The Best Button Pins for Jeans

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Button pins for jeans aren’t just great for adjusting your jeans to fit; they also make great replacements for busted buttons. And they make fantastic statement decorations, so you can zhuzh up your clothes to match your unique style. No matter what you plan to do with button pins, there are tons of options to choose from, from plain bronze buttons to funky designs. Read on to see some of the best button pins for jeans that you can buy today.

Buying Guide for Button Pins for Jeans

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Why buy button pins for jeans?

Button pins are great in a pinch for tightening or loosening your favorite pants—no sewing or professional tailoring required. If you’re one of the many people that have a hard time finding pants that fit your thighs and your waist perfectly, button pins could be your answer! They’re great for fitting flea market finds and are perfect for maternity pants, too. They can also make a fun fashion statement if you decorate clothing with them.

What should you consider in button pins for jeans?

  • Size: If you’re trying to match the buttons on your jeans perfectly, then the size matters. Larger button pins are great for replacing ripped or missing buttons, and smaller ones are great for making a fun fashion statement.
  • Color and Style: If you’re using button pins to make a statement, color and style are key! You can find button pins in just about any color, with your favorite jewels, characters, and even fun art deco looks. The sky’s the limit for creating your own unique looks.
  • Durability: If you’re using a button pin to replace a missing button on your jeans, durability is key. You’ll want something that can stand up to wear and tear and many tumbles through the wash. Be sure that it’s made from rustproof material, too.

How do you use a button pin?

Button pins are so easy to use that it’s a shock someone hadn’t thought of this idea sooner. They function as a regular lapel pin, but they’re often stronger, so they’ll stay in place longer and are able to work with thicker fabrics. Also, they’re just as easy to use as a lapel pin. You either pull or squeeze a small piece of metal to remove the back and then pin the two pieces together to fasten it. Most people pin them next to an existing button pin on a pair of jeans to adjust the fit of the pants.

Our Picks for the Best Button Pins for Jeans

Pros: Overall, these button pins work great and stay in place while you’re wearing them. They’re easy to use, even for someone who’s not so crafty. And they’re perfect for keeping on hand for button-busting emergencies, too.

Cons: The pins may bend after longtime wear.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for button pins that look just like the ones on most jeans, these are an excellent option. They’re comfortable to wear for a long time, and they stay secure.


Pros: These button pins are great as a permanent fixture on jeans because they’re waterproof and can withstand plenty of cycles through the washer and dryer. The simple design works on just about any outfit. And they’re a great value at eight per pack.

Cons: They’re a little difficult to remove from thicker fabric.

Bottom Line: Do you want to fix your jeans without fuss? These plain but pretty button pins are perfect for the job. The simple style fits any wardrobe, and they’re great for creating unique patterns on hats and purses, too.


Pros: There are five different button styles in this pack, so you can get creative! They come in shapes like bows, flowers, pearls, and more. They’re perfect for holding scarves in place or dressing up your hats. And they’re easy on the hands, too.

Cons: Some of the fancy shapes might not work as well.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for button pins to dress up a lapel, denim jacket, or pair of jeans, these may be a great option for you. There are many different styles in this pack, and they’re a nice value.


Pros: These button pins are great for resizing your jeans in a snap. They’re made from high-quality materials, so they’re nice and durable. And the color selection is really cute. There’s purple, blue, yellow, and more to add some visual interest to your outfit.

Cons: You get fewer in this pack than some others.

Bottom Line: If you’re a thrifter, this pack of colorful button pins for jeans may be just what you’re looking for. They go great with kids’ outfits and add fun to adults’ clothing, too.


Pros: There’s a ton of variety in this pack of 16 button pins. All of the designs are cute and fun, making them a great addition to an outfit. There are several finishes and colors available as well as designs, including Mickey Mouse ears, stars, and flowers. And they’re easy to pin onto just about any type of fabric.

Cons: These pins can be a little difficult to remove.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a button pin pack with a lot of variety, this is the set for you. You get a lot of bang for your buck. And they’re fun enough to dress up just about any outfit or accessory.

Final Thoughts

Button pins are a great solution for ill-fitting jeans. But they can also be used to dress up accessories, jackets, and shoes. If you’re fun, crafty, and thrifty, you’ll have a ton of fun with button pins.

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