The Best Ear Warmer Headbands

A woman in the cold wearing a thick headband covering her ears as she looks at her phone.

Buying Guide for Ear Warmer Headbands

A woman wearing a warming headband over her ears and a warm sweater smiles outside.

Why buy an ear warmer headband?

If you love the cozy feel of fleece or knit hats but loathe hat hair, ear warmer headbands are a great accessory to add to your cold-weather wardrobe. You can wear them under sports helmets, motorcycle helmets, or hoods for extra warmth. Some are ideal for athletes to wick away sweat while they’re running. Because of the fit and comfort, they’re great for kids out at play in the snow as well. Plus, ear warmer headbands come in nearly any size, color, and fit you can think of.

What should you consider in an ear warmer headband?

  • Washable Materials: While colorful knits are all the rage, the thickness of a knit is not for everyone. Thinner, insulated fleece headbands are great for kids and outdoor sports. Whatever material you choose, be sure that your ear warmer headband is machine washable if you want to be able to clean it in a snap. Some ear warmer headbands are hand wash only, which is fine if you have the time and ability to dedicate to their care. Be sure to read the care instructions thoroughly to not wind up with a shrunk or unraveling ear warmer headband.
  • Color: For some, what’s the point of having a functional accessory without added style points? Luckily, most brands of ear warmer headbands come in a slew of stylish colors and patterns to match your outerwear look perfectly. And you can buy more than one to match all your jackets, sweaters, and scarves.
  • Fit: The fit of your new ear warmer headband is very important. If it’s too loose, it may flop around while you’re doing outdoor activities. If it’s too tight, it can be uncomfortable enough to give you a headache. Pay attention to the size charts and reviews to get the right fit.

What’s the best way to care for your ear warmer headband?

If you love a great knit headband, it should be hand washed with cool water and a gentle detergent then laid flat to dry. Fleece headbands can be machine washed. To keep the color and stretch from fading, we recommend using a mild detergent then drying on medium or low. To keep the stretch intact, avoid overwashing.

Our Picks for the Best Ear Warmer Headbands

Pros: The material of this headband is super soft and cozy. The thick double layers keep your ears warm all day long. Plus, it’s washer and dryer safe.

Cons: The Sherpa lining tends to shed a little bit. It’s also not particularly stretchy.

Bottom Line: This super-soft headband is great for a cold day. You can forget about bad hair days when you’re wearing this outside. Plus, it makes a fantastic gift for friends and family who live in cooler regions.


Pros: You can buy this headband individually or in sets of two or three to suit your needs. It won’t mess up your hairstyle, and it’ll help keep your hair contained. Best of all, it offers great protection against frigid winds.

Cons: If you wear glasses or earbuds when you’re active outdoors, this headband can be a little uncomfortable. It’s also a little thinner than some other brands, so it’s not ideal for extremely cold areas. And while they fit bigger kids well, they’re too big for younger kids.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a sporty headband that comes in bright, fun colors, try this one. It’s a great option for men and women, and they do a nice job of keeping sweat out of your face during cool weather sports.


Pros: You get four headbands for the price of one. They have great stretch, and the styles and colors are chic and up-to-date. They’re fashionable and will keep you looking good while you’re out in the elements.

Cons: These knit headbands are not machine washable. They can be a little itchy, so you should wash them with a gentle detergent before wearing them.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for cute knit headbands to elevate your outerwear style, these may be a great option for you. Each pack comes in multiple colors, so you can show off your style in a different way each day. Plus, they’re breathable enough not to mat down your hairstyle.


Pros: This headband helps to keep your hair out of your face while performing outdoor activities. The three-in-one package helps to save money while getting a great product. This headband absorbs sweat well, keeping dribbles out of your eyes, and the color choices are super cute.

Cons: If you over-wash these, they can lose their stretch. They don’t fit everyone perfectly.

Bottom Line: If you’re an athlete with long hair, this ear-warming headband is a convenient option. The ponytail opening makes for a quick and easy style, and it’s super stretchy for ultimate comfort.


Pros: This headband comes in unisex colors and styles suitable for men, women, and kids. It’s triple-layered to help keep your ears warm even in the coolest temperatures. And it’s simple enough for people who don’t want to make a big, fussy fashion statement.

Cons: The fleece can start pilling after getting wet with sweat or after washing. It’s not wide enough for some people.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a simple and comfortable headband, try this one. It’s a fitted and no-fuss headband that will keep your ears warm and keep your hair out of your face.

Final Thoughts

Ear warmer headbands serve a number of great functions and can be worn under, over, or instead of a beanie. If you want to keep your ears warm, check out our suggestions.

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