The Best Cell Phone Purses

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Buying Guide for Cell Phone Purses

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Why buy a cell phone purse?

You’d want a cell phone purse because you don’t want to carry a larger purse. Possibly you’re heading out for a night on the town and don’t want to deal with lugging a large purse or worrying about it being stolen if you put it down. Additionally, if you know you only need a few items, a cell phone purse is ideal as it has smaller storage that makes it perfect for this task.

What should you look for in a cell phone purse?

  • Size: Cell phones or smartphones can vary widely in size. Some are quite large, while newer models go for throwback status and allow you to fold them. You’ll want to pick a cell phone purse that comfortably accommodates your smartphone. True cell phone purses are compact, usually not much wider or taller than your phone’s dimensions.
  • Storage: Obviously, your bag should be able to hold your phone at a minimum. But consider what else you’ll want to bring with you. This can include credit cards, cash, your house keys, makeup, or even sunglasses or reading glasses, depending on what you’re doing for the day. Make sure that any bag you pick can accommodate your essentials.
  • Material: Usually, cell phone bags are made from stiffer materials like genuine or faux leather. But depending on the bag style, you can also find fabric or even plastic options. Generally, leather (even faux) tends to be more durable.

What styles do cell phone purses come in?

Cell phone bags typically have a specific look that crosses a clutch wristlet with a crossbody chain for added versatility. But you can also find traditional compact crossbody bags and mini clutches that will fit this description and can double as cell phone purses.

Our Picks for the Best Cell Phone Purses

Pros: Form and function can co-exist, and this compact crossbody from Mundi is proof of it. Made from vegan leather, you’ll like that with a wide array of solid and print styles to choose from, along with serving as a space to store essentials, this pick protects your financial information thanks to RFID technology. It can also fit an extensive range of smartphones from Samsung, Google, and Apple.

Cons: With consistent use, the credit card slots may become loose, meaning they could easily fall out.

Bottom Line: Affordability combines with a cruelty-free solution for staying lightweight when you’re running around town. With a wide compatibility range for most modern smartphones and storage for credit cards and ID, this is a solid choice.


Pros: If you want a purse that speaks to your personality, this fun patterned option from Chala is an excellent choice. With a wide range of cute styles, you’ll get an adorable crossbody with two straps—one of which is adjustable. You’ll like that the interior is lined with a bright printed polka dot fabric so that it’s easy to find essentials.

Cons: The animal-themed patterns might not appeal to everyone. Additionally, the cell phone pocket is located on the exterior without proper closure, meaning that your phone could potentially slip out of the purse or get scratched.

Bottom Line: Fashionistas who like a little whimsy with their accessories will love the cutely-themed designs on these bags.


Pros: Whether you’re traveling and want a small bag for nights out on the town or simply the type who despises big bags, this small crossbody from Minicat is an excellent option. Available in a wide range of colors and configurations, you’ll like that it features an understated aesthetic with studded hardware and a burnout tonal design in the faux-leather face. It incorporates RFID technology to protect your sensitive information from potential thieves.

Cons: While cute and functional, the clasp doesn’t stay closed. Additionally, the faux-leather construction means that this purse might not last.

Bottom Line: If you want something stylish that is functional and protective, this RFID-blocking option from Minicat is a smart option.


Pros: Keeping essentials close on hand is essential when you’re traveling. The AnsTOP crossbody is specifically designed to hold smartphones. While truly compact, it is compatible with both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones. Along with a touch-supported viewing window, so you can use your phone without removing it from the crossbody, you’ll like that there’s an adjustable strap and an additional compartment for your ID or credit cards. Note that this bag has two versions, including a more traditional crossbody that’s a bit more stylish.

Cons: The touchscreen cover may not work consistently, and the bag may have an odd residue inside the compartments.

Bottom Line: If you’re shopping for a functional bag that doesn’t look utilitarian but still allows you to use your phone without having to remove it, this will fit the bill.


Pros: If luxury is the only word you know, you’ll appreciate this upgraded version of a cell phone purse from Michael Kors. While it looks more like a wristlet than a traditional mini crossbody, the lay-flat zip design reveals a compartment to store your phone and a full side of card slots. Additionally, there’s a detachable wrist strap to keep track of your belongings easily.

Cons: This premium option for a cell phone purse is also the most expensive.

Bottom Line: Luxury shoppers will appreciate the premium genuine leather cell phone wristlet from Michael Kors that offers complete protection and easy access to essential items.

Final Thoughts

We get it. You don’t want a big bag, but you still need protection and a solution for stowing your smartphone and a few credit or bank cards when you’re running around town. A cell phone purse is a perfect option as it provides the best of both worlds—a small purse that won’t weigh you down and a solution that protects your tech investment.

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