The Best Computer Reading Glasses for Everyday Use

a pair of blue light blocking glasses resting on a laptop

For those of us who work or do school at computers or continually monitor social media feeds on our smartphones, eye strain from blue light exposure is an everyday problem. Check out these computer reading glasses to protect your eyes.

Blue light emitted from digital screens can irritate the eyes and affect our circadian rhythms, especially when we’re still glued to a screen in bed until we fall asleep. The constant shifting of the eyes when we read digital screens, as well as the glare of the screen, can lead to fatigue, headaches, and more.

For maximum protection and convenience, combine blue light blocking glasses with the magnification you need in your reading glasses to lessen the strain on your eyes as you go about your routine.

Here are some things to consider before making a selection:

  • Style: If you like the way your computer glasses look, you may use them more often! Seriously, it’s important to feel comfortable and confident while wearing your glasses. There are many frame shapes and color options available.
  • Specifications: What’s important? Blue light blocking? Anti-glare? Multi-focus? Magnification? Make sure your glasses have all the features you need!
  • Wearer: Are you buying for yourself? Your husband or wife? Maybe your child? Get a good idea of the needs and tastes of the person you’re shopping for.

Popular Purchase: Gaoye Blue Light Blocking Computer Reading Glasses

Five pairs of glasses, different color frames

These computer reading glasses by Gaoye are stylish, to be sure. Fashion-forward and high-tech, each pair of glasses in this pack have blue light blocking and UV 400 lenses. The lenses have even more protection; they’re anti-UVA and -UVB light, as well as anti-glare. Choose from 12 magnification options.

Best Multifocus: Gaoye Multifocal Computer Glasses

Pair of multifocal glasses with words -distance, transition, and reading to show different focus points

With their innovative design, these glasses cover all your vision needs. Like many computer glasses, they filter harmful blue light, UV 400, UVA, UBV, and reflective rays. The outstanding feature is the progressive multifocal lens. The upper section of the lens corrects for distance, the middle for transition, and the bottom for reading vision. There is no visual demarcation line. Lightweight resin frames make the glasses comfortable to wear. They come with seven different magnifications.

Best Amber-Tinted: Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

a pair of glasses with black frames and slightly amber lenses shown on a man wearing a white shirt

Both practical and stylish, these non-polarized computer glasses feature double-filtration from blue light with amber-tinted lenses. The Gamma Ray glasses may alleviate the digital eye strain of those who work in front of computer monitors and other digital screens under fluorescent lighting. The lenses also feature UV 400 protection and glare reduction. Flexible and lightweight, the TR90 nylon frames are great for long-term wear.

Best Anti-Glare: Kerecsen Computer Reading Glasses

Two pairs of glasses with black frames and slightly yellow lenses

This set of two computer reading glasses delivers the protection and relief you need from long hours at the computer. The lenses filter blue light and offer UV protection. They also feature an anti-glare coating to block light reflection. These computer reading glasses are scratch-resistant and professional-looking.

Best for Kids: FaerieKing Blue Light Blocking Glasses

a pair of clear glasses shown on a white background and a young girl's face

Most kids and teens spend a lot of time in front of digital screens gaming, doing homework, or connecting with friends on their smartphones. Using computer reading glasses may be a smart preventative step for eye health as they grow. Though they don’t offer magnification, these lenses have a hydrophobic anti-reflective coating to further reduce digital eye strain. Made from TR90 materials, these computer glasses can take some wear and tear. Importantly, youngsters need to feel comfortable with the look of their glasses, so check out all the colors and frame shapes!

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