the clasp.

Bottom Line: Add some sass to that simple ponytail with this large, lovely hair bow. In addition to the black and white set, these bows come in eight other color combinations.

Final Thoughts

Hair bows are the perfect accessory for girly girls of all ages. With the wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes available, you never have to get bored with your or your little one’s look. Our hair bow recommendations are cute, colorful, and cost-effective, so you can be sure to find a great option for your favorite girl.

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