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When it comes to men’s jewelry, nothing is quite as iconic yet underutilized as the cufflink. Cufflinks can be employed to make a statement and finish off an ensemble. Whether you’re going to an important job interview, on a night out with your friends, or on a promising first date, wearing your favorite pair of cufflinks for the occasion is a great idea.

Buying Guide for Cufflinks

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Why buy cufflinks?

While cufflinks do a wonderful job of holding shirt cuffs together, most people buy them for other reasons. It has been said that men’s formalwear leaves little room for personalization, but investing in a variety of cufflinks allows you to subtly upgrade your outfit in different ways. Whether you’re going for something sleek, stylish, fun, or casual, cufflinks can serve as the “cherry on top” of your outfit. They’re also a great accessory to contrast or match with other accessories, such as a great dress watch.

What should you look for in cufflinks?

  • Design: There are many different types of cufflinks, but they all serve the same function. From classic chain link cufflinks to super-secure stud cufflinks, you will want to choose a style that is secure and easy to manage. Remember, it’s fairly easy to lose your cufflinks, so investing in a design that remains secure is important. This is especially true if you’re no stranger to the dance floor.
  • Material: The material of your cufflinks should be a good match for the occasion. Gold, rose gold, and platinum cufflinks are excellent choices for formal occasions, whereas stainless steel, titanium, and gunmetal are versatile options that will look great with almost any outfit. You might also consider crystal or precious stone cufflinks to add extra luster to a more casual look.
  • Style: Thankfully, there are a massive variety of cufflinks to choose from, so finding cufflinks that match your personal style shouldn’t be hard. For a unique look, you can wear cufflinks with your initials or ones that allude to your country of origin, favorite pastimes, or favorite sports team. While unique cufflinks like this might not be appropriate for black tie affairs, they are a fun way to enhance casual outfits during a night out.

When is it appropriate to wear cufflinks?

There are several types of occasions where sporting cufflinks are an absolute must, such as white tie events or black tie events. For these occasions, it is wise to wear elegant cufflinks that don’t draw too much attention away from the rest of your outfit. However, cufflinks can also be a great accessory for casual occasions. When worn in more casual settings, your cufflinks may show off more of your personality or interests, providing a fun contrast to the rest of your attire.

Our Picks for the Best Cufflinks

Pros: Featuring a nice selection of cufflink styles with simple bullet-back designs, the BodyJ4You Cufflink Gift Box is an excellent product for those who like a bit of variety in their lives. This gift set is rather versatile thanks to its gold and silver tones and styles that can be worn to formal or casual events. These cufflinks also sport surprising build quality for the price, making this an excellent product for those dipping their toes into the world of men’s formalwear.

Cons: The storage box that this gift set arrives in will not be to everyone’s liking, as it is unlikely to impress you in terms of durability or style. Some will prefer to relocate their cufflinks to a more robust storage case, such as a high-quality watch organizer.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an affordable array of cufflinks that are suitable for nearly any occasion, this gift box from BodyJ4You scores top marks. That being said, you might want to invest in a new storage case if you don’t already have a jewelry box to store them in.


Pros: Sporting an elegant design that is perfect for formal occasions, the Rovtop Cufflinks and Studs Set is a perfect pairing for those who need to be tuxedo-ready. This set impresses in terms of its secure swivel lock system, which does well to ensure that your cufflinks remain secure throughout the evening. Additionally, this set comes with an affordable price tag despite looking and feeling like a much more expensive product.

Cons: As one might expect with this set’s budget price point, the durability of these cufflinks might not be ideal for those who expect to get plenty of wear out of them. Some reviewers have alluded to these bending out of shape when worn frequently, so it might be wise to have a backup set available.

Bottom Line: This cufflinks and studs set is sleek without being overly flashy, so you won’t have to worry about too much attention being pulled away by your dapper tuxedo. That being said, the elegant style is sure to add a lustrous touch to your formal outfit for special occasions.


Pros: If you’re looking for something personalized and polished, the Dannyshi Men’s Classic Stainless Steel Initial Cufflinks are highly rated. These cufflinks can be purchased with your initial for a unique touch and are a versatile accessory that can be worn to casual and formal functions alike. These are also quite durable, especially when considering their affordable price point.

Cons: The clasping mechanism on these cufflinks is fairly weak. That being the case, these might not be the best cufflinks to wear during an occasion in which you plan to give it your all on the dance floor.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re looking for a personalized gift for the man in your life or simply seeking a versatile set of cufflinks that are appropriate for any occasion, this product fits the bill. However, these are not the most secure cufflinks you will come across, so be sure to keep an eye on them when possible.


Pros: Featuring a lot of unique style options (including quite a few bona fide conversation starters), the HAWSON Cufflinks for Men offer a lot of value for the price. These cufflinks come with a wide brace that ensures a secure hold and are well-constructed so that you can get plenty of use out of them. In terms of style, it’s hard to knock the elegant details on display for most of the designs, making this product a great choice for those seeking cufflinks that will stand out.

Cons: Some reviewers have noted that the studs that come with these cufflinks were not a hit, especially for those who had to retrieve them off the ground after they popped out of their shirt.

Bottom Line: Not everyone likes to stand out, but those who do will appreciate the unique, vintage appeal of these cufflinks. That being said, not every style that HAWSON offers can be described as versatile, so be sure to match the cufflinks to the occasion when shopping for the perfect pair.


Pros: For the amateur cartographer or earth-lover in us all, these LBFEEL Blue Globe Cufflinks are a fun and unique option that is perfect for your next casual outing. These cufflinks feature a rotating globe design with unique details that are sure to draw some attention. They also come with a nifty gift box, making these fun cufflinks a great value for your money.

Cons: Those with an eye for detail will probably pick up on the less-than-stellar representation of earth’s continents found on these cufflinks. If you are a stickler for authenticity, you might not fall in love with these cufflinks.

Bottom Line: For a pair of unabashedly fun cufflinks, most people will not be too disappointed when they discover the globe employed on this product is not geographically accurate. More importantly, these cufflinks are well-made and will pop with a vast array of outfits.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for something formal, fun, low-profile, or eye-catching, there is likely a great pair of cufflinks out there for you. Be sure to do your research to make sure the cufflinks you choose complement your outfit and the occasion you’re wearing them for.

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