The Best Eyebrow Pencils

A woman applies eyebrow pencil to her eyebrows while looking in the mirror.

Buying Guide for Eyebrow Pencils

Closeup of an eye and eyebrow with a brown eyebrow pencil filling in the brow.

Why should you buy an eyebrow pencil?

Using an eyebrow pencil can do the following:

  • Help those who have over-tweezed their brows
  • Create a more defined eyebrow shape
  • Fill in sparse areas of your brows
  • Tame eyebrow hairs
  • Make your eyebrows bolder or closer to your hair color
  • Blend for a natural look

What should you consider when purchasing eyebrow pencils?

  • Color Options: Most eyebrow pencils have several color options so that you can find the hue that perfectly matches your natural color. Since no one wants their done-up eyebrows to look like part of a costume, finding the right hue is an important step to finding your brow pencil. Just note that many people prefer slightly darker brows than their hair color or brows that match the darkest shade in their hair, not their highlights.
  • Point Shape: You will normally find eyebrow pencils with ultra-fine tips so they can fill and shape your brows with precision. You may also choose a brow pencil with an angled tip, which can be especially helpful when shaping brows.
  • Waterproof: Some eyebrow pencils are described as waterproof, while others are not specifically listed this way. While some users swear that the brow pencil stays in place regardless of the description, if a waterproof formula is important to you, you’ll want to be sure your pick meets this need.

How long will an eyebrow pencil last?

If you plan to use your eyebrow pencil on a daily basis, you will go through the product quickly. Most eyebrow pencils do not have a lot of product in the pigmented end, which can be annoying for daily users. Once you find the right eyebrow pencil, you may want to consider ordering a few at a time so that you don’t have to reorder as frequently.

Our Picks for the Best Eyebrow Pencils

Pros: This duo-tip brow pencil has one end that can help you comb and tame your eyebrows, while the other one has a micro-precise tip. These will shape, define, and fill in sparse or over-tweezed brows. The micro-tip is retractable for convenience. You can get this eyebrow pencil in 12 different colors. Each color is creamy and goes on smoothly.

Cons: It might take some trial and error to find the right color that looks the most natural.

Bottom Line: If you want to use an eyebrow pencil but don’t know what type to get, this is a great option. With one tip to comb and tame and another tip to fill and shape, you can create a natural look or one that’s more dramatic. The creamy color covers or blends on any type of hair from fine to coarse.


Pros: First, fill in your brows with the ultra-fine tip, then use the spoolie brush to blend in the color to make a full and natural look. Thanks to the waterproof formula, the eyebrow look you want can stay in place throughout a workout or a walk in the rain. This eyebrow pencil is ophthalmologist tested and suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Find your best shade from one of the 10 colors.

Cons: The amount of pigment on the pencil is very small (only an inch), so it won’t last very long.

Bottom Line: This waterproof eyebrow pencil is a favorite among users with all types of brows. The waterproof formula stays in place all day or night, so your look can last as long as you do.


Pros: While this eyebrow pencil only comes in one shade, it’s one that can fit on nearly every shade, from light to black hair. Instead of guessing which color is best for you, you can control how light and dark the color is that you apply depending on the amount of pressure you use. Light pressure will make light color, while darker pigments come with greater pressure. This brush also features a spoolie brush to comb eyebrow hairs and blend in the color for a clean and natural look. This eyebrow pencil is made without parabens or phthalates and is cruelty-free.

Cons: There is not a lot of product in each pencil.

Bottom Line: For a natural look that still gives your eyebrows a boost, this eyebrow pencil can work for those with light hair, black hair, and every shade in between. Being able to adjust the color based on the pressure you apply might take some getting used to; however, it also allows for the perfect personalized look.


Pros: Keep your look natural while you fill in and shape your eyebrows. The ultra-fine tip will help you shape and fill with precision, and the spoolie brush blends the color to your eyebrows for a beautiful, natural finish. The creamy color is easy to put on and stays in place. This eyebrow pencil is available in nine shades and is cruelty-free.

Cons: This is a more expensive eyebrow pencil, especially for the small amount of product.

Bottom Line: A variety of colors and the ultra-fine tip of this eyebrow pencil will help you fill in and shape your brows with precision. It includes a spoolie brush for blending. Like other options, this eyebrow pencil doesn’t contain a lot of product, so you may find that you run through it quickly.


Pros: With this set, you get two pigmented pencils plus a dual-ended brush that can help you achieve perfect brows. The ultra-fine tip is perfect for shaping and adding natural-looking hair strokes, while the angled tip makes filling in quick and easy. A fine brush blends, and the spoolie brush combs and brushes for a natural look to your done-up brows. Your look will last with this waterproof formula, so you don’t have to be afraid to sweat or get caught in the rain. You can get this set in four color options.

Cons: The colors seem to all be on the darker side and may not work well for those with lighter-colored hair and brows.

Bottom Line: These are better suited for those with medium to darker hair. If that fits your look, these eyebrow pencils are an excellent option for effortlessly shaping, filling, and blending your brows. With a waterproof formula, you can expect your perfectly-enhanced brows to last through sweat and all-day wear.

Final Thoughts

Enhance the natural beauty of your brows with these eyebrow pencils that can shape, fill, and blend without difficulty or having to add extra products to your makeup bag.

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