The Best Coach Purses

three Coach purses lined up on display.

Coach is a brand that needs no introduction, but we’ll give you some anyway. It’s an American heritage leather goods brand that debuted in 1941. While most of us are familiar with their handbags, the brand offers a full assortment of clothing and accessories for men and women. Just like other major designers, they host fashion shows every season and create handbag collections that are coveted the world over. And if you’re ready to invest in a statement handbag designed to last, these are the best Coach purses we recommend.

Buying Guide for Coach Purses

Four different Coach purses lined up on display.

Why buy a Coach purse?

You can look at a Coach purse as an investment. While some staple styles are always available, limited-edition models can often be resold for much more than you purchased them, especially if they’re in good condition. Meanwhile, because this brand uses genuine, premium leather and durable hardware, these bags are often made to last. When treated right, these bags can last for decades and even be passed down between generations.

What should you consider when shopping for a Coach purse?

  • Style: Coach has a wide array of purse styles available, from crossbody and Boston bags to satchels and totes, carryalls, and even wristlets. Consider which one makes the most sense for you, especially based on how you plan on using the bag.
  • Size: You should match the size of the bag to your intended use. For example, opting for a roomier bag might make more sense if you’re picking a bag for everyday use. Meanwhile, for special events, a smaller bag could be more than sufficient.
  • Materials: While Coach is known for leather bags, they do also make textile bags. Likewise, also consider the hardware options. Coach uses metal hardware that can be silver- or gold-toned.
  • Pattern: Coach is known for their patterns. While the signature pattern (the Coach “C” print) is one of their most iconic options, you’re not limited to this if you’re not a fan. They also offer plain leather bags without patterns that simply feature the Coach logo hardware in one location. Alternatively, they create seasonal patterns that are also stylish and unique.

How do you know if you’re buying an authentic Coach purse?

As with any premium leather good brand, concerns about buying counterfeit products are valid. When in doubt, always buy from authorized retailers. Not only does this include physical Coach stores and their online portal (including the Coach Outlet), but reputable retailers such as department stores. And when shopping online through third-party platforms—including Amazon—be sure that you’re shopping from the official Coach store portal and not an unknown reseller. Additionally, authentic Coach purses are sold with certificates of authenticity and can be brought into any Coach store to be verified.

Our Picks for the Best Coach Purses

Pros: If you’re buying your first Coach bag, it’s good to start with a smart choice that pairs well with anything and is equal parts functional and stylish. The Gallery tote is such a bag. It’s a classic shape that offers plenty of space to store your essentials but is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, making it a versatile choice. While the Signature pattern tends to be quite popular with this one, you can find other cute patterns and solid versions that might work better with your wardrobe.

Cons: If you’re not the type of person who needs a ton of storage with your bags, this could be a bit big for you. Alternatively, if you need a big bag to fit your full-sized laptop in, this one might be just too small.

Bottom Line: The Gallery tote is a great starter bag for anyone seeking a durable Coach purse that is incredibly functional and will look good with both casual and professional attire. But the bigger size might be overkill for some.


Pros: The Rowan satchel is Coach’s answer to Louis Vuitton’s Speedy 30 and 35. So, if you like that size, but want something a smidge more affordable, you can’t go wrong with this Rowan satchel. Similar to many other styles from Coach, this bag is available in a wide range of prints and solid colors, including their classic Signature print canvas. The smaller size makes it a bit more versatile and less like a work purse as well.

Cons: While beautiful, this purse begins to enter the more luxury tier pricing from Coach. Some shoppers may not be able to justify paying more for a smaller bag.

Bottom Line: Shoppers who love a more rounded, petite bag will appreciate the Rowan and the fact that it can also be worn as a crossbody if you prefer. And the wide range of prints and colors makes it a solid choice for many if they’re willing to pay for it.


Pros: If you’re shopping for a simple roomy bag that will easily translate between the office and casual settings, the Hallie shoulder bag is a smart option. This roomy purse features a center zip compartment but also has two larger compartments on either side. A magnetic snap keeps it securely closed as well.

Cons: Unlike many of Coach’s other purse styles, this pick is limited to just a few colors. So, if you like this bag but were hoping to get it in a vibrant hue or funky pattern, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Bottom Line: Practical fashionistas will like that this roomy bag is designed to store and keep your items organized when you’re away from home. The classic design is timeless and will never go out of style. But the limited color selection may be a hard sell for some people.


Pros: Assuming you already have a suitable collection of everyday bags from Coach, you might be ready to step up your style game with specific upgraded accessories, like a must-have clutch purse. This foldover clutch from Coach is a cute option that’s perfect for brunch, a girls’ night, or a date night. It features a classic style, a decent range of patterns and colors, and the iconic Coach hardware.

Cons: If you’re not a fan of small purses, this might not be the one for you. It’s best for carrying the core essentials at most. Meanwhile, it doesn’t offer as many patterns and color options as some of the more traditional bag styles from the brand.

Bottom Line: If you’re shopping for a clutch that’s designed to last, this cute crossbody from Coach is a great option. But if you prefer a bigger bag or want more design options, you’ll want to keep shopping.


Pros: If you want to pick the ultimate timeless bag from Coach, look for the styles that never retire. The Rowan File Bag is one such option. While billed as a crossbody, this bag continues to be re-released every season in new colors, patterns, and materials.

Cons: It’s a style that you’ll likely see everywhere because it’s one of the brand’s core handbag designs.

Bottom Line: When in doubt, the Rowan File Bag is a staple style from Coach that will ensure you’re never off-trend. It’s a great size and design, but for those that want something a bit more unique, try one of the other picks.

Final Thoughts

Coach is a brand that has reinvented itself to stay relevant with the times. The brand’s handbag collection is world-renowned and is also known for being incredibly durable. Whether you want a mini clutch or something more substantial, you can’t go wrong with a Coach purse. And thanks to the wide color range they often offer, there’s truly something for everyone with this brand’s handbags.

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