The Best Beach Hats for Men

Man with beach fedora hat sitting on the sand.

Buying Guide for Beach Hats for Men

Smiling man wearing hat sitting in a hammock on the beach.

Why buy a beach hat?

A beach hat should be essential to your warm-weather wardrobe. While you may not be a guy to update your seasonal staples, you need to add one to your cart. Whether you’re low-maintenance and want to keep sweaty hair out of your face, want to avoid squinting so much on sunny days, or are more concerned with protection from UV rays, a beach hat can help.

What should you consider when buying a beach hat?

  • Material: Straw and polyester are two main players in the beach hat material game. A straw hat is lightweight and allows for excellent protection from the sun. However, it can’t get wet. If you’re looking for a hat without any possible option of it getting wet, a straw hat can be a great option for blocking rays and staying cool. On the other hand, polyester is another popular material for protecting against UV rays. This type of hat can get wet and help wick moisture away, helping you feel cool on even the hottest days.
  • Brim Size: Depending on what activities you’re planning to do, you’ll want to consider what size brim will be best for sun protection. While a smaller brim may be more fashion-forward, it will only add a little bit of shade. A hat with an extra-wide brim and panels protecting all neck angles may provide the most protection but may best be suited for specialized activities like fishing. Consider which type of activities you’re planning to use the hat for to choose the best one.
  • Additional Features: Some hats will have drawstring chinstraps to help the hat stay on even when it’s windy. Others may have mesh paneling or laser cuts for extra airflow and breathability. Removable paneling may also be included for complete coverage, like fishing or other outdoor activities.

Why can’t a straw hat get wet?

A typical beach hat is usually made out of straw because of how lightweight it is. If you’re not familiar with hat care, a straw hat is not supposed to get wet. When straw gets wet, it swells, causing a straw hat to lose its shape. In addition to losing its form, the straw will likely rot if it gets very wet without drying properly.

Our Picks for the Best Beach Hats for Men

Pros: This classic beach hat is made of soft straw, making it a comfortable and breathable option. The wide, floppy brim will help protect your eyes and skin from strong UV rays. Since the wide brim provides some shade, it will also help keep you cooler. In addition to these comforts, the hat is foldable, making it easy to bring along in a beach bag or suitcase. It can be folded into a smaller size, but it also goes back to its shape easily. The hat can also get wet without it affecting its color or shape. This classic beach hat comes in 12 neutral colors, and it has two sizes to accommodate most head sizes. The hat is adjustable on the inside to get the most comfortable fit, all while being discreet.

Cons: The brim is floppy, which is not for everyone. It provides less sun protection than some other options.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a beach hat that has a classic look, travels easily, and still protects you from the hot sun, this is a great option. A wide brim provides shade for your face, which can help protect you from the UV rays and keep you cool.


Pros: This is no sloppy baseball hat. This snapback baseball hat is 100% polyester, making it lightweight for hot weather and fast-drying. It has a moisture-wicking lining to dry your head even during hot days or sweaty workouts. The side and rear panels of the hat have laser perforation to make the hat breathable. If you’re planning to wear it in the water, you don’t have to worry about losing it and having it sink to the bottom of the pool or body of water; it’s engineered to float. This hat comes in 16 colors and three sizes, so you’ll be able to find one that fits you and your personality.

Cons: Despite its plain palette, it’s quite an expensive baseball hat compared to other hats. While it provides shade for the eyes, it does not have much protection for the rest of your face or neck from the sun’s rays.

Bottom Line: This hat’s performance and comfort features fulfill their promises. The hat comes in 16 colors and three sizes to help you find the perfect fit and style, whether you want to stay cool during a sweaty workout, a day on the boat or at the beach, or just running around town.


Pros: Constructed of 100% raffia straw, this wide-brim hat will protect your face and neck from the hot sun whether you’re working in the yard, fishing, or lounging on the beach. It has a lined headband for greater comfort and an adjustable pull-tie to help it stay in place. This hat comes in three sizes and three colors.

Cons: Since the hat is made 100% of straw, it should not get wet, and it should not be folded.

Bottom Line: A straw hat can keep cool and sheltered from the sun, and this one has a wide brim for even more protection. The lined headband and toggle pull-tie add to the comfortable function of this classic straw hat.


Pros: This isn’t your standard beach hat. The wide brim is only the start of how this hat protects your face and neck from the sun’s rays. Removable panels protect your face and all sides of your neck. In addition to the rest of the hat, the panels are made of breathable material, so even with extra coverage, your heat can escape, helping you stay cool and comfortable. Not only can this protection keep your skin safe from the sun, but in a buggy environment, you can keep annoying and harmful pests away as well. It also comes with an elastic drawcord and adjustable chin strap to make the hat stay in place and fit just right. This hat comes in six neutral colors and travels well, thanks to its folding ability.

Cons: The only colors this hat comes in are neutral instead of bright colors or designs.

Bottom Line: If you’re planning on a sunny day on the boat or an excursion through the woods, this hat can give you the added protection and cooling comfort you’re looking for. In addition to the wide brim, the hat comes with breathable removable panels but still protects you from the sun’s rays and annoying bugs.


Pros: If you want the classic design of the bucket hat with water-repellent and breathable material, this is an exciting option. Made of 100% polyester, water drips off instead of seeping in to get you wet. Plus, the mesh panels keep this hat cool and breathable. A built-in sweatband removes sweat, keeping it from falling down your brow. The hat has an adjustable strap in the back, plus an adjustable drawstring chin strap to keep it secure to get a better fit. This hat is foldable and easily fits in your bag when traveling. It’s available in 15 colors to find the one that suits your personality the best.

Cons: The brim does not completely cover the neck from the back.

Bottom Line: The functionality and classic design make this hat perfect for vacation or daily use. Whether you want to wear it for a long day of yard work, on the water for fishing, or for lounging on the beach, this high-performance hat is also comfortable.

Final Thoughts

A beach hat can be worn and appreciated in various settings, not just on the beach. These different hats are all about staying cool and comfortable while protecting your eyes and skin from UV rays. The hats all have a diverse range of protection, but you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities with some extra shade no matter which one you choose.

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