Target’s Doc Marten Alternative Is $130 Less Than the Original

The Doc Marten 1460 is a classic. It’s iconic. Known for its durability and timeless style, it’s a boot that’s been well-loved for decades. However, you’ll love this Target dupe for anyone looking for a more budget-friendly option without sacrificing style and quality.

Target’s Wild Fable Zea Combat style boot offers a compelling Doc Marten alternative at a significantly lower price point.

While, yes, of course, there are some style and material differences, the most significant difference is $130 of savings. While the Doc Marten boots lovers should feel free to stick to their brand, anyone interested in sparing their wallet should consider the Wild Fable Zea.

There’s no denying that the Doc Marten 1460 is a great combat boot. It is made from durable and high-quality leather and features the recognizable 8-eyelet design with classic yellow stitching. It’s constructed to last and offer foot support. In terms of price, however, the Doc Marten 1460 typically retails for around $150 to $170.

Target’s Wild Fable Zea Combat Boot, on the other hand, is made from synthetic, faux leather materials, but it looks like the real thing. It also offers a similar lace-up design plus a side zipper for easy on and off. These Doc Marten alternatives also have a comfortable cushioned insole, and a treaded sole for traction, and can be yours for as little as $40.

The Target dupe is definitely a little chunkier than your normal Doc Marten boots, and it doesn’t offer variety in terms of color. But while you could argue that you’re sacrificing materials and craftsmanship, the Target combat boot does offer a similar aesthetic, and those $130 of savings. For some, the Docs price tag just isn’t doable, and that’s okay.

If you’re not completely sold, then it’s worth noting that’s not your only option. Many Doc Marten alternatives are on the market, including Target’s Wild Fable Sterling boot.

This is a tempting design featuring a  platform sole. It is made from synthetic materials but features a comfortable, cushioned insole to make wearing more enjoyable. Plus, it’s easily accessible online at Target and retail for just $40, which saves you $160 from the original inspiration boot: the Doc Platform Chelsea.

Obviously, these Doc Marten boots are quality with excellent craftsmanship, and they also feature the iconic yellow stitching, but at nearly $200, they’re a splurge. But hey, if you’re feeling it, go for it.

Remember that one boot isn’t better than the others overall. You pay more with the Doc Marten boots, but you get higher quality materials and potentially a longer-lasting shoe. With the Target alternatives, you can save money and enjoy similar aesthetics without bruising your wallet. You just might want to replace them sooner.

Ultimately, choosing the best boots for you is a personal decision, but if your wallet screams at the thought of a $200 boot, Target’s got you covered.

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