Target Is Selling Viral Birkenstock Alternatives

A woman holds up a pair of alternative Birkenstock clogs.

Fashion trends tend to come and go in cycles. Now, we’re seeing a resurgence of Y2K fashion—including things like wide-leg jeans, butterfly hair clips, and the Birkenstock Boston clog. But, Boston clogs have always been a bit pricey, and while they’re meant to last, they don’t fit within everyone’s budget.

Thankfully, Target has come to the rescue once again with a Birkenstock clog alternative that can save you some cash.

Target’s Universal Thread Betsy Clog is a near-identical alternative to the famed Birkenstock. Not only does it come in three colors—taupe, black, and cognac—but it has the same signature buckle design, a cork sole, and a tan interior. The biggest difference is that where the Target version has a sewn-on strap across the ridge, Birkenstock has a snap buckle detail.

Of course, there’s the price. While the original Boston clog retails for around $158 depending on the retailer, Target’s Betsy Clog is a cool $29.99.

The Target iteration is so spot on that it’s even started to go viral. TikTok content creator @trishadawnjackson_posted the shoe on a display in the store, and it was clear they were starting to go fast.


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If you’re obsessed with this comfortable and cozy trend, the Target clogs are well worth the investment and will keep you looking your best all season long. But, if you want to try a few different looks, there are multiple alternative Birkenstock clogs in different styles and materials.

Cozy Clogs

Brown fuzzy Birkenstock-style clogs

What’s cozier than faux fur on your feet? Thanks to this dupe, you can enjoy the addition of something plush on the interior of the shoe. It adds an extra layer of warmth that will keep your feet snug when the temperatures start to drop. Plus, the exterior is made of imitation cowhide fabric, so most people won’t be able to tell the difference between these and a traditional Birkenstock clog.

Closed Clogs

Closed tan Birkenstock-style clogs

Maybe you want something that covers your entire foot, especially if you’re trudging through leaves or snow later in the season.

These clogs are more like mules in that the material covers the heel. They’re a great dupe for the Birkenstock London clog, and all you have to do is slip your feet inside the same way you would with a more open clog. They provide a bit of extra support and stability and will keep your entire foot dry and safe when harsher weather strikes, so you can stay stylish longer into the season.

Suede Clogs

Women's tan suede slip-on clogs

We’ve already touched on “furry” clogs when it comes to the inside of the shoe. But, what if you want a different look than the traditional cowhide leather? You can find Birkenstock dupes that use suede leather on the exterior of the shoe. It gives the outside a more textured, almost “fuzzy” look, and the shoes are a bit more durable since you don’t have to worry as much about the leather getting stained or wet.

Platform Clogs

Olive platform clogs

If you really want to embrace the 90s look, platform clogs are the way to go—especially if you’ve recently added some wide-leg jeans to your wardrobe. They also work really well with fall skirts and dresses. While the vegan leather exterior really helps these clogs look like the “real thing,” the platform adds both height and comfort, providing more of a cushion to allow you to walk in them more easily throughout the day.

Fuzzy Clogs

Person walking dog with gray felt clogs on

Another exterior option for your Boston clogs dupe is to go with felt for the shoe material. It provides a sort of “fuzzy” look that adds to the cozy feel of the clog, and felt is less sensitive than genuine leather. Like the suede option, you won’t have to worry so much about staining. Plus, you only have to adjust them once and they’ll fit perfectly every time you slip them on.

These clogs also feature a supportive sole so you can wear them comfortably all day.

As you can see, there are plenty of Birkenstock Boston clog dupes. Whether you go with the Target option or fill up your closet with several from this list, you’ll be on-trend all season, and won’t have to blow your budget!

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