The Best Girls’ Headbands

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Buying Guide for Girls’ Headbands

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Why buy a headband?

A headband is a simple yet fun way to begin styling your little girl’s hair as she begins to experiment and find the look she loves. The most practical reason is to keep hair out of the face, and this will be essential if and when she plays sports or participates in activities where her hair may become annoying or an obstruction.

What should you consider in a headband?

  • Material/Stretchiness: Most headbands are made with plastic or nylon, which can easily affect their durability and ability to stretch. Plastic will most likely break if sat on or pulled too harshly, whereas nylon typically has more give and can expand to fit most heads. Some plastic headbands may be encased in some sort of fabric or satin, which can create a barrier and stronger hold to keep back your child’s hair.
  • Function/Extra Features: If your young one likes to wear bright and bold headbands for special occasions, you can go for headbands that have bows, sparkles, and fun prints. However, there are plenty of minimalist options that deliver practicality for those who play sports or participate in activities where extravagant details may be distracting.

What’s the best way to keep a headband from falling or slipping?

You can use some sort of hairspray to create texture in your child’s hair so that this will hold the headband in place. If that doesn’t work, your child’s hair is extra fine, or she doesn’t like hairspray, you can opt for bobby pins or other hairpins that you can clip underneath the headband to secure it in place. If she’s active and always on the move, you should highly consider buying headbands with teeth for that extra layer of security without you doing the work.

Our Picks for the Best Girls’ Headbands

Pros: Add these adorable sparkly headbands to your daughter’s collection and watch her shine. There are eight included in this set, four with cutout hearts and the other four with cutout stars. Some have a rainbow glitter pattern, while others come in shades of blue, green, yellow, and pink. Each headband is made out of plastic and has small teeth on the underside for a strong hold without budging.

Cons: It’s possible that the shapes may fall off, and the plastic headband may break if pulled on.

Bottom Line: Hearts, stars, and all the glitter—-what more could a little girl want? This is a precious set to start with that adds a bit of glam to an everyday hairstyle.


Pros: If your child needs a simple accessory that adds a touch of color to their hairstyle, this five-count set of assorted colored headbands has them covered. Their slim body makes it easy to slip them over the hair, and the teeth-free fabric is stiff enough to hold the hair in place without ripping or pulling. Looks can be deceiving, as these basic, no-frills headbands are durable and hold well through most activities.

Cons: The colors are not as bright as they appear in the photos.

Bottom Line: Go back to the basics with these reliable headbands that can help keep your child’s hair back so they can tackle the day. Their sturdiness and cuteness make them a winner.


Pros: As if your baby can’t get any cuter, wrapping their head in one of these adorable bow-topped headbands may make it unbearable. If that’s not enough, these are also made with super soft and stretchy nylon material that can adjust with your baby as they grow. Seven headbands come in one pack and in assorted neutral colors, so you can customize your baby’s head every day of the week.

Cons: The actual bow is not sewed onto the headband, so it may come off.

Bottom Line: Your baby girl will enjoy the soft comfort this headband brings. Factor in the bow top, and you’ve got yourself a little fashionista.


Pros: The shimmer and glimmer of these rainbow metallic headbands will make your little girl feel like a mermaid ready to take on her next adventure under the sea. They’re made with an elastic string that stretches to 17 inches, so they can freely adjust as she grows. On top, you’ll find a knotted design that makes these headbands even more unique to match your girl’s personality.

Cons: Although sleek, these may easily slip off.

Bottom Line: Whether your child plays sports or dress-up, these bold headbands allow her to express her free spirit and individuality while taming her unruly hair. They really put the “fun” in functional.


Pros: From unicorns to mermaid scales to pineapples, there’s surely a print that your little one will adore in this pack of 10 bow-topped headbands. Each headband is made of plastic and covered with satin, while the polyester bows sit brightly on top to create a sweet look for those extra-special occasions. They give just enough stretch to comfortably adjust with your child’s head.

Cons: These tend to fit large, so they may slip off easily.

Bottom Line: If your little girl has a big personality, these are a great way to show it off. She’ll be the life of the party once she slips one on.

Final Thoughts

A headband can really work wonders for your little girl’s hair and her confidence. With her hair out of her face, she’ll be able to fully take on the day and embrace her individuality.

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