The Best Flower Crowns

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Buying Guide for the Best Flower Crowns

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Why buy a flower crown?

Flower crowns can be a pretty accent for a formal or special occasion. Whether you’re wearing them as part of a wedding party or for a birthday event, they create an almost ethereal effect and can serve as a conversation piece, too. Plus, if you’re not particularly crafty or don’t like the idea of trying to keep fresh plants alive, buying a pre-made flower crown can be a much easier alternative.

What should you consider when buying a flower crown?

  • Fit: Flower crowns are made to fit a wide range of people, from newborns to adults. So, consider who you’re shopping for as you look at these accessories. Note that you’ll usually find two kinds of flower crowns, fitted or elastic. Usually, for babies and children, you’ll opt for a simple elastic option. These are designed to fit a wider range of head circumferences. More importantly, elastic tends to stay on your head easier than a traditional flower crown.
  • Design: With older kids or adults, flower crowns usually come with more traditional faux flowers featuring fabric petals and plastic stems like you would find at a craft store. But for younger children and babies, this might also feature fabric flowers made from felt, wool, or other materials. Additionally, with baby flower crowns, you may find that the design doesn’t go around the entire head as it does for older kids and adults.
  • Accents: Some flower crowns come with ribbons, glitter, or other items to create a dreamier effect. These are all factors to consider as you shop for a flower crown.

Are flower crowns durable?

This depends on the type of flower crown you select. If you get one made from fresh flowers, then it’s only as durable as long as the flowers continue to look fresh and bloom. But, if you opt for a pre-made crown from faux flowers like our selections, the crown will be durable as long as you take care of the crown and store it well between uses.

Our Picks for the Best Flower Crowns

Pros: If you’ve just begun your search for a flower crown, it’s always good to start with an option that will give you the most mileage for your money. This classic flower crown features handmade silk flowers that have the same soft look as real flowers without the stress of trying to keep them looking fresh. And it features an adjustable back, so it can fit a wide range of head circumferences, including kids.

Cons: While simple and with a wide range of styles to choose from, the most common complaint we found from our research of reviews was that the decorative branches had a tendency to fall out. Others noted that it doesn’t arrive in a box, so it can come squished. While this isn’t a deal breaker, you may need to factor in additional time for the crown to be properly reshaped.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a flower crown with a wide range of styles and an adjustable headband that’s easy for most people to wear, you’ll appreciate this option.


Pros: If you need to outfit multiple people with headbands, like for a wedding party, then this two-pack flower crown option is a solid choice. With a commendable selection of styles and an adjustable headband, you can easily get accessories for your bridesmaids without having to worry about measuring head circumferences.

Cons: The most common complaint we noted from the reviews was that depending on how the item was shipped, it was delicate enough that it could arrive broken. While this might not happen to everyone, it’s something to be mindful of as you shop.

Bottom Line: A two-pack is an economical way to solve your flower crown solution if you’re buying for multiple people or just want a flower crown that looks fuller by combining them.


Pros: When you’re shopping for a flower crown for a baby, you want something that’s cute, easy to put on their little heads, and stays put. This pick from Mligril checks all those boxes and is designed for children from babies through age 6. You’ll get a three-pack set of headbands with an elastic closure and a simple floral cluster in the front—perfect for those milestone pictures when they can’t sit up yet.

Cons: Note that this isn’t actually intended for newborns, as the brand lists the age range as 1 to 6 years of age. This is even though the product messaging references newborns. So, if you need something for newborns (usually from 0 through 3 months), you’ll want to keep looking.

Bottom Line: Celebrate those milestones and create adorable memories with this cute three-pack set of elastic headband flower crowns. But just be mindful of the fact that they’re not rated for use with newborns.


Pros: Want to get a lot of flower crowns at once without breaking the bank? Then you’ll appreciate this pick from Awaytr. You’ll get nine flower crowns with a simple flower bud and leaves repeating pattern. This set is compatible with kids and adults, too.

Cons: If you’re shopping for a flower crown that looks a bit more luxe, this probably won’t fit the bill. While economical, the design is very basic and looks like fabric rather than like real flowers.

Bottom Line: Those focused on getting the most bang for their buck will appreciate this bulk buy option. However, if you want something that looks a bit more elevated, you might want to look elsewhere.


Pros: For those who aren’t satisfied with a classic flower crown, up the ante with some LED lights. This seven-piece set of crowns features a variety of different colors and is perfect for birthday parties, festivals, or nighttime events. The crown is made from plastic for added safety versus other models made from metal.

Cons: While the LED lights are fun, you might find that the crown looks a bit basic when it’s not dark and the lights aren’t on. Additionally, the headband isn’t adjustable, which may be an issue for those with a circumference that’s not compatible with it.

Bottom Line: Turn heads with this unusual flower crown. This LED crown is ideal for festive parties and celebrations. But just note that it will be more impressive at night than during the day.

Final Thoughts

Flower crowns aren’t going away. But whether you need to outfit a group or want to find something unique, there are plenty of options to fit your tastes. Get started on your search by looking at our selections.

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