The Best Beard Growth Kits

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Let’s face it, growing an epic beard takes time and patience. However, many men have found that properly grooming and nourishing their beard can boost its growth potential so that it’s thick and luscious instead of patchy and dry. If you’re looking for products that will tame your beard while encouraging healthy beard growth, these top-rated beard growth kits are worth considering.

Buying Guide for Beard Growth Kits

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Why buy a beard growth kit?

Beard growth kits are an affordable and effective way to take care of your beard, especially if you are looking to take your beard game to the next level. These kits often include combs and brushes, as well as an array of balms, oils, and shampoos to keep your beard tidy, moisturized, and healthy. Since a healthy beard is bound to grow thicker and nicer than a scraggly one, beard care should be at the center of any beard growth kit.

What should you look for in a beard growth kit?

  • Products Included: The most important things a beard growth kid should include are a quality beard oil to moisturize and tame your beard and a beard brush to distribute products evenly and keep your beard looking tidy. Why? Because a nourished, cared-for beard will grow faster than one that is left to its own devices. However, next-level beard growth solutions like derma rollers and beard growth oils can also help you find success in terms of beard growth.
  • Skin Type: If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, the last thing you want is to invest in a product that makes you break out and feel self-conscious. Be sure to read user reviews and see how other people with sensitive skin fared when using a specific product. It’ll also be worthwhile to check the ingredients list to see if the product uses anything that’ll create an unpleasant reaction.
  • Ingredients: A product’s ingredients matter. Why? Because if you’re buying glorified jojoba oil (which is great for your beard, by the way), you might be better off buying it elsewhere and saving some cash. Additionally, certain ingredients like biotin and eucalyptus are thought to stimulate hair follicle growth and can thus be incredibly helpful in a beard growth formula.

Do beard growth kits really work?

Unfortunately, a miracle beard growth solution doesn’t exist. If it did, we’d probably see bearded babies walking around by now. So, if you’re expecting a product to grow out your beard in a month or two, you’ll probably be disappointed. However, a quality beard growth kit can produce the correct facial hair conditions under which a healthy beard will thrive. So, be ready to experiment, stick to a routine, and practice patience since that’s the best thing you can do to grow out your beard.

Our Picks for the Best Beard Growth Kits

Pros: Featuring balm, oil, and other beard grooming essentials, the Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit provides all the products you’ll need to nourish and care for your beard to encourage optimal growth. The beard balm and beard oil are the real stars here, and the included brush is great for distributing the products throughout your facial hair. If you’re looking for a skin-friendly beard growth kit that won’t cause breakouts or irritation, this one is well worth its affordable price tag.

Cons: Promoting beard growth is all about keeping your beard’s hair follicles healthy and happy. Unfortunately, the scissors that come with this kit aren’t exactly ideal for this purpose since their lack of sharpness can cause damaged ends.

Bottom Line: Viking Revolution is a brand with some clout in the beard grooming game, and this beard care kit is a prime example of why that is. All the most important aspects of this kit are executed to perfection, giving men a convenient option for hydrating, grooming, and tending to their whiskers as they grow into the full beard of their dreams.


Pros: Looking for a comprehensive beard care kit for the lowest possible price? The FULLLIGHT TECH Beard Kit for Men checks all the boxes. This kit will appeal to men who prefer beard care products with minimal scent and impressive moisturization. It also provides an amazing bang for your buck as it arrives with two bottles of beard oil, a can of beard balm, and even some beard wash to complement the quality brush, comb, and beard scissors.

Cons: Some reviewers noted that this kit’s comb and brush are small, especially if you have larger hands. Also, the beard wash scored middling reviews, with many users questioning whether it was providing any benefit when used with the quality beard balm and oil.

Bottom Line: If you’re tired of rocking a dry, undersized beard, this kit provides you with everything you’ll need to care for it while encouraging healthy growth. While its beard wash is nothing to write home about, the balm, oil, and brush will ensure your beard and underlying skin remain moisturized and comfortable.


Pros: The Polished Gentleman Beard Shampoo and Conditioner set stands out for its impressive ingredients list, which includes biotin to increase your rate of beard growth and a number of natural ingredients for a healthy shine. Most reviewers also appreciated this product’s subtle scent and uncanny ability to tame wiry beards, making it a stellar option for men who already own other beard care essentials.

Cons: While a little bit of either the shampoo or the conditioner will go a long way, it’s worth noting that this product is on the pricey side, especially when opting to buy a larger bottle of the product. That being said, for men who only wash their beards once or twice a week, a single bottle will probably last for months.

Bottom Line: Not every beard product will boast about its ingredients, and it becomes apparent why this is when you look at some of the mile-long ingredient labels for top-selling products. However, this set’s combination of proven, natural ingredients and clear usage instructions should work wonders for most men out there.


Pros: The RAFFIN Beard Growth Kit comes with a derma roller that includes 540 needles to stimulate your slumbering hair follicles in order to promote beard growth and oil absorption. The result is a soft, moisturized beard and noticeable growth for a fair price. Unlike many similar kits, however, this one also comes with a quality double-sided beard brush that is excellent for distributing the included oil and balm.

Cons: The beard comb that this kit comes with won’t do much for men with very small beards who will likely purchase this product for the derma roller. As such, the ensemble can be greatly improved if it included a gentle beard brush with medium-stiff bristles to help work the oil and balm into short, growing beards.

Bottom Line: If you’re skeptical, check out this product’s user reviews and photos. While no beard growth kit is able to magically grace you with Merlin’s beard, this one seems to provide pretty stellar results given its low price tag. However, you may want to buy your own beard brush separately for optimal results.


Pros: This comprehensive beard growth kit from Isner Mile features a lot of the aspects that stand out from other sets but packages them all together for your convenience (and a few extra bucks). Sporting a derma roller, beard brush, double-sided comb, and of course, all the products you’ll need to wash and nourish your facial hair, this is a set that truly has it all. Plenty of reviews note that users were successful using this kit in terms of growth and maintenance.

Cons: If you pay close attention to this product’s photo, you’ll notice that the beard growth oil comes in a 20-milliliter bottle, which is considerably smaller than other products out there. Sure, it comes with two bottles, but some reviewers assumed they would be receiving standard-sized products and felt a bit jilted upon opening the kit.

Bottom Line: While this is not the most affordable kit on the market, it’s hard to say anything bad about it in terms of product quality or variety. In fact, this is one of the most well-rounded beard growth kits on the market, even if it excels in terms of quality more than it does in terms of quantity.

Final Thoughts

A great beard isn’t grown in a day. In fact, it may take months or even years of care and nurturing for your dream beard to come to fruition. For this reason, buying the right beard products is important. However, 75% of the beard growth equation boils down to standard beard care, so be sure to choose products that moisturize and repair your beard before reaching for snake oil miracle cures.

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