The Beauty Rituals for the Autumn

After the summer, this is the right moment to pay a particular attention to your skin and if necessary, carry out the autumn months suitable for facial cures.

Summer is gone, tan lost, and it is time to assess the condition of our skin – to check out are not there emerged a new mole or else an unprecedented formation should check with a dermatologist. Perhaps the skin becomes rougher because ultraviolet radiation promotes epidermal thickening. After the sun affects the skin loses elasticity, so it formed large pore openings in white or cystine milium. In addition, if the skin horny layer is thicker, there is no normal fat drainage.

Many sights pigment spots, but in particular, it can be seen returning from countries where there has been very intense sun, such as the Bali, Venezuela, Thailand. Pigment spots are common in pregnant women. Brown spots tend to appear in the poll, around the eyes, upper lip area. This may be due to certain medications, such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory steroids, use of sunscreen during the period (to be read carefully a medication leaflet). After sunbathing season, skin often loses the necessary moisture. So October is a good time to help regenerate the skin and get rid of unwanted problems.

Peeling – the Cleansing of Your Skin

In order to more quickly get rid of the sun imposed armor – thick stratum corneum, which is the protective layer grew up in the summer, start with peeling. It opens pores and skin glands to better, more efficient grease skin naturally acts on the elasticity of the skin, receiving more oxygen, much better absorbs moisturizing and nourishing substances make it easier to exert a variety of cosmetic products, and the procedures performed. Peeling restores visibly smoothes out skin tone and promotes rapid cell regeneration.

To get rid of the summer acquired thick toppings, with daily exfoliation at home will not be enough, so it is recommended to go to a specialist who will recommend the most suitable and efficient method of peeling, peeling procedure can be performed once or several times, depending on the rate needed. The most common, which are employed in salons, there are acids, enzymes, mechanical and ultrasonic peeling.

  • Acid Peels – They are most commonly used organic acids obtained from the fruits. It is the most effective peeling smart, which allows to significantly reduce pigmentation spots and helps rejuvenate the skin.
  • Enzyme Peelings – It contains the so-called Keratolytic enzymes, which are also derived from fruits. Their task is to split the link between the dead skin cells. This procedure is especially suitable for dry, sensitive, rosacea skin.
  • Mechanical Peeling – During that period, the skin is sanded with fine aluminum particles, which removes keratinized cells, thereby changing the composition of the skin. Mechanical peeling allows combat spot pigment, acne, and wrinkles.
  • Ultrasonic Peeling – It is the most lenient way peeling, also suitable for sensitive skin. It is a kind of ultrasonic massage, whose main task is to tone the skin and give the face a fresher look.
  • Oxypeeling – It not only moisturizes and improves skin tone, but also provides more oxygen to the skin, and it stays glowing for a long time, there is no peeling, redness and sensitivity, and by fruit acids.

It Deletes Your Pigment Spots

For skin protection against pigmentation patches responsible cell to ultraviolet rays produced Enforcement pigment – melanin. If baths in the sun too long and with it produced too much melanin, resulting pigmentation spots, so it is important to use a sunscreen – in the summer with high SPF number 50, autumn, winter with a minimum of SPF 15, many face care products also contain SPF filters, but if it is not advisable to apply sunscreen on top of day cream, while the make-up (foundation cream, mousse, powders) – above SPF means.

In pharmacies are available skin care products containing both sunscreens and substances pigmentation and prevents the formation of new spots on the skin. At the same time, they act as a moisturizing day cream. Of course, the more effective is the fruit acids procedures salons, such as fruit acids peeling, injection of various substances to ultrasound. Very good effect on the skin Vitamin C, such as powder.

It is now available in many configurations of a higher quality, which is not every allergy, especially for sensitive skin, as it was before. Cosmetics Vitamin C acts as an excellent antioxidant and skin regenerator. It possesses not only the skin whitening properties – it also promotes collagen production, reduces aging and improves skin elasticity.

Furthermore, Vitamin E in cosmetics is considered the vitamin of beauty. It not only protects the skin against free radicals negative effects but also improves its flexibility to promote healing and skin rejuvenation. The body’s main antioxidant vitamin E gripped the free radicals in skin cells and helps to reduce inflammation, which are important in sensitive skin, making it less sensitive and harder irritating.

If the procedure the skin becomes brighter, but the pigment spots have not been able to remove, it is possible to perform laser procedures. October, November is the best time to do this – first of all, the summer tan has declined, secondly, there is no intensive sun, promote the formation of new pigments, and, thirdly, there is plenty of time to bring order to the skin of the active solar season.

Only necessary to consider whether you want to continue to sunbathe and go out in the sun, with or without protection cream that contains a high SPF factor, otherwise the work invested in the fight against skin rejuvenation will be in vain and wasted time and resources. However, as recognized by dermatologists, women, putting intense facial rejuvenation course, much more carefully treat their skin and the more it keeps an eye on it.

Salons are available for a range of treatments to eliminate pigment. The specialist assesses that would be required. Generally, therefore, the elimination of pigmentation is the desire to achieve a uniform skin tone to eliminate redness, spots, dilated capillaries. The most common professionals prefer intensive pulse light laser or IPL – alone or in conjunction with the radio frequency procedure.

Good skin exposed Dye lasers photorejuvenation that successfully removes both pigments and redness. Photorejuvenation unlike ablative – polishing or flaking – lasers gently stimulate skin renewal, it was not the skin surface, and does not need to set the healing process. This procedure can remove not only pigmentation but also the superficial vascular networks. If you have to fight not with the same summer “mischief”, but to remove years of accumulated pigments, talc taken ablative lasers. Only note that the lasers are all healing period may be 2-3 days or 5-7-10 days.

It Moisturizes the Skin

Ultraviolet radiation affects the skin loses moisture, decreases collagen synthesis and reduces the natural hyaluronic acid. Showing pronounced mimic wrinkles, skin becomes thinner top layer – as a fragile tissue, pores inflexible, difficult to clean, the skin develops white nodules, suggesting that the sun was too much.

It is important to follow two rules every day: first, proper skin cleansing, secondly, adequate hydration. Unfortunately, many of the most popular facial rituals – face washing with the water – skin more dry rather than moisturize. Furthermore, cosmetic washing with water not only a difficult process but also purify the skin completely.

It requires special products – gels, tonics, lotions, micellar water. In addition, in the day it needs to absorb enough fluid, depending on the weight, length, physical activity and external environmental conditions. For example, if you are 132 pounds heavy, you need to drink at least 50 fl oz of water a day. Moreover, after drinking a coffee cup it is definitely recommended to drink a glass of water.

Please note! Check if you have enough vitamin D3 in the body because of dry, sensitive skin can be a sign of its lack. Vitamin D3 is responsible not only for bone health but also on the skin condition.

Special Care of Sensitive Skin

skin_maskUntil the beginning of heating season indoor air becomes drier, encounters various allergens – dust mites, mold fungi, which can respond to sensitive skin, as a result, may appear red spots on the face. In any event, do not worry if the skin has fungus.

It is a sensitive skin reaction to external environmental stimuli. In pharmacies for this purpose are commercially available products, including creams for sensitive skin, which not only reduces the redness and irritation, itching but also moisturizes the skin.

Generally, sensitive skin is dry. Unfortunately sensitive skin may be more sensitive to the aging, especially seen in the eye area and around the lips. Often skin sensitivity due to heredity in that the skin is insufficient sebum and are low-level.

Skin sensitivity may also be affected by hormonal changes, especially pregnancy, and during menopause, or it is affected by hormonal contraceptives. Skin sensitivity can cause certain medications, including antibiotics and non-steroidal analgesics in response to the itching, rash, which appears unexpectedly.

In such cases, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Finally, stress can even affect the skin, which did not previously have allergic problems. People with a predisposition to allergies tend to be more pronounced acne, sometimes purulent. These problems contribute to the promotion specifically prescribed a course of treatment, as well as the laser procedure. They are processed during the eruption and the light rays of the help kill bacteria as a result of the rash heals fast and are already visible improvement overnight.

Sensitive skin is not recommended:

  1. flaking skin masks, but choose to enzyme-based masks;
  2. abrasive peels and scrubs;
  3. alcohol-containing lotions.

The reaction can be caused by ammonia, peppermint, menthol, camphor, cinnamon, citrus oils, cloves, essential oils, benzalkonium chloride, etc.

Please note!

  • Sun creams contain a lot of chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. A better alternative is protective without chemical additives, the mineral-based products.
  • The recent summer novelty – dry oil with sunburn protection and good tanning option – especially suitable for sensitive skin.

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