The Best Boys’ Swimsuits

Cute little boy running through the water at the beach.

Buying Guide for Boys’ Swimsuits

A boy plays with sand in a rash guard and swim trunks at the beach.

Why should you buy a boys’ swimsuit?

Even though your enthusiastic boy may be perfectly content wearing his favorite gym shorts when jumping in the pool, they’ll have a much better experience if they can splash around wearing a quality swimsuit that fits their comfort and style. Swimsuits are designed to withstand the friction and force of water, dry quickly, and hold up to pool chemicals or salty ocean water. So, next time your little guy tries to bring basketball shorts to the pool, toss him his new swimsuit instead.

What should you consider when shopping for a boys’ swimsuit?

  • Material: Swimsuit material differs from the material used for regular play or sports shorts. Made from nylon, elastane, polyamide, or any blend of these, the material will be fast-drying and constructed to endure elements like sun, sand, salt, and chemicals like chlorine. These days, swimsuits are also designed to provide protection from the sun’s rays.
  • Coverage: A boy’s swimsuit can be as simple as a pair of trunks and can go up to a one- or two-piece that provides more coverage for his arms or torso. Some options that provide extra coverage come in two-piece designs with a t-shirt or a long sleeve shirt paired with trunks. Other options are one-pieces that use a full-length zipper for easy dressing.

What is a rash guard?

If you’re not sure what a rash guard is when shopping for swimming suits, you’re not alone. A rash guard is simply a tight-fitting swimsuit piece that covers more of the body from environmental factors (i.e., sun, sand, salt, chlorine). People who do water sports may prefer the protection and coverage a rash guard provides, and since most come with UV protection, it can also make it easier to protect your kids from sunburns. Most rash guards will be in the form of a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt that accompanies trunks or another bottom piece.

Our Picks for the Best Boys Swimsuits

Pros: Your little kiddo, whether still a baby or even a toddler, still has much more sensitive skin than you. He should be more protected from elements like sand and the sun. One way to make this easier is by using this two-piece. The trunks are easy to pull on and off, and the drawstring is functional to help keep them in place while your baby has fun exploring. The trunks are also lined with mesh to keep your little one cleaner. To help protect his sensitive skin even better, this set comes with a short-sleeve rash guard with a cool color block design that protects him from UV rays. This set is available in seven different designs.

Cons: Sizing can be a bit tricky. Many parents suggest ordering a size up if your child is in between sizes.

Bottom Line: Feel some peace of mind knowing your little one’s skin is protected while he explores. A functional drawstring keeps the trunks in place no matter what fun your little one gets into. To keep the trunks and rash guard feeling comfortable while protecting your child’s skin, you should hand wash this set in cold water and hang or lay it flat to dry.


Pros: If your boy loves to be active in the water or if you have a hard time convincing him to reapply sunscreen all over, this one-piece swimsuit is a great option. Covering the torso, upper arms, and upper legs, this rash guard swimsuit is made of nylon and elastane. The blend is able to block 98% of the sun’s rays, so your kiddo can have more fun playing and spend less time worrying about sunscreen. Contrary to some other suits in this style, the material is not see-through when it gets wet. The one-piece zips with an easy-to-pull zipper that never touches the skin for ultimate comfort. This one-piece swimsuit comes in eight colors.

Cons: This swimsuit should not be washed with regular detergent. It should also lay flat to dry in a cool, dry place to maintain its high-performance fabric. Sizing can also be tricky for some kids.

Bottom Line: Let your boy be active in the water without worrying about his comfort. This one-piece rash guard swimsuit will help protect his skin from scrapes during his activities and can also protect him from the sun. The breathable fabric moves with him, and since the zipper doesn’t touch his skin underneath, he won’t have any irritation from the suit itself.


Pros: This long sleeve rash guard swimsuit provides optimum protection from the sun so your boy can be active without worrying about getting a sunburn. The shirt covers the torso, has a small collar, and has long sleeves. The trunks for this set have padding in the front. The suit is made of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane and is quick to dry, so he won’t get cold from being wet. The swimsuit set comes in eight colors/designs.

Cons: This suit should be washed once or twice before use so that the dye doesn’t get onto your boy’s skin. There is no drawstring for the trunks.

Bottom Line: Even though your kiddo will be covered, this fast-drying rash guard swimsuit won’t make him hot. He can stay comfortable in and out of the water, in the sun or shade. Thanks to the UV protection, you won’t have to fuss too much about sunscreen where the suit covers.


Pros: If your boy likes the traditional board shorts best, these are a great choice. You can choose from 39 colors to find the patterns and colors that match his personality the best. Made of 100% polyester, these board shorts stretch to accommodate a variety of activities, protect from UV rays, and dry fast. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long. A smooth mesh lining provides extra support and comfort, and the shorts have a drawstring for a better fit.

Cons: These shorts can run small, so consider ordering a size up.

Bottom Line: These lightweight, durable, trendy, and comfortable board shorts dry fast from water activities, and the mesh lining provides proper support and comfort.


Pros: These trunks come up shorter on the leg for those who like more mobility than what the longer length provides. For even more comfort, especially for those with sensitive skin, these trunks have a soft blend to limit irritation. The smooth polyester blocks UV rays and dries fast, so your boy can wear these for swimming and playing other activities without pause. These trunks include a soft mesh liner for comfortable support and a drawstring, so he can have a personalized fit. These comfy trunks come in 38 colors and patterns.

Cons: Sizing may be hard to figure out, especially based on your boy’s preferences. It provides less coverage.

Bottom Line: The soft fabric sets these trunks apart from others. For kids with sensitive skin or who don’t like the feeling of traditional swim trunks, the soft polyester is a huge benefit. The mesh lining and drawstring add to the trunks’ comfort, while the UV protection adds peace of mind for sun safety.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right swimsuit can make a huge difference in helping your boy maximize his fun in the sun and water. From long sleeves to zippered one-pieces or traditional shorts, there are so many options. Our picks should get you started.

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