The Best Bridal Shoes

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Buying Guide for Bridal Shoes

Bridal shoes with I Do on the soles.

Why buy bridal shoes?

While some brides opt for bare feet (think beach wedding), most brides will be wearing a pair of beautiful shoes on their wedding day. The shoes can provide a fun pop of color under an all-white ensemble, add a bit of sparkle, blend into the background, or provide dance floor comfort.

What should you look for in bridal shoes?

  • Heel Height: This may not be the time to start if you’re not used to high heels. The best advice is to wear what makes you comfortable. Go for it if you love higher heels, especially if you don’t plan to have your dress hemmed up.
  • Color: Are you trying to have your shoes blend in or stand out? Are you opting for wedding white or a bit of color on your toes? You don’t have to be traditional when it comes to your shoes. Some brides opt for pops of color instead of blending into their bridal ensemble. It’s all a matter of style and preference.
  • Fun Details: Just like color, details are all about preference. Large sparkles, subtle patterns, lace details, and fun-detailed heels are all great choices you should think about for your bridal shoes.

What are some extra tips to make bridal shoes more comfortable for the big day?

If you’re ordering shoes online that you can’t find in a nearby store, try on a similar pair from the same brand in person if you can. That way, you can ensure the fit will be comfortable, and the sizing will work for your feet. Second, try some pads. There are hundreds of different brands of shoe pads out there made to give your feet some extra comfort for all-day wear. Third, break them in. If you have time, wear your wedding shoes a few times before the big day. Not in a yard or around town, but inside your home if possible so that they aren’t exposed to the elements or anything that may stain them. Wearing them before the big day will allow your feet to get used to the shoes and form into them. You can also use this time to determine what kinds of pads you may need to add some extra comfort.

Our Picks for the Best Bridal Shoes

Pros: For ultimate wedding day comfort, these shoes feature a low heel that adds a touch of height without the backbreaking high and narrow heels. They’re an excellent selection for all ages because of their simple lines and style. To be sure your shoes sparkle as intended, extra sparkles come complimentary if your shoes end up shedding some.

Cons: They run a bit narrow, so you may consider sizing up.

Bottom Line: If you want to add a little shine to your feet on that special day, these may be an excellent choice for you. The low heel is excellent for comfortable wear.


Pros: These gorgeous shoes fit true to size and feel quite comfortable. The rhinestones have a holographic shine that amp up the sparkle factor. They’re surprisingly durable, lasting through multiple wears and rigorous dancing.

Cons: People with higher arches may want to grab an insole as these aren’t very supportive.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a great pair of pumps that amp up the glam with a more traditional look covering the toes, this may be a great pair. They’re made to fit well, even with the pointed toe.


Pros: There’s a lot to love about these fantastic sneakers. First, the satin ribbon with gold detail adds a touch of formality to these fun kicks. Also, after a short period of breaking in, these shoes are as comfortable as a cloud. Plus, there are several glitter color choices to match your special day.

Cons: These sneakers are great for flatter feet, but you may want to add additional arch support if you have higher arches. Also, the glitter may shed.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for solid, brand-name sneakers that will carry you through the biggest night of your life, these may be a good choice. The glitter sparkles for extra fun, and you can wear them after your big day, too!


Pros: This pair of wedding shoes will have you the center of attention on your big day, and they’re well-made in satin. These shoes come with pads and extra heel-tips, just in case to be sure you’re prepared. They come in multiple colors, bold and neutral, to have optimal variety.

Cons: These shoes are labeled in European sizes, so break out the conversion chart to find your fit. Also, they’re not available in half sizes.

Bottom Line: If you want to elevate the elegance factor on your special day, look no further. These shoes are beautifully made with quality materials, including the gem. The additional pads and comfort items included with your purchase will help to ensure that you can wear them for hours.


Pros: One of the best things about these shoes is versatility. You can certainly wear them again for a night out or a future formal event. The low heel is great for people who can’t balance on a higher heel but want a little lift for the evening. The wide range of color choices means you can easily match them with bridesmaids‘ attire.

Cons: The size runs large, so be sure to size down.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a comfortable open-toe wedge, this is an excellent pair of shoes. They’re a great choice for adults and teens since the shimmer choices are more subdued yet provide a classic look.

Final Thoughts

Weddings are as unique as their co-stars, the happy couple tying the knot. Since every couple has their special take on where the wedding should be, the number of guests, and the style of every detail, the choices are just as unique when it comes to the shoes. Not every bride wears fancy shoes often, so it’s nice to know there are plenty of options to make the big day even more special.

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