The Best Friendship Bracelets

A string with the word "friendship" spelled out in beads.

Buying Guide for Friendship Bracelets

Close-up of two friends holding each other's hands wearing friendship bracelets.

Why buy friendship bracelets?

Friendship bracelets typically come in a set of two for you and your close loved one to symbolize how important your friendship is to the two of you. If you have friends that live far away or are going through a difficult time in life, gifting them a physical symbol of your friendship serves as a reminder that you care and that you two have a resilient special bond.

What should you consider in friendship bracelets?

  • Material: Most are typically made of stainless steel, some waxed rope or elastic string, and may have jewels, charms, or beads made of zinc alloy, stainless steel, or stone. Those completely made of metal will be most durable, although you’ll need to ensure it is tarnish- and rust-resistant. While waxed rope and elastic string are standard, these run the risk of unraveling or breaking easily if pulled on.
  • Adjustability: For cuffed metal bracelets, you can adjust these by simply opening or squeezing them to your wrist. For those made out of rope, these typically have some sort of adjustable knot on the end so you can make it longer or shorter. Pay close attention to the maximum stretch size that the elastic string can go because if your wrist is just as big or bigger, it may be a tight fit.
  • Type of Friendship: This may seem intuitive, but it’s an important point to consider. For your long-distance friends, you’ll most likely opt for a bracelet that has that extra-special meaning for that kind of friendship. For your friends who are different than or opposite of you, there are options that have the “yin yang” symbol to represent that. For your friends who you’d consider closer, like a sister or brother, an engraved one can express deeper sentiment.

How much should you expect to spend on friendship bracelets?

Just like normal bracelets, friendship ones can vary in price depending on what they’re made of and if they have charms or jewels. For basic rope or cord ones, these will run around $7, while those made out of stainless steel or stone will cost about $13. These may fluctuate if they come with extra accessories such as a jewelry box, gift wrapping, or a message card.

Our Picks for the Best Friendship Bracelets

Pros: A friendship despite differences is a true one, and what better way to show it than with these two friendship bracelets that complete each other as yin and yang. One comes in black while the other is white, and each has the signature yin or yang symbol that come apart only to be brought back together again. There are three beads on either side of the symbol inlaid with rhinestones for a slight shimmer. Both are made with four strands of heavy-duty waxed thread and zinc alloy plated metal, so you can take on any adventure together without them breaking down. All of the materials are hypoallergenic, and the size can be adjusted from 7 to 12 inches.

Cons: The ties on the end loosen over time, so you may need to create a knot on your own.

Bottom Line: Snag this pair of bracelets to show your special friend or significant other they’ll always be the yin to your yang. The symbolism may be simple, but it carries great meaning.


Pros: What makes this set of bracelets extra special is the meaning behind it, which you can clearly see depicted on the accompanying message card—-no matter where your friend may be, you’ll always be there for them. At the top is an outline of two hands creating a “pinky promise” to each other, symbolizing an unbreakable bond. Both bracelets come in a black rope material that can adjust from 5 to 11 inches and is easy to slip on. In the middle of the bracelets is a knotted heart made out of durable stainless steel; however, you can choose from nine other thoughtful designs such as the infinity symbol or a moon and a heart.

Cons: Some of the metal designs may be smaller than expected.

Bottom Line: Distance may make the heart grow fonder, but having a bracelet to remind that special someone that you’re with them in the meantime can make a huge difference. Enjoy one of these designs that symbolize the beauty of a friendship that can withstand any mileage.


Pros: Just like a butterfly, a friendship changes and grows over time to become something beautiful. This gorgeous set of bracelets comes with two halves of a brass gold-plated butterfly that come apart to only come back together again. It is made with strong black leather string and is secured with small metal balls on either end to add a bit of shine.

Cons: This may not be the best for those who have extra-small or thin wrists—when you tighten the bracelet, the strings dangle and may get caught on other things.

Bottom Line: A long-distance relationship or friendship can feel daunting at first. A friendship bracelet like this one can create that intimacy you long for and be a sweet sentiment to show that you truly care.


Pros: These black and white bracelets are not as simple as they may look. In a set of four, each bracelet is uniquely designed with either black matte agate beads or white howlite beads, which are natural stones known to relieve stress and attract peace. One pair is made with elastic string that is easy to stretch to your wrist size, while the other is made with an adjustable cotton string.

Cons: You’ll have to be extra cautious and gentle with the pair that are made with elastic string as these may break easily if pulled on.

Bottom Line: Life and relationships are not always rainbows and butterflies, so when times get challenging, pull out these beaded bracelets that are made for those moments. Your friends will be touched to know that you’re with them through thick and thin.


Pros: Although delicate, this simple stainless steel bracelet will leave a deep impression. On the outside, you’ll see outlines of stemmed leaves, while the inside is engraved with “friends are the family we choose.” The thin cuff style can be opened or squeezed to adjust perfectly to the wrist, and the rounded, smooth edges ensure you won’t get scratched when you take it off. It’s made with a high-polished and oxidation-resistant quality and is hypoallergenic, so you can throw it on for everyday wear without worry.

Cons: These have a smaller fit, so these may be ideal for teenagers and younger.

Bottom Line: For those who want something a little more understated, this bracelet is a great option than can go a long way with its durable quality and intimate meaning.

Final Thoughts

Friendships are beautiful yet complex and can vary from person to person, and thankfully, friendship bracelets are just the same. Whether it’s for a friend who is like a sister to you or a friend who lives far away, you’re sure to find a set that matches your friendship perfectly.

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