The Best Boys’ Snow Pants

A boy on a sled in a coat, hat, snow pants, and boots.

Buying Guide for Boys’ Snow Pants

a boy in skiing gear on a hill.

Why buy snow pants for your boys?

When your little boy wants to play outside in the cold, snowy weather, doubling up on sweatpants won’t keep him protected from the elements. Snow pants are designed to keep your child dry for a long period of time, even if they’re sitting in a snowbank. Whether you have a long season to play in the snow or are taking your family on a snow sports vacation, your child needs the protection of snow pants so he can enjoy the fun.

Thankfully, you will be able to find a high-performing pair that doesn’t cost a fortune, so whether you have a long or short snowy season, it’s worth the money.

What should you consider when purchasing snow pants?

  • Bib Overalls or Pants: The first thing to consider when you shop for snow pants is to decide whether you want the traditional pants or the bib overalls style. Both can shield your son from snow and keep him warm, but the bib fit may do a better job when it comes to full-contact play in the snow. If your boy will be rolling around in the snow or falling off a snowboard or sled, snow can get under the jacket. The overalls will keep his torso protected and may be best suited for a variety of snowy sports and activities.
  • Elastic Fit: Nearly all snow pants will have some part of elastic in them for a better fit. You will find that some have elastic around the waist, around the boot, and/or around the rib cage. All of these areas provide an extra layer of protection from cold and snow getting under the snow pants.

Can you machine wash snow pants?

Most snow pants are able to be washed in a washing machine. However, some brands recommend washing by hand. This is mostly to preserve the performance qualities of the fabric. Nearly all brands will suggest laying them out to dry to keep the fibers strong and water-resistant.

Our Picks for the Best Boys’ Snow Pants

Pros: With 32 color options to choose from, you can find the pair that your child likes the most or one that goes perfectly with their coat. The bib style allows your boy to play more freely in the snow with greater protection. These snow pants have a front zipper closure. Adjustable suspenders with elastic sides make the fit just right so that the snow stays out and the layers stay in place. ThermaTech insulation provides lightweight and low-bulk warmth from -20 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. The snow pants have zipper-closed pockets, and an O-ring provides the perfect place for keys or lift tickets. These snow pants also have boot gaiters with grippers to form an uninterrupted transition to your boot to keep out snow and moisture.

Cons: The sizing can be a little off, so pay close attention to the size chart and the reviews.

Bottom Line: These snow pants help kids stay warm outside so that they can enjoy their favorite snowy play. For most, this pair of snow pants will last all season long, and if kids didn’t grow so fast, they could even bring them into another season.


Pros: If your little boy enjoys roaring around no matter the weather, he’ll love this snowsuit that comes in four monster or dinosaur designs. The bib overalls and jacket combination keeps your child warm in the snow so that his fun doesn’t have to stop just because it’s cold. The snow pants have adjustable suspenders and elastic at the sides for a snug fit. There is elastic at the ankles with an additional overlay to sit over his boots.

Cons: There are only two pockets in the snowsuit, and they don’t have a closure to keep things inside.

Bottom Line: This is a super cute snowsuit that your little boy will be excited to put on. Since the pockets aren’t designed well for holding belongings, you may want to consider mittens on a string so that your little critter doesn’t lose his in the snow.


Pros: These adjustable bib snow pants come in four different colors. The middle has elastic for a snug fit around the waist, and elastic around the ankles keeps the snow out and the warmth in. There are two front pockets with zipper closures along with an O-ring for lift tickets or keys. The knees and rear are reinforced to outlast the inevitable falls your little boy will take while sledding, skiing, or just playing in the snow.

Cons: The legs are wider than some might like. Sizing can be a little tricky.

Bottom Line: As long as you get the right size, your little boy can get a lot of snowy play in these snow pants. They’re made of durable material and they are warm, which is the combination you’re hoping for when you send your child outside to play in the snow.


Pros: Your son simply needs to pull on these snow pants and he’ll be ready to go out to play! These snow pants are comfortable and lightweight yet keep your kid warm and dry during whatever snowy activity he loves the most. They come in three colors and have two pockets. The elastic waistband is extra wide, helping to keep the pants up and the shirt tucked in. Since the snow pants easily pull on, your son can do a major part of getting ready to go out and play, which is a nice draw for parents.

Cons: The snow pants run a bit small, so many parents suggest ordering a size up so that the elastic waist can be snug but not uncomfortable on your child.

Bottom Line: These snow pants are easy for your son to put on and take off himself. They’re also lightweight enough that he can wear them more often in the season.


Pros: These high-performance snow pants come in 17 bright and bold colors and patterns to match your child’s awesome personality. The wind- and water-resistant fabric is also insulated, helping your son stay warm in the chilly air. These snow pants come with a lot of features: loops for belts or lift tickets, zippered pockets, a Velcro pocket, an adjustable waistband, and boot gaiters.

Cons: These snow pants are meant to go over your regular pants, but parents still agree that the sizing is a little big. However, features like loops for belts or suspenders, plus the adjustable waistband can help alleviate this issue.

Bottom Line: These snow pants are designed for sports with high-performance features to make your son as comfortable as possible while he enjoys the snow. The sizing may be tricky to get just right, but remember that they should fit over a regular pair of pants.

Final Thoughts

Little boys have a way of packing as much outdoor snowy play into one season as possible. Whether they’re skiing on the slopes or making snowball fight fortress with friends, keeping your child warm and dry is a top concern. Find the best snow pants for your little guy from our top picks.

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