The Best Body Jewels

Body jewels on girl's face and shoulders.

Buying Guide for Body Jewels

Face of serious young man with eye makeup, rhinestones on face, and flowers behind ear.

Why buy body jewels?

While body jewels can be worn at any time and up to your discretion, they are typically worn for festivals, parties, and events where you’d want to have that extra sparkle adorned on your body. If you’re into cosmetology or the fashion editorial industry, you may also use body jewels for high-fashion photoshoots or creative visions for your next makeup look.

What should you consider in body jewels?

  • Type/Shape: Body jewels come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate certain areas of your body and face. Smaller, rounded jewels can be placed anywhere; however, because of their size, you may want to place them close to your eyes or in areas where they won’t be overwhelmed by larger jewels. There are specific designs and patterns made for places like the forehead, decolletage, and chest, and these will involve larger pieces. Decide which area of the body you want to make sparkle, then you can go from there to decide the type and shape of jewels you need.
  • Application/Reuse: Unless it is a chain or a top, body jewels are applied as stickers so they have some sort of adhesion to them already. If you want to reuse or reapply, you’ll want to look at body jewels that have that promise—but do keep in mind that it may be hard to come by body jewels that ensure reapplication or reusability for all-day wear without some sort of glue. Therefore, you may have to purchase eyelash– or body-safe glue for reliable reinforcement.

Should you apply body jewels before or after applying makeup?


It’s recommended to apply body jewels to the face after applying makeup. Usually, the tackiness of the foundation helps the jewels stick even better. You also wouldn’t want to risk smearing makeup on the jewels or accidentally covering them up, especially if they are small rhinestones. For all-day wear, you’ll want to apply them with eyelash- or body-safe glue to increase the adhesion on top of your makeup.

Our Picks for the Best Body Jewels

Pros: Though these rhinestones are small, they pack a lot of personality. Included in this set are 25 sheets of assorted rhinestones of various colors and sizes. They are made of eco- and skin-friendly materials, so you can feel safe and sustainable when you apply them. Because of their strong adhesive, they can be used on multiple surfaces and as decoration for cell phones, graduation caps, and other crafts you may have in mind, apart from your own body or makeup looks.

Cons: Some may think these rhinestones are too small, making them hard to remove from the packaging.

Bottom Line: Get crafty on your next project or add some sparkle to your makeup routine with these easy-to-use, sticky rhinestones. They can add the cutest little spark of interest to your next creation.


Pros: If you like playing around with shapes other than the basic round jewel, this nine-sheet collection from Outus is what you need. These include hearts, stars, rectangles, and ovals, so you can create distinctive patterns, big or small. Since they’re made of acrylic diamond, they’ll be safe and durable to last for a festival or holiday party. If you find you love these so much you want to wear them a second time, you can. Just reapply with eyelash glue, and you should be set.

Cons: Be careful when pulling a jewel off the sheet as the adhesive may stay on while the jewel comes off by itself.

Bottom Line: You can go all out or keep it simple with these intricately designed body jewels that take on various shapes and shades of color from the rainbow to gold to silver. You won’t be bored with any look once you get your hands on these.


Pros: Rock your favorite jewel designs at a concert or festival with these larger-than-life pieces that can be worn together or separately to create a masterpiece on your body. These six sets are made with acrylic and metal stones, crystals, and glitter and can be shiny, matte, or even glow in the dark. They only need to be peeled and stuck on the skin, and you’re good to go.

Cons: These may not last for all-day wear, especially if it’s hot or humid.

Bottom Line: If your face is the focal point, try these gorgeous jewels that will conform and flex to your envisioned look. Their large, remarkable size and sparkle will make you stand out in any crowd.


Pros: These beautiful, sparkling jewels will draw just the right amount of attention to your chest and decolletage area. The three sets come in a series that offer intricate designs and shapes unique to each other and are made of acrylic diamond for incredible durability. No need for extra glue or tape the first time, just peel and stick wherever desired. To reuse, apply eyelash or body-safe glue to reinforce the stick.

Cons: You may want to use glue if you know you’ll be moving around a lot.

Bottom Line: Consider these eye-catching jewels to give your chest area that dramatic glam touch in an instant. These sets will be perfect to grab for that next rave, festival, or costume party when you want to be the center of attention.

Final Thoughts

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to make your parties and nights out extra fun by popping on some body jewels. Whether it’s a full-on top or a few rhinestones, you can allow your creativity to flow and shine with as many patterns and designs you want to stick on.

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