The Best Coin Purses

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Buying Guide for Coin Purses

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Why buy a coin purse? 

Coin purses are compact and easily concealed, making them an excellent way to safely store spare change, bills, bank cards, and IDs without busting out a bulky wallet. And you’re not limited to wallet items—toss in Chapstick or hairpins for safekeeping on the go. These pouches fit in just about any size bag, so you won’t have to lug a larger purse into the grocery store or onto the dance floor. They come in tons of styles and designs, making them easy to match with your favorite threads.

What should you consider when shopping for a coin purse?

  • Function: Are you looking for a more basic pouch to conceal coins and bills? Or do you need extra space for credit cards and IDs? Ensure you’re purchasing a coin purse that offers the space you need, now and later, so you’re not investing in another pouch months down the line.
  • Clasp Style: Coin purses offer multiple clasp options. Zipper pouches, for example, are a great way to conceal bills and loose change, whereas a button clasp could allow change to inconveniently escape (usually at the perfect time, like in a busy checkout line). Think about your needs before choosing purses with zippers, buttons, or clasps.

What are some other ways to use a coin purse?

From dog treats to earbuds, folks purchase coin purses to hold some pretty interesting things. Forget to take medications or vitamins? Store a few in your pouch, so you never miss a dose. Or maybe you’re tired of digging through your bag for small, everyday items like lip balm— store it in your coin purse and end the endless digging.

Our Picks for the Best Coin Purses

Pros: This gorgeous 100% leather mini zipping pouch is a wallet without the bulk. Offered in 11 attractive colors, the Cynure three-zipper pouch is designed to securely hold anything from change and cash to debit cards and driver’s licenses and includes a convenient slip pocket for smaller items. Its nifty key ring helps you easily attach your coin purse to your keychain or belt loop. It’s sturdily designed and encourages organization, so you can insert the necessities and keep the rest at home.

Cons: The purse’s smallest zipper pouch, near the bottom, isn’t large enough to fit credit cards, so you’ll need to slip those into the larger section of the pouch.

Bottom Line: A high-quality, long-lasting solution for your odds and ends, whether you’re looking to hold money, jewelry, or medications, at a fantastic price.


Pros: Adding to your vintage vibe? This classic buckle coin purse from Sanxiner serves fashion and functionality. Choose from more than 15 timeless patterns, including floral, polka-dots, and leopard print, to perfectly match your aesthetic. Order a few to pair with different outfits. These gracefully designed patterns are printed on high-quality canvas with internal polyester lining. The coin purse also features a sturdy, secure kiss-lock closure for extra-safe storage.

Cons: Your new coin purse may arrive with a chemical smell from manufacturing and packing, but it should disappear within 24 hours.

Bottom Line: Stand out, and keep your loose change in with one of these cute, classic coin purses. Just because it’s a simple solution doesn’t mean it has to lack style.


Pros: If you’re always on the go or like to travel, the Travelambo squeeze purse is an excellent way to ensure your money isn’t going anywhere. It’s constructed from high-quality faux leather and includes an extra-strong spring frame and open/close snap top that keep your coins and bills super secure on the go. It’s also small enough to fit comfortably into your back pocket or evening purse. The snap-and-go purse is available in 13 elegant, earthy colors, including sage green and red wine.

Cons: Because it’s designed to keep items extra safe, it’s not the easiest pouch to open.

Bottom Line: This is a cool, modern way to store your money and smaller items, like single keys or jewelry. It’s designed so well that you might need to apply a little extra force to get it open.


Pros: A creative gift for the rustic, artisanal people in your life, this 100% vegetable-retanned leather coin pouch from Jajmo Legacy is a beautiful option for men and women. It’s handcrafted with top-grain leather and shaped to fit easily into jean pockets and handbags or wherever you’re looking to store it. Its strong, metal button clasp is difficult to unintentionally open, making it a secure place for your items, including valuables, like rare coins.

Cons: This leather pouch may also arrive with a new-leather smell, which can be overwhelming.

Bottom Line: It’s a unique, creative find and offers quality and durability.


Pros: Talk about quality—it is Michael Kors, after all. Elevate any handbag with this authentic coin pouch and ID holder. Its faux-gold zipper and brand lettering help set off the pouch’s trendily printed “MK” logo, a famous feature every Michael Kors lover knows to look for. This mini purse is available in elegant colors, including pink, blue, brown, and white, and is roomy enough to hold keys, two credit cards, identification, bills, and change.

Cons: As with many wallets and coin purses, its plastic ID pocket (at first) can make it hard to remove your ID in a pinch.

Bottom Line: It’s a mini wallet with the option to store keys inside securely. The brand is known for quality, which makes this premium-choice coin purse a worthy investment.

Final Thoughts

No more worries about losing (unsightly) change or high-dollar bills on the go with any of these quality coin purses. They’re sturdy, durable, and come in cool patterns and colors to match your everyday wear. Buy one, or two or three, as they also make great gifts.

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