The Best Cowboy Hats for Every Occasion

a cowboy hat resting on a wooden fence post in the country

Offering those who wear it a quintessential American appearance, the cowboy hat has transcended centuries with gorgeous craftmanship, environmental benefits, and a touch of nostalgia. In short, it’s the one hat that will always remain in style.

The cowboy hat is a staple of frontier headwear that embodies generations of people who made their way through life with an attitude, grit, and persistence all the way to the end. In some small way, we wear the hat to honor the buckaroos who came before us. If you’re in the market for a classic piece of fashion, here are a few cowboy hats we think you should check out.

What to Look For in Your Next Cowboy Hat

When you’re looking for a new sense of style or just a bit more shade, let these three factors guide your purchase:

  • Hat Style: If you’re looking into a cowboy hat that’s intended to dress up your wardrobe, then you have to consider the multitude of styles out there. The oldest, most popular style of the cowboy hat is the cattleman crease, a traditional option worn by the likes of George Strait, Lyndon B. Johnson, and many TV cowpokes. There’s also the pinch crease hat, defined by its sloped brim and acorn-style crown, as well as the telescope crease, defined by its flat-top crown, and the 10-Gallon hat, which features a sombrero-like crown that’s completely round. By exploring each individual hat style, you’ll find the one that caters to your own.
  • Hat Materials: Just like the boots you rock and the pearl-snap button-up you slide on, a cowboy hat can be made from various materials. Everyone knows about the straw hat, but what about palm-leaf, leather, or fur-based felt hats? Just like its style, the overall material construction of your hat has an immeasurable effect on your appearance.
  • Design Benefits: Of course, there’s a logical side you can use to influence your purchase, and that’s what your hat can do for you. In addition to being the traditionally stylish choice, a hat made from straw feels light and breezy on your head, and that’s exactly what you need on sunny days. Similarly, hats made from felt and leather accomplish the same task but include the added benefit of retaining heat to keep your bones warm late into the cold evening.

Best Straw Hat: WESTERN EXPRESS Classic Cattleman Cowboy Hat

On the left, an off-white cowboy hat with a black crown band that's lined with silver conchos sits on top of a wooden post. On the right is the underside of the hat, which features an elastic closure.

As its name suggests, this WESTERN EXPRESS Classic Cattleman Cowboy Hat adds a truly timeless look to your cabeza. This off-white hat is crafted from 100% straw material, making it lightweight yet tough for all outdoor purposes. A black hatband with silver concho emblems sits at the base of the hat, while an elastic fit-all band lining the inside of the crown stretches to fit various head sizes.

Best Felt Hat: UwantC Faux Felt Western Cowboy

On the left, a coffee-brown cowboy hat with an acorn-style crown. On the right, a close up of the hat's underside tag, which showcases the it's polyester and faux leather construction.

Featuring a polyester and faux leather combination to achieve a lush feel atop your head, this UwantC Faux Felt Western Cowboy is an all-season choice that’s perfect for fashion, travel, and cosplay. It features a 3.8-inch brim and 22.2-inch circumference, providing decent shade in addition to a fun design. This hat is also available in five easy-to-match colors: red, black, coffee, beige, and white.

Most Secure Fit: MWS Mexican Palm Leaf Cowboy Hat

On the left, a cowboy had made from palm leaves features a faux leather hatband at the base of the crown and a 12-inch chinstrap. On the right is the underside of the hat, which features an elastic closure.

Defined by its sturdy form and unique color pattern, this MWS Mexican Palm Leaf Cowboy Hat brings you immense UV protection in a secure and unique design. This cowboy hat is constructed from 100% natural palm leaves that hold their shape well over the years while keeping your head cool and wicking away sweat with ease. It’s a large hat, with its sombrero-like brim providing plenty of shade; however, its 12-inch adjustable chin strap helps keep it firmly in place.

Most Stylish Hat: Arsimus Holographic Rave Hat

At centerframe is a cowboy hat that features a 23-inch circumference and a fuchsia-tinted surface.

To any and all cynics who once questioned how the cowboy hat would appropriately make the transition to the modern age, feast your eyes. This Arsimus Holographic Rave Hat pays a loving homage to classic frontier attire with a metallic-toned piece of fashion that glitters with all the right style. Its textured surface is designed to reflect light in every direction and in seven dazzling colors.

Best Bundle Pack: Funny Party Hats Straw Hats for Kids

On the left, a pyramid stack of straw cowboy hats for children that measure seven inches in diameter and feature a chinstrap. On the left, a close up view of the cowboy hat showcases the red plastic sheriff's badge at the center of its crown, and the red ribbon lining its brim.

Looking to take your kiddo’s wild-west-themed birthday bash to the next level? This Straw Hats for Kids bundle from the Funny Party Hats store will bring out the rootinest tootinest buckaroo in every youngster. There are 12 straw hats to a pack, with each piece of headwear featuring a red or blue plastic sheriff star at the center of its crown, and a ribbon, bearing a respective color lining the brim of the hat. The hat also features an adjustable chinstrap, so even the youngest cowpoke can get in on of the fun.

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