The Best Dress Shoes for Women

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Buying Guide for Dress Shoes for Women

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Why buy dress shoes for women?

Dress shoes are an essential wardrobe staple, particularly if you work in a professional environment. A good pair of dress shoes will leave you feeling comfortable and fashionable and will enhance just about any outfit, from jeans and a simple blouse to your favorite dress.

What should you consider in dress shoes for women?

  • Heels or Flats: When we think about dress shoes for women, we often picture a pair of heels. However, there are many adorable, dressed-up, elegant, stylish, and colorful dress flats to choose from that can make you look just as professional or fabulous as a pair of heels.
  • Materials: Leather is a classic look that we just can’t get enough of. But canvas and cotton shoes offer a variety of colors and patterns that really make a statement. Whatever you choose, be sure your next pair of shoes is made of quality materials that will last.
  • Fit: Sizing can vary pretty widely between brands, so it’s important to try your shoes on the moment you get them to be sure they fit in the ball of your foot and that they won’t irritate your heel or the back of your foot when you’re walking. Comfort is essential in shoes that you will wear for extended periods of time.

How long should a good pair of women’s dress shoes last?

If you prefer genuine leather shoes and you take very good care of them, they may last you five or more years. But this also depends on how much you wear them and how rough your gait is on shoes. Shoes made of lesser materials such as polyester or low-quality “pleather” may only last you for one season. Cotton and canvas shoes may last you 2 to 4 years if you take excellent care of them.

Our Picks for the Best Women’s Dress Shoes

Pros: These high-quality brand-name pumps are made to last. Plus, they look sophisticated and stylish paired with many different outfits, from a power suit to a dress to a pair of jeans. Because of the built-in support, this brand of shoes is often recommended for people with back or hip issues. And they offer comfortable padding for those with bone issues or bunyons. The heel is just high enough to give you a lift without being too high that you’ll feel like you’re toppling over. But the best part is the overall quality for the price.

Cons: These dress shoes are slightly narrow in the toe.

Bottom Line: Quality meets comfort in these staple brand-name dress shoes. They’re a balanced pair of heels that won’t make you trip. If you have wider feet, you may want to order in wide or size up.


Pros: Ballet flats are the perfect classic-style flat shoe to match any outfit. And these ballet flats deliver! They’re designed for daily wear and ultimate comfort. But the design options are nearly endless. They’re made from soft faux leather on the outside with a genuine leather wrap-around, and the inside is made from ultra-soft faux suede. Also, they have a “heel pillow” for added comfort. That means you can wear them all day at work or around the town without your heels getting sore. And these flats are not just cute, comfortable, and versatile; they’re affordable, too.

Cons: Unfortunately, these shoes don’t really offer any arch support.

Bottom Line: Ballet flats are a wardrobe staple, and this is a fantastic pair. While they’re not really built to last, they’re inexpensive enough to buy a couple of pairs to shuffle around in.


Pros: You can feel good about your environmental impact when you purchase a pair of these recycled cotton brand-name shoes. Plus, you can feel great about your style. That’s because these classic loafers look flattering on your feet, and there are enough colors and patterns available to liven up your look. It’s easy to break these shoes in, too. Just wear them, even if they’re a touch snug at first, and they’ll conform to your feet. Furthermore, these shoes are great for people with sensory sensitivities.

Cons: Some people find these shoes a bit pricey.

Bottom Line: If you like to buy from companies that care about the environment, then these shoes are a good way to go. They’re perfect for all-day wear at the office or while running errands. And they’re very comfortable.


Pros: For flexibility, movement, and all-day comfort, this is a fantastic pair of heeled loafers. The heel is not very high, so it gives you a little bit of lift without losing your balance. These shoes are easy for most people to put on, with a simple zipper on the side. Like most shoes from this well-known name brand, these are made from 100% genuine leather. The soles are made with rubber for a sturdy grip on the ground beneath you. And the best part is that these booties are light and soft, so you can wear them year-round with just about any outfit and win some major style points.

Cons: When you walk, the zipper might make a little bit of noise.

Bottom Line: For people who demand both comfort and style, these dress shoes for women are a perfect fit. These may be heeled, but they fit as comfortably as a sneaker. They’re a great pair of shoes for all-day wear.


Pros: These heels were made to fit flawlessly. There is a bit of elastic in the center to conform to the width of your foot. Plus, there’s ample cushioning on the heel, so you can stomp the boulevard in these without worrying about aching feet. And while the heel is adequate, it’s not too high for most people. Also, these come in several colors and patterns to match your wardrobe flawlessly. Unlike many other styles of heels, these can be worn with just about any outfit and look fierce.

Cons: These heels are difficult to clean.

Bottom Line: These dress pumps offer tons of comfort and style from heel to toe. They run true to size and have an easy zipper closure. And because they come in a variety of different colors and patterns, they provide great looks for almost everyone.

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to step up your dress shoes game, these dress shoes for women may be just what you’re looking for. While they’re mostly wardrobe staples without lots of bells and whistles, most of these brands come in a variety of colors. That way, you can expand your wardrobe with quality, comfortable shoes that are sure to impress.

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