The Best Face-Lift Tape

A woman with face tape around her eye and cheekbone.

Getting a surgical face-lift is a huge commitment with tons of healing time. Plus, it costs thousands of dollars—we’re talkin’ $7,000 or more. Skip the knife and uncomfortable healing process with a roll of quality face-lift tape that creates a similar effect at a much more affordable price. We did the research and found some popular tapes that can help boost your confidence and feel more like yourself.

Buying Guide for Face-Lift Tape

A woman wearing face tape next to her eyes.

Why invest in face-lift tape?

If you’re not 100% happy with your appearance because of sagging skin or wrinkles, face-lift tape can help shape and lift areas on your face and neck for a younger, more supple appearance. Some lift tapes are clear and easily concealable in public, while others, like toning belts, can be applied at night for fresh morning results. Skip the trip and the arm-and-leg price of cosmetic surgery, and invest in a roll of lifting tape for less!

What should you know before buying face-lift tape?

Consider these factors when shopping for tape:

  • Types: Think about your skin struggles before deciding on the ideal face-lift tape or mask. Are you looking for an instant, discreet eye and chin lift you can wear out? There’s a clear tape for that. Thinking of a more gradual smoothing experience with lasting effects? Consider a thicker band of tape.
  • Ingredients: Make sure you’re okay with natural ingredients that may be present in face-lift tapes and masks, including hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract, seaweed, and collagen; these help naturally tone and tighten aging skin.

When is the best time to use your new tape?

It all depends on the anti-aging effect you’re going for. If you want an instant, invisible “face-lift” for a night on the town or brunch in the city, you can wear discreet tape any time of the day—even if you’re simply hanging out at home alone. If you need a longer-term solution that helps train facial muscles with daily use over a two-week period, it’s better to invest in bulkier bands you can wear around the house at night.

Our Top Picks for Face-Lift Tape

Pros: Go the extra mile with this V-shaped slimming face mask with hyaluronic acid, collagen, and aloe extract from Lauer Cosmetic. It’s not exactly a tape, but it targets the same areas to help lift and define areas around your eyes and chin for glowing, younger-looking skin. The science behind the tool? It stimulates the reduction of fat deposits and fine lines along the application area. This mask is clinically proven to create a noticeably firmer chin line in just minutes. Simply cleanse your face, place the mask over your chin and jawline, and wait 30 minutes.

Cons: Natural ingredients on the mask leave your face sticky after each session.

Bottom Line: This is a unique, innovative way to gain more confidence and feel more like your old self, even if you have somewhere to be in an hour.

Pros: Skin-friendly design meets instant beautification in the Vifycim sticky face-lift tape. This clear and inconspicuous tape is designed to quickly and discreetly smooth out lines and lift sagging skin on your face and neck by pulling outward and upward. All you have to do is apply tape starting at the point you want to lift, pull it away to tighten problem areas, like around your eyes, mouth, and chin, and secure the tape. Leave the house feeling discreet and confident in your new, firmer-looking skin, knowing this tape is gentle.

Cons: If the arrow printed on the tape isn’t hidden, you may need to apply makeup over it.

Bottom Line: An instant face-lift you can’t see? Yes, please. Simply wear your hair down to hide any trace of tape, and enjoy your time knowing you look and feel your best.


Pros: This is another quality option that puts the focus on your face instead of the lift tape. This waterproof lift tape from Xshows is completely clear and holds skin taut with durable black bands that secure around your head, actively firming and lifting the skin as you dance or talk the night away. It’s designed to target various sagging facial muscles throughout your face and neck, pulling to visibly tighten and seemingly erase wrinkles. This soft, comfortable lift tape is breathable and won’t blemish or irritate skin even in the most sensitive areas, like under your eyes.

Cons: Be sure not to pull the tape too far to avoid snapping the support bands.

Bottom Line: Feel secure and discreet wearing this face-lift tape that offers an extra-secure lift and instant skin gratification!


Pros: A different kind of facial tape, Akissos myofascial lift belts provide a safe, non-invasive, and highly effective way to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in and around your face, which can improve all types of wrinkles. With time and frequent use (two weeks suggested), this tape can train facial muscles, reduce forehead and frown lines, lower eyelid wrinkles, and reduce neck lines. Each band is latex-free, hypoallergenic, and waterproof with high-quality adhesive on one side.

Cons: The merchant recommends applying tape at home for two hours a day, so make sure you have that kind of time for the best results.

Bottom Line: More people are using facial bands to help reduce visible signs of aging, the environment, and anything else that poses a threat to your beautiful skin.

Final Thoughts

Feeling more confident already? We hope so! Take time to think about what you want to accomplish, whether it’s smoother under-eye skin or a tighter jawline. Then, click “buy” on one of these top-rated face-lift tapes or masks for noticeably younger-looking skin.

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