The Best Gold Charms for Jewelry Making

Fashion bracelet with decorative silver and gold charms background.

Buying Guide for Gold Charms for Jewelry Making

A golden charm bracelet with a variety of gold charm pieces attached.

Why buy a gold charm?

Adding a gold charm to jewelry is a wonderful way to show off your style. It’s a popular choice to mix with other jewelry mediums such as polymer clay jewelry. The types of gold charms seem almost endless and can be personalized to the person making or buying the jewelry. Gold charms are typically gold-plated and can be an excellent option for making earrings, charm bracelets, and even necklaces. From likes to interests, momentous occasions, and even four-legged family members, there are a lot of charm styles available. Consider keeping your charms or completed pieces in jewelry organizers.

What should you consider in a gold charm?

  • Durability: Consider choosing charms that are made with high-quality metals so they will not fade or break easily. Gold-plated is a standard option.
  • Size: Charms come in various sizes, so make sure the charms you pick are the right size for your project.
  • Style: Keep in mind the style of jewelry you’re making and if the charms fit in with your project.
  • Additional Pieces: Some charms feature other materials such as Swarovski crystals, gems, glitter, and even enamel. If you want your jewelry to stand out from the crowd, these make great choices.

What should you know about gold plating?

Gold charms typically tend to be gold plated over brass or copper, meaning the outer layer is coated in a thin gold finish. Plating is different from gold fill and solid gold charms (which are more costly). Gold plated jewelry is not made with real gold but other metal alloys.

Our Picks for the Best Gold Charms for Jewelry Making

Pros: These shiny charms are great for an elegant craft project to create jewelry, decorations, etc. Each charm is made with high-quality, gold-plated copper and looks great on pendants. This shiny charm set allows you to pick any letter from A-Z.

Cons: This charm may not fit on all sizes of necklaces.

Bottom Line: These charms allow you to pick an initial with a special meaning. Choose a charm to wear daily and remind yourself of a friend or family.


Pros: This bulk lot of charms comes with 350 pieces of Tibetan antique gold charms. There are various shapes in the lot, which allow you to create all sorts of crafts. The charm sizes range from 6 mm to 30 mm. Designs in this assortment include flowers, various animals, and other elements of nature.

Cons: Some charms may come bent.

Bottom Line: This set of charms is ideal for DIY lovers as it offers every type of charm you can imagine, making it suitable for most kinds of handmade jewelry making.


Pros: This set of inspirational message charms is an excellent pick for the motivated DIY-er. There are 40 pieces, with two of each design. The zinc-alloy charms vary in size from 7 mm to 30 mm.

Cons: Words on the charms may be cut off or illegible on some.

Bottom Line: This assorted theme of charms will give you plenty of options to create your next piece of jewelry. The antique gold charms are packed full of meaning that can be a special gift to yourself or a loved one who needs some encouragement.


Pros: If you love hearts or just like shiny things, these cubic zirconia alloy heart charms are an eye-catching choice. They are made with special plating, a smooth finish, and a nice dimensional heart shape that shines in the light. These charms are easy to add to any craft, necklace chain, wine charm, bracelets, etc.

Cons: These may be prone to bend or break.

Bottom Line: These shiny charms are a sparkly touch to any piece of jewelry you like—they’re lightweight, comfortable to wear, and suitable for long-term wearing.


Pros: This bulk lot of charms contains 300 pieces of gold enamel charms, which include 150 colored and 150 gold. The charms are made from zinc alloy offered in bright colors, and they will not fade easily. The lot has various sizes and colors, which gives you versatile options when creating your DIY crafts.

Cons: The charms may be smaller than expected.

Bottom Line: This exquisite assortment of enamel charms have plenty to offer in color, size and comes in a case to keep it all organized.

Final Thoughts

Adding gold charms to your jewelry creations is a unique way to elevate your style. Whether you want to go for a simple, minimal look, full-on glam, or showcase your favorite memories, there are plenty of charms to choose from to make your vision come to life.

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