Strobing: The New Way To Contour

Contour beauty strobing

Contouring definitely gets a lot of buzz (ahem, Kim Kardashian), but here’s a secret that you might not know—most makeup artists hate contouring! The main reason being that it’s complicated for someone who isn’t a pro—plus, it requires a lot of products, which is just plain annoying. Glitter Guide contributor Jamie Stone recently met up with celebrity makeup artist Stephen Dimmick, who offered a mini lesson on strobing (aka the new contouring), which also happens to be a lot easier to do on your own and requires only one product: a highlighter. “Not many of us need the full face contour like Kim Kardashian,” explains Dimmick. “She’s in the spotlight, so it makes sense for her, but strobing is the perfect ‘everyday’ way to contour your face.”

So what exactly is strobing? “This is evolution contouring,” Dimmick told us. “Rather than using shades of foundation that are too dark for a person and don’t show well in real life, ‘strobing’ is all about highlighting a person’s gorgeous face.” Keep scrolling for the picture-by-picture process!

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