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Buying Guide for Body Glitter

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Why buy body glitter?

There are a few reasons why body glitter could be appealing. First, maybe you work in the creative arts and want to create glittery effects on your clients or coworkers safely. Additionally, body glitter comes in a variety of sizes. So, body glitter can be a great way to do it, whether you’re creating makeup from scratch or simply want to add a glow or dewy effect.

What should you consider when shopping for body glitter?

  • Quality: There’s a difference between general glitter sold for arts and crafts and glitter cleared for use on your body. Always confirm that the glitter you’re planning to buy is explicitly listed as safe for use on the body. If you’re going to use glitter near the eyes or on your lips, be sure that the product clearly states that it’s safe for eye or lip use.
  • Glitter Size: Glitter comes in various sizes, from super chunky to fine particle sizes. Think about where you plan on applying the glitter and the effect you’re trying to create as you shop for the right size. Just keep in mind that the larger the glitter, the less of a uniform glow you’ll see, as it will simply look like chunks of color.
  • Application Method: Glitter is notoriously messy to apply. If it’s not already in a liquid medium, you’ll need some binder or adhesive so that it stays put once you place it on your body. Consider this as you shop for glitter because some body glitters are sold as dry loose powders, meaning that you’ll also need to purchase a glitter adhesive and go through that application process.
  • Ease of Removal: The jokes about trying to get glitter off your body are real—glitter can be notoriously hard to remove. So, pay attention to any removal tips that the brand offers. If something seems too hard to remove, it might be a good idea to look elsewhere.
  • Materials: Traditionally speaking, glitter is plastic. These days, you can also find ocean-safe glitters designed to safely break down so that we’re not contributing to the microplastic problem.

What is the difference between regular glitter vs. glitter approved for body use?

Glitter is a product that has multiple uses across categories. When it comes to cosmetics, there are different grades of use. For example, you can find glitter safe for the body but not the eyes. This means that the materials used to make the glitter may create irritation if they fall into your eyes. Or, it’s safe for the body but not the lips because it can create problems if ingested. So, it’s always essential to check approved uses before assuming that body glitter is safe to use all over your body.

Our Picks for the Best Body Glitter

Pros: If the idea of a messy powdery glitter that requires a primer and adhesive has you running for the hills, you’ll appreciate this alternative from Unicorn Snot. This gel-based body-safe glitter is made from vegan materials, with biodegradable glitter that won’t harm our oceans. On top of that, you can easily remove it with makeup wipes or micellar water.

Cons: If you’re looking for bold color payoff with a single swipe, this may not be your Holy Grail product. You may not get as much in the jar as you expect. Coupled with the weaker color payoff, you may need to use more or constantly repurchase to get your desired glitter fix.

Bottom Line: For those concerned about their impact on society, this biodegradable, vegan glitter gel is user-friendly and less impactful on the environment.


Pros: It doesn’t get any easier than a spray-on glitter mist. This pick from Ebin New York is designed to be so user-friendly that even the most makeup-averse individual can use it. Available in three colors, you’ll get 2.37 ounces of hydrating, cruelty-free product that can be applied to your body or hair. It dries quickly with a nonsticky texture.

Cons: Some may feel that this is too subtle, as you’re left with more of a shimmer than an actual traditional glitter effect.

Bottom Line: If you’re easing into the world of glitter, it doesn’t get any simpler than this easy-to-use body spray. While it’s more of a shimmer than a true glitter, it’s safe for body and hair use and is unscented for added comfort.


Pros: If you’re already experienced with more traditional dry body glitters and have the tools to apply them, this is a great way to expand your glitter kit. You’ll get 12 colors with different shapes from stars, hearts, butterflies, and snowflakes.  All of the glitters can glow in the dark, giving you more options for creativity.

Cons: This is not a beginner-friendly glitter set. While you get a lot of product, you’ll need to come with adhesive and application tools.

Bottom Line: If you’re trying to expand your glitter art, this is a great solution to build out your capabilities. While it doesn’t come with any tools or adhesive for the application process, you’ll get 12 glow-in-the-dark colors in a chunky size.


Pros: If you already have adhesive and brushes or tweezers, this fun six-pack of chunky glitter from iMethod is a solid way to expand your glitter kit. It comes in six colors and nine shapes, so you can customize it however you want. The brand claims these are easy to wipe off when you’re done with the look. These can be safely used on the face, body, and hair.

Cons: This is a more-advanced product as you’ll need to either already have adhesive and application tools or purchase them separately after buying this kit. These may be harder to remove than the brand lets on.

Bottom Line: More-experienced makeup mavens will appreciate this six-piece set of chunky glitters that can expand their makeup kit. Note that you’ll need to bring your adhesive and application tools.


Pros: Who says that glitter can’t be functional? This glitter-infused sunscreen is a not-so-traditional way to ensure that you get protection while you’re shining. Similar to those kid sunscreens that are purposely a funky color, you can easily confirm if you applied sunscreen everywhere by looking for the glitter. You’ll get SPF 30 protection that’s effective in water, too.

Cons: Be wary that this product may cause a breakout on the skin when applied. It may not deliver as much sparkle pay-out as you may expect.

Bottom Line: SPF is an essential item, especially if you’re spending extended periods outside. The glitter helps you identify areas you need to apply more or forget.

Final Thoughts

Body glitter comes in various formats, from easy-to-apply solutions to versions that are best reserved for the experts. Whichever you prefer, make sure that it’s designed for use on your face or body and gives you the sparkle you’re looking for.

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